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2013-2014 Legislative Report Card

2013-2014 HERC

2012-2013 Legislative Report Card

2012-2013 HERC

2013 Legislative Report Card Asks

2013-2014 HERC asks


The Legislative Report Card is a campaign for legislative accountability spearheaded by External Committee members of AGS at UCI. This campaign will grade California state legislators based on their support for higher education. Grades for each legislator will be determined by the ways in which they vote on bills that directly impact higher education.

In August 2012, this campaign was adopted by the systemwide UC student government, the University of California Student Association (UCSA).

Goals and strategies

Legislative accountability

  • Identify true champions of higher education.
  • Expose who is defunding higher education and/or voting against ours interests.
  • Publicize and distribute the report card across California during election season.
  • Shame those whose rhetorical “commitment to higher education” is not reflected by the way they vote in Sacramento.

Educate voters – Voters have the power to hold legislators accountable!


Get Involved!

To view the draft rubric metrics, click here.

If you would like more information or are interested in getting involved with this campaign, please email Tim at vpexternal@ags.uci.edu.