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Head :                    Jen Jones
Members :           Trevor Gamble, Alexandra Race, Scott Sellars

Responsibilities :

  • Putting out the call for applications
  • Selection of the accepted applications with the help of AGS Council
  • Recruitment of judges in co-ordination with the Communications Committee

Head :            Kevin Bache
Members :

Responsibilities :

  • Finding a Keynote speaker
  • Approaching off-campus sponsors/donors
  • Reaching out to industry guests to attend the symposium

Head :                    Erica Heinrich
Members :           Alexandra Race, Abinaya Murugesan, Kyle Benson, Nicki Pierski

Responsibilities :

  • Co-ordinate all communications to the presenters
  • In-charge of putting together the AGS Symposium Abstract Book and Invitations
  • Advertise the Symposium to UCI students and other non-UCI related groups like high schools
  • Aid in the recruitment of judges
  • Responsible for printing all the materials needed

Head :                    Nicole Winter
Members :           Abinaya Murugesan, Timothy Ma, Himanshu Sharma, Coral Wheeler, Laurie Dickmeyer

Responsibilities :

  • In-charge of planning all the activities on the day of the Symposium
  • Arranging for registration and handling visitors
  • Finding volunteer or student-center support to help on the day of the Symposium
  • Responsible for allocating responsibilities
  • Planning and keeping track of all the events during the Symposium
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