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AGS Council Members, 2015-2016

AGS Council is comprised of elected representatives from each graduate and professional school. Council members represent students on AGS and UCI committees, and are responsible for communicating important issues and events to their constituents.

Interested in filling an empty seat or running for next year? Fill out our volunteer form here.

School of the Arts 0/2 Seats
School of Business 0/5 Seats
School of Humanities 2/3 Seats
Olivia Humphrey
Clare Gordon
School of Information & Computer Sciences 3/5 Seats
Will Devanny
Laleh Beni
Shreya Chippagiri
School of Medicine 3/3 Seats
Nabila Haque
Sarah Cousins
Raji Nagalla
Medical Academics/Health Sciences 2/2 Seats
Nicole Deville
Daniel Le
School of Social Ecology 4/4 Seats
Valerie Acevedo
Rebecca Hofstein Grady
Josiah Sweeting
Nicol Macias
School of Biological Sciences 3/6 Seats
Lianna Fung
Ken Hayama
Sarah Nainar
School of Education 3/3 Seats
Bianca Cung
Ryan Lewis
Shafee Mohammed
School of Engineering 9/9 Seats
Rohit Zambre
Nivedhita Sathyamurthy
Alireza Kazem
Van Wifvat
Rahmadi Trimananda
Richard Prince
Blake Lane
Kate Forrest
Anirudh Bharadwaj
School of Law 2/2 Seat
Chance Pardon
Meigan Thompson
School of Physical Sciences 4/4 Seats
Aaron Friedman
Bela Abolfathi
Milad Porrahmani
Alec Follmer
School of Social Sciences 4/4 Seats
Tanner Wayne Fordham
Stephanie Pulles
Mikaela Smith
Connor Strobel

Previous members of AGS Council can be found here.