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  • Michelle Chan

    My name is Michelle Chan and it is with great enthusiasm that I submit my candidacy for the position of Associated Graduate Students President. AGS has a long history of representing graduate students and has helped us further our overall UCI anteater experience through successful programs like the travel grants, Career Conference, AGS Symposium, and diverse social programming.

    My interest in student government stemmed from attending AGS events and helping students navigate graduate student life. In 2014, I joined AGS and have never looked back.

    I believe that my work experiences and adept knowledge of the AGS system make me a strong candidate for president. I have served on the AGS council for the past 2 years as the Health Sciences/Medical Academics Representative discussing key legislation such as the continuation of the student center, the food pantry initiative, and mental health services on campus. Currently, I am the chair and graduate representative on the Student Health Insurance Advisory Committee (SHIAC). Together with the Student Health Center, I led discussions to evaluate the student health insurance plan keeping in mind the UCI student body's best interests at heart. During 15'-16' school year, I was elected as the Campus Organizing Director and extended my work in AGS to connecting other graduate students with campus resources and working on mental health initiatives. I am an avid team-member and have been contributing to several AGS committees in order to streamline AGS programming. In these committees, I have helped with their initiatives including planning social events, working on the Graduate Student Life Survey, lobbying in Sacramento, in addition to identifying and addressing student issues.

    Over the past two years, I have had the pleasure of being a part of AGS and have met countless individuals who have worked tirelessly to solve graduate student issues and advocate on our behalf. I recognize that it is through ongoing relationships with administration, faculty, and staff that has given AGS a unique platform to represent graduate students. If elected, I will continue to commit to AGS and advocate for resources and services to better the graduate anteater student experience at UCI.

  • Apoorva Ghosh

    In past few months I had protracted conversations on my exclusion due to my nationality-- most notably from several graduate division fellowships and funding governed by UC policy-- with several bodies, including AGS. This election helps me becoming an insider and leveraging my access to various institutions to pursue my advocacy toward mitigating exclusion of graduate students. I believe that any discrimination based on ascribed statuses -- nationality at birth, ethnicity, parental background, and so on-- are unjust. At this point I do not know whether I would be able bring any instrumental change in one year, but I hope to initiate processes and see what they can lead to. I hope you will give me an opportunity to serve you. Thank you.

  • Joanna Franco

    Joanna Franco: Many Voices, Many Goals

    My name is Joanna Franco, and I am a Master of Public Policy candidate in the School of Social Ecology and the School of Social Sciences. I received a BA in Political Science from California State University, Long Beach in 2014, and am a member of Phi Sigma Alpha, the National Political Science Honors Society. Born and raised in Los Angeles, I came to Irvine eager to become a part of my new student community. I am now a member of the leadership board of the Public Policy Student Association.

    I come from a background of policy advocacy. From lobbying for healthcare reform to advocating for increased job assistance for graduate students, I have always taken the interests of my fellow students to heart.

    As a Latina and a long-time ally of the LGBT community, I will ensure the university is an inclusionary space for people of all backgrounds.

    I am also passionate about expanding UCI's Food Security Initiative by creating an AGS committee that will work for all graduate students in need of access to reliable food networks.

    Vote for me if you want a president who will build a solid platform for you. I can guarantee that graduate students from all backgrounds will have a strong voice in the administration of this university.

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AGS President Special Election
Nominations for AGS President will be open from June 30-July 7

The candidate who was elected by the graduate students has since been absent from all AGS transition processes and showed lack of interest in the position. Because of this unusual circumstance, under the advice of the Chancellor and by decision of the AGS Judicial Committee, the campus will run a special election for the position of AGS president. For more information on the decision, read it on the Elections Judicial Ruling tab.

All students who will be enrolled through Spring 2017 are eligible to run for this position.

AGS President:
Time commitment: 25+ hours per week.
Responsibilities: Serve as chief advocate for graduate and professional students at UCI. This takes a number of forms—representing AGS at campuswide committees on various aspects of campus governance, including campus climate, budgeting, policy, housing, healthcare, parking, and professional development, among other things. Manage and lead recruitment for an organization of over 50 members including an executive cabinet, student staff, council representatives, and volunteers, organized into a variety of committees. Effectively motivate, facilitate, and enable AGS members and other students to advocate for each other and themselves. Maintain, augment, and develop and raise funds for services that AGS provides to graduate students, including programs such as travel grants, social events, bagel day, AGS Symposium, and career conference. Meet regularly with a host of campus administrators to achieve these goals. Those interested should contact the current President, Timothy Ma, at to speak about this in more depth.

To nominate yourself, please use the form here. If there any questions please email us at

AGS Judiciary Committee Hearing
June 27, 2016

The AGS Judiciary Committee, as appointed by the 2015-16 AGS Council, met on June 27, 2016 to make a ruling to resolve issues surrounding the AGS Presidential Election for 2016-17.

As defined by the AGS Constitution, the committee solicited the collection of evidence from all parties involved in the matters regarding the election. The following individuals submitted evidence:
2015-16 AGS President Tim Ma
2016-17 AGS President-Elect Joseph Ludy

Upon review of the evidence, the committee made rulings on three matters:

1) The committee voted 4-0 in acknowledging that 2016-17 AGS President-Elect Joseph Ludy has made no effort to transition into office and should be removed from office as next year’s AGS President.

2) The committee voted 4-0 in favor of a special election for the now vacant seat of 2016-17 AGS President, with the following guidelines and timeline for this election:

      • As the highest-ranking AGS officer who is not running for a re-election, current AGS President Tim Ma will serve as the elections commissioner.


      • All candidates must be self-nominated.


      • The special election will take place within the following timeline:

        o Call for nominations out – Thursday June 30


        o Nominations period – Thursday June 30 to July 7


        o Nomination acceptances and submission of candidate statements – July 8 to July 14


        o Election voting – July 15 to July 22

• Once the election is done and the results are confirmed, the new President will immediately take office.

3) The committee voted 4-0 in favor of disallowing former President-Elect Joseph Ludy from being able to run again in the special election, since he did not take office after being elected previously.

Any questions about the ruling can be directed to the committee’s chair, AGS Vice President of Administrative Affairs Ryan Lewis:

Call for nominations out – Thursday June 30

Nominations period – Thursday June 30 to July 7

Nomination acceptances and submission of candidate statements – July 8 to July 14

Election voting – July 15 to July 22