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Each year, AGS provides $16,500 of funding toward student-created events or projects which seek to improve graduate student life at UC Irvine. Each organization can request project funds up to $1,500. Any graduate student in good standing may apply and funding will be awarded to the projects which AGS Funding Committee expects will best contribute to a rich and varied extra-curricular life at the university.

Application Process

  1. Plan an awesome event!
  2. Submit an application for your project before the application period closes
  3. Show up for your assigned time slot and pitch your project to the AGS Funding Committee. Your project request will be assessed using this rubric.
  4. Receive notification of funding within several days
  5. Throw your awesome event!
  6. Document your event
  7. Submit receipts for reimbursement


Quarter Application Deadlines Preliminary Notification Given On: For Events Taking Place After:
Fall 2016 October 22nd October 29th November 3rd
November 12th November 19th December 1st
Winter 2017 January 14th January 21st February 2nd
February 15th February 22nd March 3rd
Spring 2017 April 1st April 8th April 14th
May 13th May 20th May 26th


Applications will be accepted twice a quarter starting Fall 2014. Please submit an application and email to set up a meeting time. Application forms will be due by 5pm on the Friday of the first and sixth week of the quarter. Applications will be considered by funding committee in the second and seventh week of each academic quarter. Past events are not eligible for funding. Funding is not guaranteed and we strongly encourage you to apply far enough in advance to secure external funding if needed.


The funding committee considers each application on a case-by-case basis with the intention of selecting projects which will contribute the most to extra-curricular graduate student life. It does operate under a set of general guidelines, however, in order to ensure fair and equitable access to funding:

  • Projects tend to be funded at between $5 and $10 per graduate student attendee.
  • We seek to give money to many different groups so that nearly all or all graduate students benefit from AGS funding.
  • Academic departments on campus are not eligible for project funding. Groups comprised of students from one department are still eligible.
  • Costs of education that students normally should pay for are not eligible for funding (i.e. fees, rent, costumes, books, travel, etc.).
  • Projects which form a central part of degree projects, such as those required for thesis, dissertation typing, plays, sculpture, etc. should not be funded unless there is a clear demonstration that there is a benefit for the graduate population at large (i.e. advertising events).
  • Project funds are intended to improve the social and academic environment of the UCI campus for graduate students.
  • Groups which have a proven track-record of hosting successful events will be given preference over those which do not, especially for larger grants.
  • Projects which receive AGS funding are expected to be advertised widely to the graduate student body at UCI.
  • Past projects are not eligible for funding.