Updates from the President

From Timothy Ma, AGS President:

AGS has been working on all fronts to provide resources and advocate on behalf of graduate students. Here are some current events and upcoming issues. The Graduate Career Conference was a huge hit last year, and it’s scheduled for Feb 12 this year with even more panelists and workshops. AGS Travel Grants has been reformed to be more inclusive to Master’s and Professional Students. We are closely monitoring and have been in all the campus discussions regarding the increases in students the next couple years. We will be reviewing three referendum that may be on the ballot in spring quarter concerning a new health and wellness center, student center, and food security initiative.

Updates from the Executive Board

From Rebecca Grady, VP Internal:

AGS’s Internal Committee has been meeting and working throughout the year on issues relating to graduate student life at UCI. Much of the work we do is guided by an annual survey that helps us identify the areas of greatest need. This year, we’ve made some improvements to the survey and increased the prizes, and will be sending it around the middle of Winter Quarter. Please take it when you receive it so that your voice is heard and we can fight for what matters to you!

In Housing, we have been working with Housing administrators to make improvements to the apartment and roommate selection/matching. We’ve also have some off-campus housing initiatives in progress, trying to secure graduate students more options and discounts for students who don’t live on campus. In Parking, we’re working to continue the benefits that graduate students receive, such as Sustainable Transportation and Grad Pass. We’ve been fighting to make sure as many graduate students as possible have access to these benefits. Finally, we’ve been working with the SHIAC committee on issues relating to health insurance, including gathering information to help make important decisions about health insurance policies for graduate students going forward. We’ll keep working with graduates students and administrators to advocate for the best possible graduate experience at UCI.

From Sifat Reazi, VP External:

It’s been a exciting and productive start to the quarter. We’ve begun the year meeting with administrators motivated to assist students and work on grad issues. With UCSA we have developed this year’s grad agenda–on which we’ve already made progress. These issues are diverse and salient; from access to affordable/dignified housing to healthy faculty/advisor relationships. We have a dedicated team of student leaders from each UC campus advocating these on these issues, and so I am excited about the work to be done. You can find the complete 2015-2016 Grad Agenda here.

On campus, we’re eager to advance our conversations about the unique challenges that Masters/Professional student faces. We have made headway on this front and will keep you informed on the progress moving forward.

Considering the strides we have made in such a short time, I am enthusiastic and optimistic about the year to come.

If you have ideas (or even anecdotes) relevant to any of these topics, reach out to AGS!

Until the next update, good luck with midterms/finals, and of course #zotOn.

On Campus

We access the administrators; your voices get heard. We advocate for you on issues of housingparking, campus budgeting, and the various student services services on campus.

Social Events

We want to bring you out of your labs, offices, and libraries! In addition to hosting an ever-increasing variety of fabulous events, we fund graduate-student-initiated events and projects!


Currently, we draw some independent income as the primary stakeholder in UCI’s Anthill Pub & Grill, a landmark cultural institution at UCI. We are also open to your on-campus business ideas!

Off Campus

We are deeply involved with lobbying state and national legislatures. Though we advocate on other issues, we are primarily fighting the state of California’s divestment from public higher education.

AGS Symposium

The 2016 AGS Graduate Research Symposium will take place on Friday, April 22. UCI students will showcase outstanding graduate and professional research in non-technical talks and compete for cash prizes. Check out the symposium website for more information, and stay tuned for updates on applications!

Travel Grants

In 2013, AGS raised $70,000 of new funding to send graduate students to academic conferences. If you are a graduate student at UCI, you are eligible. Applications are now open. Check out the travel grant website for more details!

You can join AGS.

Want to give back to the community? Have an idea that can change UCI for the better? You don’t need to be elected, and you can contribute as much or as little time as you have. Contact our VP Administrative Ryan Lewis.

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