Congratulations to the winners of the 2015 AGS Graduate Research Symposium!

Session 1

1st Place: Xuan Li, “A Microfluidic Single-cell Analysis Chip For Cancer Diagnosis
2nd Place: Abed Alnaif, “Coordination of pattern and growth in developmental biology

Session 2

1st Place: Christopher Stillwell, “Students as Policymakers: Engaging Middle School Students in Youth Participatory Action Research
2nd Place: Cathery Yeh, “Language, Culture, and Teacher Identity: A Longitudinal Investigation of Teachers’ Development of Equity-Minded Mathematics Practices

Session 3

1st Place: Megan Brooker, “After Occupy: Exploring the Personal and Cultural Outcomes of the Occupy Movement
2nd Place: Hope Pollard, “Frederick Law Olmsted and a New School of Ethnographic Planning

Session 4

1st Place: Sumner Norman, “Movement Anticipation and EEG: Implications for BCI-Contingent Robot Therapy
2nd Place: Gia Nguyen, “Building energy: how to make a fuel cell and a battery work together to generate electricity effectively?

Session 5

1st Place: Mallory Hinks, “Reactions with Light in the Atmosphere and Effects of Environmental Conditions
2nd Place: Lidia Nazarova, “Examining host-parasite communication with bioorthogonal probes

Session 6

1st Place: Kevin Cochran, “Manipulated Eyewitness Reports Cause Memory Distortion
2nd Place: Helen Milojevich, “The Role of Maltreatment in Adolescents’ Development of Emotional Competence

Session 7

1st Place: Andre White, “A Novel Role for Nucleosome Remodeling in Cocaine-Associated Memories
2nd Place: Ashley Fong, “Heart’s natural scaffolding influences human stem cell-derived heart muscle cell maturation

Session 8

1st Place: Robert Joachim, “Harnessing Small Scale Physics with Meta-materials
2nd Place: Coral Wheeler, “It’s the little things: ultra-faint satellites around isolated dwarf galaxies

Session 9

1st Place: Moshe Lichman, “Modeling Human Behavior from Location Based Activity Data
2nd Place: Bart Knijnenburg, “Interacting with humanlike interfaces: why we love Siri but hate Clippy

Session 10

1st Place: Amanda Novoa, “UC Irvine Service Workers Community-Based Theatre Project
2nd Place: Cara Scrementi, “Enhancing Student Ownership: The Undergraduate Dance Major and the Creative Process of Choreography