Congratulations to the following winners of the 2015 UCI AGS Awards!


Professor David Neumark

The Faculty Mentoring Award recognizes an outstanding tenured or non-tenured faculty member who has excelled in advising one or more graduate students on his or her thesis or dissertation. AGS seeks to honor a faculty mentor who inspires and guides their students in their work, and whose dedication to graduate learning has made significant contributions to both the professional development and quality of life of their students.

“Prof. David Neumark truly stands out as a dedicated, concerned mentor of graduate students in the economics department. He is incredibly generous with his time and advice, freely extends offers to review applications, suggests grants and fellowships to apply for, writes glowing letters of recommendation, and often invites graduate students to co-author with him. I often come by his office to discuss issues large and small with him, and I always appreciate his insightful, candid feedback. I cannot recommend highly enough that the Associated Graduate Students bestow this honor on him, and I hope that the many students who join me in nominating Professor Neumark persuade you to recognize his excellence in graduate student mentoring.”


Iris Adam, Director of Accreditation in Student Affairs

The Kathy Alberti Award recognizes an outstanding faculty or staff member’s dedication to graduate student advocacy and promotion at UCI. Honoring Kathy Alberti, this award is meant to honor a current faculty or staff member who has gone “above and beyond” in their commitment to improving the graduate student experience at UCI.

“Iris Adam truly deserves this Award. Although she’s Director of Accreditation, Iris Adam takes time out of her schedule to organize the Speechcraft workshop series as well as establish the course ENGR93 (Public and Professional Service in Engineering) to help students strengthen their public communication skills. Whether it’s to prepare for job interviews, internships, or even to face and overcome the fear of public speaking itself, Iris Adam ensures students have safe space to develop to their full potential… Outside the classroom, she remains the strongest student advocate, selflessly opening her heart and ears to whatever problems you may have, and helping you figure out a solution. She remembers every student, and is a staunch cheerleader for you. With her, a student can be sure of a warm welcome from a genuinely warm heart and kind soul.

Iris Adam truly has gone“above and beyond” in her commitment to improving the graduate student experience at UCI, and her actions reveal her dedication to graduate student advocacy and promotion at UCI. Iris Adam wholly embodies the spirit of the Kathy Alberti Award, and it is my pride and honor to nominate her.”



Congratulations to the 2015 AGS Symposium Winners!

Session 1

1st Place: Xuan Li, “A Microfluidic Single-cell Analysis Chip For Cancer Diagnosis
2nd Place: Abed Alnaif, “Coordination of pattern and growth in developmental biology

Session 2

1st Place: Christopher Stillwell, “Students as Policymakers: Engaging Middle School Students in Youth Participatory Action Research
2nd Place: Cathery Yeh, “Language, Culture, and Teacher Identity: A Longitudinal Investigation of Teachers’ Development of Equity-Minded Mathematics Practices

Session 3

1st Place: Megan Brooker, “After Occupy: Exploring the Personal and Cultural Outcomes of the Occupy Movement
2nd Place: Hope Pollard, “Frederick Law Olmsted and a New School of Ethnographic Planning

Session 4

1st Place: Sumner Norman, “Movement Anticipation and EEG: Implications for BCI-Contingent Robot Therapy
2nd Place: Gia Nguyen, “Building energy: how to make a fuel cell and a battery work together to generate electricity effectively?

Session 5

1st Place: Mallory Hinks, “Reactions with Light in the Atmosphere and Effects of Environmental Conditions
2nd Place: Lidia Nazarova, “Examining host-parasite communication with bioorthogonal probes

Session 6

1st Place: Kevin Cochran, “Manipulated Eyewitness Reports Cause Memory Distortion
2nd Place: Helen Milojevich, “The Role of Maltreatment in Adolescents’ Development of Emotional Competence

Session 7

1st Place: Andre White, “A Novel Role for Nucleosome Remodeling in Cocaine-Associated Memories
2nd Place: Ashley Fong, “Heart’s natural scaffolding influences human stem cell-derived heart muscle cell maturation

Session 8

1st Place: Robert Joachim, “Harnessing Small Scale Physics with Meta-materials
2nd Place: Coral Wheeler, “It’s the little things: ultra-faint satellites around isolated dwarf galaxies

Session 9

1st Place: Moshe Lichman, “Modeling Human Behavior from Location Based Activity Data
2nd Place: Bart Knijnenburg, “Interacting with humanlike interfaces: why we love Siri but hate Clippy

Session 10

1st Place: Amanda Novoa, “UC Irvine Service Workers Community-Based Theatre Project
2nd Place: Cara Scrementi, “Enhancing Student Ownership: The Undergraduate Dance Major and the Creative Process of Choreography