One World Concert

Join us for One World Concert on June 1st. The night is going to be full of music, dance and other talent shows from all around the world performed by groups of grad students and faculty! Do you have a fascinating talent? so why not share it with others? Sign-up to become a performer. Follow our [...]

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AGS Vice President Elections

Are you interested in getting involved with student government?  AGS will be holding our VP elections on May 15 and 22, 2018 5:30-7:30pm in Student Center Newport Beach AB. The 2018-2019 AGS Council will elect 5 Vice Presidents: Internal Affairs, External Affairs, Administrative Affairs, Financial Affairs, and Social Affairs. On May 15 we will hold the [...]

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AGS Symposium 2018

Compete in the AGS Graduate Research Symposium! Cash prizes of $400 or $200 will be awarded to the best presenters in each session!   You know your research is fascinating, so why not share it with others?   Members from other departments and even the local community are genuinely curious about what you work on [...]

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Winter Quarter Travel Grant

Currently, we have 32 pre-approved applicants from across the UCI campus. The majority of applicants up to this point come from chemistry, computer science, and psychology. Some popular upcoming conferences are The ACS National Meeting and Exposition, The American Psychosomatic Society Conference and Extending Database Technology Conference. The Budget and Finance Committee will meet on January 24th to conduct the travel [...]

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Office of the VP of External Affairs: SB201 Call to Action

Recently the State Assembly passed SB201 a bill that modifies California law to allow graduate student researchers to vote to unionize.  This is something that has previously been denied to grads except for TAs.  The bill is currently awaiting signature by Governor Brown, and he has until the 15th of October to sign.  We would [...]

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Reminder: AGS VP Social Election TONIGHT 10/10/17

If you are running for the VP Social position, remember to come to the election tonight at 6pm (10/10/17) in Student Center Emerald Bay DE. You (and your team) will be given a total of 2 minutes to make a speech, followed by a 3 minute Q&A from Council.  Format:  6pm - Additional nominations accepted.  [...]

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Co-VPs of Social Affairs Option

AGS Council passed Bill 17-24 to allow candidates for the VP Social Affairs to run on the same ticket. This allows individuals to run as a team of two and will be elected together. This is simply an option and candidates are welcome to continue running independently.  https://www.ags.uci.edu/council/legislationprint.php?cnum=17-24&gov_branch=AGS

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VP Social Affairs Info Session

At the end of our regularly scheduled Committee Meeting, AGS will host an info session for VP Social candidates. Come learn more about the role and meet the AGS Council and Executive Board. Date: Tuesday, October 3, 2017 Time: 6:45pm-7:30pm Location: Student Center Emerald Bay DE

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Run for office! AGS Council will run elections for the 2017-2018 VP of Social Affairs on Tuesday, Oct. 10.

If you are interested in planning social and cultural events, run for the position of VP of Social Affairs. As VP Social, you will manage a budget funded by student fees to organize events, improve the graduate student experience, and promote engagement in student government.  Similar to our previous elections for the 2017-2018 VPs, the [...]

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