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What is AGS?

Associated Graduate Students (AGS) is the officially recognized graduate student government at UCI, representing over 5,000 graduate and professional students.

AGS consists of:

    • Committees, students working on issues and events of interest to the graduate community
    • AGS Council, an elected body of graduate representatives from each school that debate and approve committee and organizational initiatives and long-term goals
    • Representatives, students who represent the graduate community on UCI Campus Committees and Academic Senate
    • Executive Board, elected leadership of AGS who oversee its day-to-day operation
    • Staff, students hired on a part-time basis to assist with day-to-day operation and committee functions

How is AGS connected to the University?

AGS is an unincorporated association of the state of California, and the recognized graduate student government association at the University of California, Irvine. The AGS is governed by a President, five Vice Presidents elected by the Council, and a Council of representatives elected by each academic unit. AGS collects $9 per quarter from each graduate student (except the College of Medicine and Graduate Schools of Management students, who pay $4.50 per quarter and get half the representation on AGS Council).

Where are the AGS Offices?

Map of AGS offices_updated