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What is AGS?

Associated Graduate Students (AGS) is the officially recognized graduate student government at UCI, representing over 5,000 graduate and professional students.

AGS consists of:

    • Committees, students working on issues and events of interest to the graduate community
    • AGS Council, an elected body of graduate representatives from each school that debate and approve committee and organizational initiatives and long-term goals
    • Representatives, students who represent the graduate community on UCI Campus Committees and Academic Senate
    • Executive Board, elected leadership of AGS who oversee its day-to-day operation
    • Staff, students hired on a part-time basis to assist with day-to-day operation and committee functions


How is AGS connected to the University?

AGS is an unincorporated association of the state of California, and the recognized graduate student government association at the University of California, Irvine. The AGS is governed by a President, five Vice Presidents elected by the Council, and a Council of representatives elected by each academic unit. AGS collects $9 per quarter from each graduate student (except the College of Medicine and Graduate Schools of Management students, who pay $4.50 per quarter and get half the representation on AGS Council).

Where are the AGS Offices?

Map of AGS offices_updated

How can I get involved?

Elections are held for representatives at the end of every school year! If you are wanting to be involved and the school year has already started, check our Council page to see if there are any available seats in your school! Additionally, to be part of our executive team and/or staff, you don’t need to be an AGS member; feel free to run in one of our elections. If you are interested in volunteering in our advocacy efforts, fill out the Lobby Corps application!



On Campus

We access the administrators; your voices get heard. We advocate for you on issues of housingparking, campus budgeting, and the various student services services on campus.

Social Events

We want to bring you out of your labs, offices, and libraries! In addition to hosting an ever-increasing variety of fabulous social events(follow our social media for regular updates!), we also fund graduate-student-initiated events and projects!


Currently, we draw some independent income as the primary stakeholder in UCI’s Anthill Pub & Grill, a landmark cultural institution at UCI. We are also open to your on-campus business ideas!

Off Campus

We are deeply involved with lobbying state and national legislatures. Though we advocate on other issues, we are primarily fighting the state of California’s divestment from public higher education.

AGS Symposium

The 2020 AGS Graduate Research Symposium will take place on Friday, April 24th. UCI students will showcase outstanding graduate and professional research in non-technical talks and compete for cash prizes. Check out the symposium website for more information, and stay tuned for updates on applications!

Travel Grants

In 2013, AGS raised $70,000 of new funding to send graduate students to academic conferences. If you are a graduate student at UCI, you are eligible. Applications are now open. Check out the travel grant website for more details!