Tuesday, October 28, 2008

AGS Council Minutes


I. Call to order 5:11 PM
II. Circulate attendance sheet
III. Approve previous meeting minutes
IV. Officer Reports
a. President- Carrie Carmody
 i. Student Gov’t Luncheon on Monday, Nov. 3
1. Any agenda items?
2. This year there were events at Shocktoberfest where grad. Students were denied admission.  Work with ASUCI to get grads more involved in large campus events: Shocktoberfest, Wayzgoose, Reggaefest
 ii. Request to designate Terrace Lounge space for grads.  $450/yr in student fees go to student center without any specific graduate services.
1. The Pub does not count as around 60% of business is undergraduates
2. Expansion for Pub isn’t possible any time soon- owners do not have enough capital
b. VP Finance- Sam Danziger
 i. AGS budget is finalized
 ii. AGS projector is now available for use
c. VP Internal- Tia Petersen
 i. First Internal Affairs Committee Mtg tomorrow (Oct 29)
 ii. Parking Survey results (presented for Scott Stevenson)
1. (Summary in agenda) Big response- 1/5 of grads
2. Next step is to lobby for assistance to grads
V. Stacey Murren- Director of Parking (not scheduled- added into Tia’s time)
a. A (somewhat) new evening permit is available, but its more money than many students are willing to pay
b. AGS Member suggestions:
 i. Trade in Greenhouse dollars for more evening/weekend permits instead of full day permits
c. Very focused on sustainable transportation
d. Senate parking oversight committee
 i. AGS has not yet heard about this committee, yet we have 1 or 2 seats available to us
e. Complaints about the video capture system for citations
VI. Committee reports
a. Council on Research, Computing, and Libraries- Eric Baumer
 i. Budget cuts > add’l mid-year cuts of funding to support research, but no specific numbers
 ii. ID card has now been made the copy card in libraries
1. concerns about this use- it forces people to put money onto their ID card
 iii. Dana Rhode from NACS reported there have been requests to put student photos on EEE for instructor use.
1. Privacy concerns
2. Can students say no to this (opt out?)
3. Gone to CSE for feedback, but not grads
 iv. Additional library issues brought up by Council members:
1. Course reserve books-> add’l copies cannot be loaned thru other libraries (for other students who may need them for work/research)
2. No notices for overdue or almost-due books; then students receive large fines without notice (3 month checkout & # of books needed for students can sometimes make it difficult to keep track)
3. No longer any library study rooms reserved for medical students, yet rooms designated for other specific groups often sit empty
4. NACS and library cards are not one system for copies- still have to maintain two separate accounts
b. BAG Groups- Matt Aggleton
 i. Meeting is next week, another AGS rep is needed.