Tuesday, December 02, 2008

AGS Council Meeting Minutes

I.               Call to order 5:13 pm

II.             Circulate attendance sheet

III.           Approve agenda (2 min.) 

IV.           Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min.) 5:15 pm

V.             Officer reports

a.     President- Carrie Carmody (10)

                                                     i.     AGS Turkey Funding

1.     225 emails for turkeys; after cards ran out, gave out wine;

2.     Positive response from students

3.     Could add to budget to make a permanent event

                                                      ii.     Housing Committee Meeting 12/01-

1.     Revise committee membership to include professional student rep; professional faculty rep (not appt yet);

2.     faculty going to review/revise policy since NTD-1 is not working.  Want NTD.

3.     Students getting letters to leave housing this year have no appeals process

                                                        iii.     Student Govt. Luncheon

1.     Shared Governance- students are not at table at UCI, and when they are, they are disregarded, despite students being the best resources to go to for issues such as student life

2.     AGS still needs to increase name recognition and activity to impact policy

3.     Budget- UC has lost $100 mil from budget, 10 mil to UCI

a.     4 mil of cuts in Oct, hiring freezes, cuts in training, groundskeeping, upkeep of buildings

b.     Next cut is going to result in things being fully eliminated

c.     Regents sent up budget to state for increase and no student fee increase; currently funds are 60% state, 30% students fees, 10% private/other. 

d.     Budget approval highly unlikely.  Need to make up funding gap from state-  raising fees to do this could increase fees 20%.  This hike would lose undergrads, lose ta ships, lose grads.  It is unlikely the graduate block will be left without cuts.

b.     VP Financial Affairs- Sam Danziger (5)

                                                     i.     Sam is resigning to focus on writing his dissertation, will elect new VP Finance for next meeting

                                                      ii.     AGS Banners are finished- 6 ft and two smaller ones for ends of tables

                                                        iii.     PAB Meeting Wed 12/10- report on pub expansion

                                                        iv.     Student Fee Advisory Committee still has not met

                                                      v.     Art stored from last student center has not been posted.  Committee to plan to post art as thematic halls.

c.     VP Internal Affairs- Tia Peterson (5)

                                                     i.     CGG group meet next week to help people deal with housing letters next quarter, appeals

                                                      ii.     GSHIP Committee-

1.     working on creating new, up-to-date charter;

2.     GSHIP Advisory Committee combine with GSHIP Committee

                                                        iii.     Alumni Committee to meet around new year, contacts for funding?

d.     VP External Affairs- Glen Watt (5)- Josh Carillo standing in

                                                     i.     Graduate students not officially campaigning on any issue at UCSA; 3 potentials

1.     Health insurance for graduate students
2.     Employee salary made tax exempt

3.     Incorporating graduate issues into master plan for UC

                                                      ii.     Issue of whether to break from UCSA

1.     Pay about $5000 in dues but graduate issues are not being addressed

2.     Many UCs, including UCI, are planning to walk out of UCSA, if situation does not change

VI.           Bill 08-57 Turn AGS Storeroom into Conference Room- Sam Danziger (5)

a.     Room used for AGS Execs, Staff, and Committees

b.     Passed 15 in favor, 1 opposed, 6 abstain

VII.         Bill 08-58 Create stipend for business and social chair- Sam Danziger (5)

a.     Business and social has a broad charter to plan social events and create new business opportunities to AGS.  Commitment is needed from the chair, and paying a stipend is an incentive

b.     Add budget item to pay chair $100/month

c.     Motion to table until charter is ready and more defined job descriptions are prepared. 14 in favor, 5 opposed, no abstentions

VIII.       Bill 08-62 To amend AGS Budget (10)
a.     PASSED 19 in favor, 0 opposed, 1 abst

IX.          Pub Expansion Committee & Bill 08-59- Melanie Matheu (10)

a.     An architect has been in touch with Scott and Melanie

b.     To remodel Pub, capital would come from ASUCI reserves (majority of business is undergrads), and the Pub, whose reserves are small at this point

c.     PASSED 9 in favor 3 opposed

X.            Bill 08-60- CSSA Funding Request for Chinese New Year (7)

a.     Event is open not only to Chinese students but to friends and other interested students

b.     Motion to drop to $500 9 in favor, 7 opposed, 2 abstention

c.     Proxies 3 against, 1 abstention
d.     10 in 4 opposed 4-abstain

XI.          Bill 08-61- Adobe Software purchase- Denise Stephens (5)

a.     17-0-0

XII.        Committee Reports (10)


Time Allotted: 84 min. Actual Time: 125 min.


Bill 08-58: To Pay the Business and Social Chair Stipend of $100 / mo.


Presented By Sam Danziger, Engineering Representative


Whereas The Associated Graduate Students (AGS) has recently reinstated the Business and Social Committee, and


Whereas The chair of the Business and Social Committee is a demanding position requiring someone who can organize the party planning and AGS business opportunities, and


Whereas AGS believes that paying the Business and Social Chair a salary will encourage active professional participation,


Therefore let it be resolved that AGS allocate up to $1200 / year ($800 in 2008-09)  to pay the Business and Social Chair $100 per month (Nov-June in the 2008-09 school year).

Bill 08-59 Hire an Architectural Designer to Draft Drawings of the Anthill Pub Expansion

Prepared by: Melanie Matheu, Biological Sciences Representative


WHEREAS Drawings for the Anthill Pub expansion do not exist, making it especially difficult to communicate to the Student Center and University what AGS intends to do with additional space if approved. 

WHEREAS Design consultation from an experienced third party in meetings between the Pub Advisory Board and current owners will expedite cosmetic changes to the Anthill Pub and space utilization that can be implemented faster and at a lower cost than a full remodel.

WHEREAS Improvements to the Anthill Pub space will benefit all graduate students both directly and indirectly as we have a mission to eventually eliminate AGS fees for graduate students and the Pub is currently our only independent source of income.

WHEREAS Josh Gorrell has over 5 years of local experience redesigning bar and retail spaces, has visited the space, met with Anthill Pub Management (Scott Winterstein) and has volunteered to wave the majority of fees associated with hiring a designer/architectural designer.

WHEREASAGS reserve funds will be spent on enhancing AGS campus presence and improving infrastructure.

LET IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED that AGS allocate up to $1200.00 from our reserve funds for independent design and architectural consultation, elevation renderings, perspective drawings for remodel options and travel-to meeting costs/on-site time.


Estimated cost to hire Josh Gorrell, Architectural Designer


Travel and on-site time (estimated 20 hours)                                                                   $200

(Includes Pub Advisory Board/Management Meetings)                                                          


Up to 7 professional color elevation drawings and renderings                                      $800    

(For Anthill Pub expansion plan)              

Remodel Design and Consultation                                                                             $200

·       paint samples 

·       space measurements and utilization estimates

·       materials lists

·       design consultation

·       cost estimates for both remodel and expansion          

Total:                                                                                              $1200
Bill 08-60 Funding Request for CSSA - UCI

November 30, 2008


Sponsored by Ling Lin, Social Science Rep.


Presented by Yuyu Peng and Wendong Xing.


WHEREAS Article V, Section 4 of the AGS Constitution states that “AGS project funds are intended to improve the social and academic environment of the UCI campus for graduate students,”


WHEREAS the Chinese Students and Scholars Association at UCI (CSSA - UCI) is a student organization of over 400 members that consist mainly of Chinese graduate students, and is also open to all Chinese undergraduate students/scholars associated with UCI, and other students who are interested in Chinese culture,


WHEREAS the functions of CSSA are to organize and sponsor social and academic programming for Chinese graduate students, to improve the communication within Chinese Community, and to promote diversity and cultural exchange throughout the campus population,


WHEREAS CSSA is seeking to sustain itself as a student group by continuing to provide social and academic programming for its members and associates for this academic year,


LET IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED that AGS will fund $1000 from the Special Projects Fund to CSSA for Chinese/Lunar New Year Celebration.


Requesting Organization: CSSA – UCI


Program/Event Name: Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year Celebration


Date:  Saturday, January 24th, 2009, 5:00PM – 11:30PM


Location: Student Center


Program Organizers: Wendong Xing<>, Hao Gao<>,                 Chengxiang Xiang <>, Yuyu Luke Peng<>


Total Anticipated Attendance: 200 (including 120-150 Graduate Students, 20-30                        Undergraduate Students, and 20-30 Faculty and Staff members).


Targeted Audience: UCI Graduate Students, Chinese Community, Asian Community,        American Asian Community, any Cultural group that would like to celebrate              Chinese New Year/Lunar New Year.


Itemized Anticipated Budget:

         Student Center ballroom rental fee: $100

         Sound System rental fee: $250

         Food and Drinks: $1000 (around $5 per attendee)

         Decorations: $100

         Raffle Prize: $450 (1 iPod, 2 shuffles, 20 movie tickets)


Total Program Budget:  $1900

Funding anticipated from other sources:  VRC, PVRC, ASUCI

Total funding requested from AGS:  $ 1000

Bill 08-61 Approve Funds for Adobe Software


WHEREAS AGS’ Office computers do not have graphic or web design software


WHEREAS Graphic design and web software will be utilized for the AGS website and the creation of flyers and other AGS promotional materials


WHEREAS an additional copy will be made available for AGS staff to use in the conference room


LET IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED that $711 be allocated for the purchase of two Adobe Design Suite licenses.


Adobe CS4- Education  ($329 ea.)

Est tax

Bill 08-62: To Amend the AGS Budget

Whereas The Associated Graduate Students (AGS) has been exceptionally active during the 2008-2009 school year and as such is on a trajectory to exceed it’s budget in several areas, and


Whereas the current AGS budget has underestimated the income that AGS is receiving from interest and the Pub,


Therefore let it be resolved that AGS revise the budget as follows.


Interest Income: $2,000 -> $4,000

Anthill Pub Income: $15,162 -> $15,812

TOTAL: $2650

Office Supplies: $500 -> $750

Photocopies: $150 -> $350

Committee Meeting Food: $500 -> $2000

GSHIP Meeting Food: $100 -> $500

Business and Social Chair: $0 -> $800

To Reserves: $500 -> $0

TOTAL: $2650