Tuesday, January 13, 2009

 AGS Council Meeting Minutes


I.               Call to order 5:10 pm

II.             Circulate attendance sheet

III.           Approve agenda (2 min.) 

IV.           Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min.)

V.             VP Finance Appointment (35)

a.     5 minutes per candidate

                                                     i.     Joss Jeri

                                                      ii.     Melanie Matheu

                                                        iii.     Durgesh Kaushik

b.     10 minutes council discussion

                                                     i.     Comments about whether professional school students can commit time req’d for position

c.     Vote

                                                     i.     Joss-

                                                      ii.     Melanie- 22

                                                        iii.     Durgesh-

VI.           Officer reports- all officers- accomplishments so far; goals for next 6 months

a.     President- Carrie Carmody (20) time added- 5:50 pm

                                                     i.     Execs/staff in past have perhaps not done enough, wants greater accountability and positive representation of AGS

                                                      ii.     AGS function is a lobbying organization, no actual policy decisions.

1.     Helping put forward/shape policy

2.     Networking with decision makers

                                                        iii.     Council reporting to constituencies

1.     Money in budget for AGS open house in each academic unit

                                                        iv.     Caution of not allowing people to get caught up in pet projects instead of focusing on big picture of representation and wide issues like budget issues.

                                                      v.     Structure of meetings

1.     A little more formal than meetings have been held

2.     Agendas will be done by Monday prior and distributed a week before

a.     Add standing “new business” on agenda so that important last-minute issues can still be added

3.     Timing issues

a.     Hold questions and comments if they have already been said to help timing

b.     Will go over if necessary on important issues. 

c.     Remind that anyone can speak up to add more/ call time.

4.     Get funding requests streamlined

a.     Stop nitpicking people’s funding requests- we should be asking is the request reasonable, servicing graduate students, and which funding sources have been considered

5.     Letters of recognition for Council members who attend meetings and are involved in committees.

                                                        vi.     Housing policy review will happen this year

1.     Current guarantee has not been successful

2.     Survey is coming out from grad center; will include housing ??

3.     Housing has lost over 800,000 this year due to vacancies, yet 500 students are getting letters to leave housing in June

                                                         vii.     Graduation

1.     Grad student commencement is again separate this year

2.     Contest for potential speakers (people who are graduating)

                                                           viii.     Accreditation committee is coming in a year

1.     Focus group to look at questions- what is UCI doing well, what needs improvement

                                                        ix.     Graduate student orientation

1.     UCI wide for new students

2.     Carrie is on 10 different committees, meets w/ grad dean, evc, student govt director

b.     VP Finance- (review of past 6 mos.)- Sam Danziger (8)- 6:17 pm

                                                     i.     AGS budget is online and up-to-date

                                                      ii.     Finance maintains equipment- we have gotten banners and projector this year, conference room equipment have been ordered

                                                        iii.     Pub business

1.     Verbal commitment from Tim Haskell that AGS will receive 1/3 of profits, nothing official yet

2.     Meeting with owner and management of Pub to work out legal issues of Pub payments

3.     PAB working on Pub expansion

                                                        iv.     Suggests AGS not lose its focus on developing framework for AGS businesses, we want more businesses than Pub and run them more smoothly, bring in money towards goal of AGS being self-sustaining

c.     VP Internal Affairs- Tia Peterson (8)- 6:25 pm

                                                     i.     On several different committees

                                                      ii.     Housing work

                                                        iii.     Internal committee

1.     Parking concerns- appointing someone to committees

2.     Increasing AGS presence

                                                        iv.     Goals

1.     Actually give awards given by AGS

2.     Continue working on parking issue

3.     Connect with other student organizations, esp. governing ones

d.     VP External Affairs- Glen Watt (8)

                                                     i.     Liaison with external organizations to UCI

                                                      ii.     Attends UCSA meetings

                                                        iii.     Work on voting and election last year

1.     1800 people early voting

2.     4000 voter registrations

                                                        iv.     Working with ASUCI on budget issues, UCI stance

                                                      v.     Possibility of system-wide graduate student health program

                                                        vi.     Student lobby conference coming up Feb 27- Mar 2

                                                         vii.     UCSA issues- UCI tends to be more conservative and it is felt by some that UCSA does not respect views of all campuses; discussion about withdrawing from UCSA or working to change how things are handled.

e.     VP Admin Affairs- Denise Stephens (8)

                                                     i.     Web site- got new website started but still need to finalize

                                                      ii.     Updated and distributed info binders to council

                                                        iii.     Council t-shirts

                                                        iv.     Worked (and continuing to) get committee spots and all Council seats filled, keep committee seat holders in contact with AGS

                                                      v.     Creating committee binders with all committee information

VII.         Staff Reports- all staff accomplishments/goals

a.     Campus Communications Director- Jessie Weber (4)

                                                     i.     Did not get as much direction due to VP Internal turnover, did a lot of independent work

                                                      ii.     Advertising work for AGS events

1.     Emails grad mailers and housing committees

2.     LED boards

3.     Hanging flyers

                                                        iii.     Talking to new students and people about AGS

                                                        iv.     Flyers distributed in housing (Email does not always reach everyone)

                                                      v.     AGS Facebook pages

b.     Campus Organizing Director- Melanie Matheu (4)

c.     GSHIP Chair- Chris Markum (4) Renee Ellis in his place

                                                     i.     Revising GSHIP charter to fit current state of GSHIP

                                                      ii.     Website issues for GSHIP

                                                        iii.     Chancellor’s transition committee

1.     Report for Chancellor and how we are moving to student health- not whether or not we move, but how we will transition

2.     Reason for move is to save money

d.     Legislative Liaison- Josh Carrillo (4)- absent

VIII.       Committee Reports (10)-

a.     Sustainability- Paul Rigor

                                                     i. draft report, Erin Lane is open to comments

                                                      ii.     Award for sustainable transportation program

                                                        iii.     Committee plans to work with Center for Service in Action to plan a week long event for Earth Day

                                                        iv.     Green house gas inventory has been completed.  Volunteer program to register emissions.

b.     Graduate Council- Erin Kent

                                                     i.     Main purview is reviewing course changes

                                                      ii.     Budget issues

                                                        iii.     Graduate division is moving on doc 2A students- charging departments for students that are enrolled 9 quarters past advancement

                                                        iv.     A lot of GC role is just giving opinions to graduate dean- student input is welcome

                                                      v.     Registrar changes- students not enrolled full time past third week of quarter are being dropped and may have to reenroll


Time Allotted: 120 min. 

Meeting Adjourned 7:18 pm