Tuesday, January 27, 2009

AGS Council Meeting Minutes

I.               Call to order – 5:20 pm

II.             Circulate attendance sheet

III.           Approve agenda (2 min.) 

IV.           Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min.)

V.             Officer reports-

a.     President- Carrie Carmody (20) 5:26 pm

                                                     i.     Campus dining

1.     Dining services for graduate students
a.     Family meal plan

b.     Grad night in dining- room booked exclusively for grads

c.     Develop meal plans for graduate students

2.     Jamba juice in student center postponed, may be changed

3.     Group to change Tortilla Express to Chipotle

                                                      ii.     Movement of meeting time?

                                                        iii.     Meeting with Chancellor tomorrow

1.     Main topic will bring- student voice not being heard by admin

                                                        iv.     Housing senate committee

1.     Council members show up to show support

                                                      v.     Student health transition

1.     Committee will submit report on move soon

2.     Currently we have a very good plan but it is very expensive

3.     Student health claims they can maintain level and quality of service and will be prepared by fall move

4.     Patient room increase, NP and more practitioners hired to help with increase of patients

5.     Remodel and equipment upgrades

                                                        vi.     Add a health fee to the Student fees

1.     Must be approved by 10% of entire student body

                                                         vii.     Bylaw revision

1.     Execs will go through them to start

                                                           viii.     AGS Newsletter

                                                       ix.     Homecoming- Feb 28

1.     ASUCI is putting a lot of money into homecoming this year

2.     AGS will share booth space and try to get grads to attend

                                                      x.     Funding/ support updates

1.     Ad hoc committee on graduate student support

a.     Report submitted by next week

2.     Undergraduates are being capped and reduced

3.     Graduates will not be growing anymore

4.     Meeting with chancellor and ASUCI president

a.     Budget suggestions

                                                                                                           i.     Freeze faculty salaries for 3 years

                                                                                                            ii.     Senior management and chancellors have already been frozen and experiencing cuts

b.     VP Finance- Melanie Matheu (5)

                                                     i.     Checked status of reserves- 3.5% interest on $154,000

                                                      ii.     Next PAB Meeting- public 5 pm 01/28 Aliso Beach A

1.     Update from architect, estimate from a contractor

                                                        iii.     Student Fee Subcommittee

1.     Survey about fees, course fees

                                                        iv.     Student Center Art Board- bringing back art from old Student Center

c.     VP Internal Affairs- Tia Peterson (5)- absent

                                                     i.     Internal items

1.     Stacey Murren from parking is now student center director

d.     VP External Affairs- Glen Watt (5)- absent

                                                     i.     UCSA update

1.     Trying to address graduate issues
e.     VP Admin- Denise Stephens (5)

VI.           Resolution 09-01 Council Appointments- Denise Stephens (5)-

a.     passed 20 in favor 0 opposed 0 abstain

VII.         Resolution 09-04 Comparative Literature Funding Request- Michelle Cho (5)

a.     Multidisciplinary, annual event; have solicited funding from many sources and advertised to graduate students from many schools

b.     23 in favor 0 opposed 0 abstain
VIII.       Committee Role Call and Reports (25)
a.     See attached

IX.          Resolution 09-02 Regarding Amplified Sound - Josh Gellars (5)

a.     While sound is reasonable in some places, it is disruptive in some classes near Student Center and at library and the current policy is not well enforced

b.     Is the resolution too vague?  Just to recommend admin should look at and enforce current policy

c.     11 in favor-5 opposed-4 abstain

X.            Resolution 09-03 Remove Council Members with non-attendance (5)

XI.          22 in favor, 0 opposed, 0 abstain

XII.        Resolution 09-05 Funding Request Form (5)

XIII.      New business (10)

Time allotted: 107 min.