Tuesday, February 24, 2009

AGS Council Meeting Agenda

I. Call to order 5:15 pm
II. Circulate attendance sheet
III. Approve agenda (2 min.)  5:16 pm
IV. Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min.)
V. Officer reports-
a. President- Carrie Carmody (20) 5:17
 i. ID theft/ tax fraud from United Healthcare in 2008
1. Meeting about ID theft in 2 weeks (March 11) for various university/affected parties to communicate
2. Lawsuit has been filed by some students
3. A handful of people this year already have taxes affected again
 ii. Execs working on Bylaw revisions; goal to finish at end of March
 iii. President’s Roundtable of AS and AGS presidents from each UC in Sacramento this weekend
 iv. AGS/Graduate Division Survey about graduate student experience coming out today
1. Information will be used to help increase/justify programming and funding
 vi. Funding cuts even deeper than expected-
1. UCs are 450 million short
2. UCI will need to cut 10% of total budget
3. Chancellor focused on protecting academic programming over student affairs
b. VP Finance- Melanie Matheu (5)
 i. Registration Fee Committee- more fee increases and cuts are coming but not many specifics at this point
 ii. Meeting with Jack McManus (head of campus dining) and Carrie
1. Recommendations for Pub Contract negotiations in March
c. VP Internal Affairs- Tia Peterson (5)
 i. Homecoming is this Saturday, the 28th
1. The homecoming fair is 4-7 pm (before basketball game) outside of Bren
2. Booth will be located next to stage
3. More volunteers are needed for booth
 ii. GSHIP
1. Gained 4 new members for GSHIP committee- committee is full for first time in two years
2. Charter has been approved and will come to AGS for approval soon, plan to post on website
3. Voted to support the transition committee report, under review by Chancellor at present
4. Have begun voting on benefits for next year
5. Push for a UC wide health plan in the future
d. VP External Affairs- Glen Watt (5)- Student lobby conference in Sacramento this weekend

VI. Resolution 09-10 Renegotiation of Pub Contract – Melanie Matheu (10)
a. Key points:
 i. Only getting 5%, not 8% as first discussed
 ii. Pub is not being run as a partnership as was first planned
b. PASS 26 in favor- 0 opposed- 1 abstention
VII. Committee reports (10)-
a. PAB
 i. Looking at charter revisions
 ii. Meeting tomorrow for anyone interested
b. Sustainability
 i. Making AGS newsletter green
 ii. Composting program for dining and other campus facilities
 iii. Housing fixtures
1. Lighting fixtures that are on all day, particularly in PV
2. PV refused to make changes because of cost
c. Art subcommittee
 i. Meeting at 2 pm to look at artwork stored for Student Center
 ii. Student center art competition- themes are hope and courage
d. Student center board meeting
 i. Selection of more members soon, notify vpadmin if interested
 ii. Increase AGS representation at election time of board
VIII. New business (10)
a. Reminder: money is reserved for each school to have an event for graduate students to meet their AGS reps
b. Exchange trip to China- through Cross Cultural Center:

Time Allotted: 72 min.  Actual time:
 AGS Council Meeting Minutes

IX. Call to order – 5:25 pm
X. Circulate attendance sheet
XI. Approve agenda (2 min.)  
XII. Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min.)
XIII. Officer reports-
a. President- Carrie Carmody (20)
 i. Wed. Feb. 18- Grad dining night 4:30-8 pm
1. $2 discount
2. Separate room from undergrads
 ii. Graduate center event
1. Mentoring for postdocs
 iii. GSHIP Update
1. Transition report is finished and sent up to chancellor
2. Switch to student health is most likely to occur this fall
3. Information meetings, etc. are being planned
 iv. Zot Portal
1. One log-in for all UCI pages
2. Roll out in May
 v. Information out to students
1. Op-ed in New U by Carrie
a. Current AGS Issues
2. AGS Newsletter in works
 vi. AGS Resolution on Amplified Sound
1. Feedback from Sandy
2. Student center staff in charge of giving permits- ask to monitor sound; enforce current rules
 vii. Meeting with chancellor
1. Form Chancellor’s cabinet to meet once a month and discuss campus-wide issues
2. GSHIP savings- planning to still pass savings to graduate students
3. Housing guarantee needs revision
a. Agreed to get rid of guarantee and move back to a waitlist model
 viii. Pub
1. Contract is on website
2. Renegotiation of Pub contract will be done soon
a. AGS has not gotten all of AGS’ money invested returned but probably will by next year;
b. 1/3 of profits were not written into Pub contract as discussed, nor was payback of our investment
3. AGS has been too focused on Pub; yet there are opinions about AGS not doing enough for Pub, not everything is handled as “businesslike” or professionally as it might be
b. VP Finance- Melanie Matheu (5)
 i. Pub contract will be negotiated in March (15 mos. after business opening, meetings begin next week)
 ii. AGS Budget- up on $$ for enrollments this year, not down like expected
c. VP Internal Affairs- Tia Peterson (5)
 i. Open letter to faculty on CGG meetings
 ii. GSHIP- 2-3 student reps are needed on committee.  Meetings are Friday 12-2.  Contact Chris Markum.
 iii. Hospital fees- Looking at costs for transition; cost of lab work, x-rays, may change
d. VP External Affairs- Glen Watt (5)
 i. UCSA Board meeting at UCSF
1. Regents have been supportive of UCSA recently
2. Taken stances of 5% enrollment decrease due to funding and a 9% fee increase- it is the best amount in the current economic situation
 ii. Lobby Con at end of Feb/early March 28th thru 2nd
XIV. Career center- Christine Kelley (15)- Graduate student career consultant
a. Workshops for graduate students (only) pursuing both academic and non-academic careers, listed on ZotLink
b. Careerfest- Professionals come to talk about careers
 i. Panel about careers in higher ed- work in college settings but not in academic positions
 ii. Feb 19th in Career center training room 5-6:30 pm
XV. PAB Seat Election- Melanie Matheu (10)
a. Vote moved to Resolution 09-07
XVI. Bill 09-06- Reallocation of Party Funds- Melanie (5)
a. Move $1177 from previous quarters to Grad-Faculty night
b. 21 in favor-0 opposed-2 abstain
XVII. Resolution 09-07- Committee Appointments (5)
a. 23 in favor-0 opposed-0 abstain
XVIII. Bill 09-08- Allocate Money from Publicity for Brochure and Homecoming Booth- Denise Stephens (5)
a. Increase money to $800 since Publicity items can be used at other events
b. 22 in favor-0 opposed-1 abstain
XIX. LL appointment (5)- moved after committee reports
a. Josh Gellars
 i. Establish dialogue with local politicians
 ii. Address funding and other graduate student needs
 iii. 22 in favor-0 opposed-0 abstain
XX. Committee Reports- continued from last meeting: AGS and Campus Committees (25)
Time allotted: 112 min. Adjorned 7:01 pm. Actual time: 96 min.

RESOLUTION: 09-10 Renegotiation of Pub Contract

Sponsored by Melanie Matheu, VP Finance

WHEREAS AGS entered into a Memo of Understanding with the University of California, Irvine dated June 9, 2006 and said MOU granted AGS contractual oversight of any OPERATOR of the PUB;

WHEREAS the MOU also granted AGS a commission of sales revenue to be paid by the OPERATOR;

WHEREAS AGS passed resolution 06-15 stipulating and outlining AGS Goals for the PUB and said resolution declared that the PUB should supplement the AGS budget by a minimum of 8% of gross sales annually for the first two years and be renegotiated thereafter as business dictated;

WHEREAS resolution 06-15 also stipulates that the PUB must be run as a partnership with AGS and the OPERATOR must be responsive to AGS input;

WHEREAS AGS recommended Tim Haskell and Scott Winterstein in Resolution 06-18, under the Ranch Hands name, to be the OPERATOR of the PUB and that this decision was based on the comprehensive business plan submitted to AGS in September 2006;

WHEREAS said business plan recommended a 5% of net sales as an initial commission rate, below the 8% AGS desired, to ensure that the new business could sustain itself but  a profit-sharing provision was included to ensure AGS 1/3 of the profit once the PUB had become established;

WHEREAS certain legal complications prevented the profit-sharing clause to be incorporated into the University signed contract at the time of it’s drafting;

WHEREAS the sales performance of the PUB in its first year exceeded all original sales projections upon which the 5% of net sales was agreed and initial AGS start-up cost far exceeded those outlined in the business plan;

THEREFORE AGS resolves to renegotiate the current OPERATOR contract with Ranch Hands, Inc. DBA: Soiree Catering to be more in-line with the AGS original vision for the PUB and the spirit of the business plan and partnership submitted for approval of OPERATOR status.