Tuesday, February 10, 2009

AGS Council Meeting Minutes

I. Call to order – 5:25 pm
II. Circulate attendance sheet
III. Approve agenda (2 min.) 
IV. Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min.)
V. Officer reports-
a. President- Carrie Carmody (20)
 i. Wed 18- Grad dining night 4:30-8 pm
1. $2 discount
2. Separate room from undergrads
 ii. Graduate center event
1. Mentoring for postdocs
 iii. GSHIP Update
1. Transition report is finished and sent up to chancellor
2. Switch to student health is most likely to occur this fall
3. Information meetings, etc. are being planned
 iv. Zot Portal
1. One log-in for all UCI pages
2. Roll out in May
 v. Information out to students
1. Op-ed in New U by Carrie
a. Current AGS Issues
2. AGS Newsletter in works
 vi. AGS Resolution on Amplified Sound
1. Feedback from Sandy
2. Student center staff in charge of giving permits- ask to monitor sound; enforce current rules
 vii. Meeting with chancellor
1. Form Chancellor’s cabinet to meet once a month and discuss campus-wide issues
2. GSHIP savings- planning to still pass savings to graduate students
3. Housing guarantee needs revision
a. Agreed to get rid of guarantee and move back to a waitlist model
 viii. Pub
1. Contract is on website
2. Renegotiation of Pub contract will be done soon
a. AGS has not gotten all of AGS’ money invested returned and will probably be by next year;
b. 1/3 of profits were not written into Pub contract as discussed, nor was payback of our investment
3. AGS has been too focused on Pub; yet there are opinions about AGS not doing enough for Pub, not everything is handled as “businesslike” or professionally as it might be
b. VP Finance- Melanie Matheu (5)
 i. Pub contract will be negotiated in March (15 mos. after business opening, meetings begin next week)
 ii. Up on $$ for enrollments, not down like expected
c. VP Internal Affairs- Tia Peterson (5)
 i. Open letter to faculty on CGG meetings
 ii. GSHIP- 2-3 student reps are needed on committee.  Meetings are Friday 12-2.  Contact Chris Markum.
 iii. Hospital fees- Looking at costs for transition; cost of lab work, x-rays, may change
d. VP External Affairs- Glen Watt (5)
 i. UCSA Board meeting at UCSF
1. Regents have been supportive of UCSA recently
2. Taken stances of 5% enrollment decrease due to funding and a 9% fee increase- it is the best amount it the current economic situation
 ii. Lobby Con at end of Feb/early March 28th thru 2nd
VI. Career center- Christine Kelley (15)- Graduate student career consultant
a. Workshops for graduate students (only) pursuing both academic and non-academic careers, listed on ZotLink
b. Careerfest- Professionals come to talk about careers
 i. Panel about careers in higher ed- work in college settings but not in academic positions
 ii. Feb 19th in Career center training room 5-6:30 pm

VII. PAB Seat Election- Melanie Matheu (10)
a. Vote moved to Resolution 09-07
VIII. Bill 09-06- Reallocation of Party Funds- Melanie (5)
a. Move $1177 from previous quarters to Grad-Faculty night
b. Move to 21-0-2
IX. Resolution 09-07- Committee Appointments (5)
a. 23-0-0
X. Bill 09-08- Allocate Money from Publicity for Brochure and Homecoming Booth- Denise Stephens (5)
a. Increase money to $800 since Publicity items can be used at other events
b. 22-0-1
XI. LL appointment (5)- moved after committee reports
a. Josh Gellars
 i. Establish dialogue with local politicians
 ii. Address funding and other graduate student needs
 iii. 22-0-0
XII. Committee Reports- continued from last meeting: AGS and Campus Committees (25)
Time allotted: 112 min. Adjorned 7:01 pm. Actual time: 96 min.


Bill 09-06 Allocation of Unspent 2008 Welcome Week and Fall Quarter 2008 Party Funds to Fund “Grad-Faculty Night at the Anthill Pub and Grille” 

Sponsored by: Melanie Matheu, Biological Sciences Representative and Adam Van Wart, Physical Sciences Representative

Presented by: Melanie Matheu

February 10th, 2009

WHEREAS: The allocated funds for the 2008 Welcome Week party and Fall Quarter Parties budget have not been used in their entirety.

WHEREAS: Funds from the Welcome Week Party ($610.08) and Fall parties budget ($567.27) are not available for AGS use unless transferred out of these line-item budgets.

WHEREAS: Hosting events that promote faculty-graduate relations will both directly and indirectly benefit graduate students.

Let it therefore be resolved that the Council will allocate the money remaining in the Fall AGS party budget and Welcome Week Party budget totaling $1177.35 to fund a new line item: ”Grad-Faculty Night at the Pub”, to be held in the beginning of Spring Quarter, 2009 and organized by the current Business and Social Committee.

Resolution 09-07 Appoint People to Various Committee Openings

Whereas all AGS Council members are encouraged to participate in AGS and other committees

Whereas promoting graduate student representation in Academic Senate and campus committees is a mission of AGS

Whereas the following individuals have volunteered; or have been voted in or appointed to the following committees

Let it therefore be resolved that the following individuals be appointed to the following committees:
Svetlana Bershadsky and Scott Stevenson are appointed to the Anteater Recreation Center Advisory Board;
Lucy Olmos is appointed to the Special Senate Committee on Parking and the Joint AGS/ASUCI parking committee;
Sena Koleva is appointed to the Council on Educational Policy;
Michelle Cho is appointed to the Special Senate Committee on Diversity
Payel Chowdhury is appointed to the Student Fee Advisory Committee
Sam Danziger is appointed to the Pub Advisory Board


 09-08 Publicity Money for Homecoming and Brochure

Presented by Denise Stephens, Biological Sciences Representative

Whereas AGS works to keep graduate students informed of issues that affect student life and supports programming for graduate students

Whereas AGS is striving to increase our presence on the UCI campus and communication with the graduate student population

Whereas increased visibility of AGS efforts may garner support for issues such as student funding

Let it therefore be resolved that $800 from Publicity be allocated to the AGS Homecoming booth and printing of a brochure that can be distributed to graduate students, faculty, and alumni.

Tentative budget:
Assorted $10 gift cards for raffle    $100
Pub bucks    $150-200
Printing 100-200 copies of brochure    $50
Candy/snacks for giveaway    $25
Decorations    $25
Custom pens for giveaway $200

Committee    About    Representative
Business and Social         Svetlana Bershadsky (chair)*, Steve Chang*, Joel Ossher*, Adam Van Wart*, Danny Gascon, Lowell Trott, Marisa Omori
Pub Advisory Board (PAB)         VP Finance (chair), Matt Aggleton*, Jessie Weber*, Sam Danziger*, Adam Van Wart*, Chris Dunckle*, Jordan Vincent*
Internal         VP Internal (chair), Parvin Shojaeian*, Jessie Weber*, Eli
Van Cleve, Lucy Olmos*
GSHIP         Renee Ellis
Committee    About    Representative
Joint Parking with ASUCI         Lucy Olmos*
Bicycle Advisory Group         Matt Aggleton*, vacant
ARC Advisory Board         Svetlana Bershadsky*, Scott Stevenson*
Sustainability         Paul Rigor
Student Center Advisory Board and Student Center Art Subcommittee         vacant
Student Fee Advisory Committee         VP Finance