Tuesday, March 10, 2009

AGS Council Meeting Minutes

I. Call to order
II. Circulate attendance sheet
III. Approve agenda (2 min.) 
IV. Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min.)
V. Council Appointments (5)- Denise Stephens
a. Nadine- 10     Paul- 2        Joanna- 3
b. Resolution 09-13 Appoint Nadine Amsel to ICS Council Seat18-0-0
VI. Resolution 09-11 Student Center Art Loan (5)- Melanie and Preben
a. To enter into negotiations to lease student center artwork to Pub
b. Cannot go directly through a private vendor, must go through a student group
c. PASS 21-0-0
VII. Zot Portal Presentation (25)- Kevin Ansel
VIII. PAB Charter Revision (10)- Melanie Matheu
a. Major changes:
 i. Membership additions
 ii. Responsibilities of PAB
 iii. Subcommittees and positions
b. Vote: PASS 15-1-1
IX. Officer reports-
a. President- Carrie Carmody (20)
 i. President’s council in San Francisco of all UC student govts.
1. Getting budget transparency
2. $15 mil more cuts; students should have a say
 ii. Yesterday, space was approved for graduate student and professional center
 iii. Graduate survey closes tomorrow
 iv. Another meeting about housing guarantee with Manuel Gomez
 v. Doc 2A Policy
1. $2500 fine will be issued in fall of 2009 for Doc 2A
2. Any student past maximum time (with exceptions) will not be funded
a. Currently no student input on how exceptions will be made
b. VP Finance- Melanie Matheu (5)
 i. Budget is pretty much on track, a little bit ahead of actual projections
 ii. Meeting with Jack McManus (head of UCI dining) to get 1/3 of net profits from the Pub and prorate profit over $1 mil.
 iii. Student Fee Advisory Committee meeting
1. This committee is designated 100,000 from the chancellor to distribute on campus. Received 2 mil of fee requests
c. VP Internal Affairs- Tia Peterson (5)
 i. GSHIP Committee
1. Current dental plan will be kept the same, no fee increase
2. Comparision to other campuses to student health
a. Similar amounts, but no separate student health fee
 ii. Still no parking meetings held
 iii. Internal committee has also not met
d. VP Administrative Affairs- Denise Stephens (5)
 i. AGS Newsletter
 ii. Web Resolutions
X. Committee reports (10)
XI. New business (10)
Time Allotted: 112 min
 AGS Council Meeting Agenda

XII. Call to order 5:15 pm
XIII. Circulate attendance sheet
XIV. Approve agenda (2 min.)  5:16 pm
XV. Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min.)
XVI. Officer reports-
a. President- Carrie Carmody (20) 5:17
 i. ID theft/ tax fraud from United Healthcare in 2008
1. Meeting about ID theft in 2 weeks (March 11) for various university/affected parties to communicate
2. Lawsuit has been filed by some students
3. A handful of people this year already have taxes affected again
 ii. Execs working on Bylaw revisions; goal to finish at end of March
 iii. President’s Roundtable of AS and AGS presidents from each UC in Sacramento this weekend
 iv. AGS/Graduate Division Survey about graduate student experience coming out today
1. Information will be used to help increase/justify programming and funding
 vi. Funding cuts even deeper than expected-
1. UCs are 450 million short
2. UCI will need to cut 10% of total budget
3. Chancellor focused on protecting academic programming over student affairs
b. VP Finance- Melanie Matheu (5)
 i. Registration Fee Committee- more fee increases and cuts are coming but not many specifics at this point
 ii. Meeting with Jack McManus (head of campus dining) and Carrie
1. Recommendations for Pub Contract negotiations in March
c. VP Internal Affairs- Tia Peterson (5)
 i. Homecoming is this Saturday, the 28th
1. The homecoming fair is 4-7 pm (before basketball game) outside of Bren
2. Booth will be located next to stage
3. More volunteers are needed for booth
 ii. GSHIP
1. Gained 4 new members for GSHIP committee- committee is full for first time in two years
2. Charter has been approved and will come to AGS for approval soon, plan to post on website
3. Voted to support the transition committee report, under review by Chancellor at present
4. Have begun voting on benefits for next year
5. Push for a UC wide health plan in the future
d. VP External Affairs- Glen Watt (5)- Student lobby conference in Sacramento this weekend
XVII. Resolution 09-10 Renegotiation of Pub Contract – Melanie Matheu (10)
a. Key points:
 i. Only getting 5%, not 8% as first discussed
 ii. Pub is not being run as a partnership as was first planned
b. PASS 26 in favor- 0 opposed- 1 abstention
XVIII. Committee reports (10)-
a. PAB
 i. Looking at charter revisions
 ii. Meeting tomorrow for anyone interested
b. Sustainability
 i. Making AGS newsletter green
 ii. Composting program for dining and other campus facilities
 iii. Housing fixtures
1. Lighting fixtures that are on all day, particularly in PV
2. PV refused to make changes because of cost
c. Art subcommittee
 i. Meeting at 2 pm to look at artwork stored for Student Center
 ii. Student center art competition- themes are hope and courage
d. Student center board meeting
 i. Selection of more members soon, notify vpadmin if interested
 ii. Increase AGS representation at election time of board
XIX. New business (10)
a. Reminder: money is reserved for each school to have an event for graduate students to meet their AGS reps
b. Exchange trip to China- through Cross Cultural Center:

Time Allotted: 72 min.  Actual time:
 Resolution 09-13 AGS Council Appointments
Prepared by Denise Stephens, Biological Sciences
 WHEREAS AGS functions best when all graduate students are represented
WHEREAS the following graduate student in good standing has been selected among the ICS candidates to become an AGS Council member
LET IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED THAT some is appointed a council member representing the School of Information and Computer Sciences effective immediately.
 RESOLUTION 09-12 To Approve Revised PAB Charter

Sponsored by Melanie Matheu, VP of Finance.

WHEREAS: AGS seeks to improve on campus life and experience for graduate students as well as off-setting fees charged to graduate students for AGS services.

WHEREAS: The Anthill Pub and Grille is a student-friendly on campus space and currently the largest on-campus investment that AGS is involved in.

WHEREAS: Revision of the Pub Advisory Board charter establishes an expanded board that now includes more undergraduate participation, a more clearly defined set of responsibilities for the Board and mechanisms for record keeping.  

WHEREAS: This revised charter has been voted on and approved by the current voting members of the Pub Advisory Board.

THEREFORE: Let AGS resolve to approve the revised Pub Advisory Board Charter.


The Anthill Pub & Grille (the pub) is a “No Swill Beer Zone” traditionally run by the Associated Graduate Students (AGS) and now operated by a vendor. The purpose of this committee is:
1) to maintain graduate student involvement in the pub,
2) to facilitate communication between the pub vendor and the UCI community, and
3) to make sure that no swill (for example; low quality macro brews ) should ever flow from pub taps.


1) Review the operating hours, menus, pricing and programs for the Anthill Pub & Grille.
2) Assess and advocate Anthill Pub & Grille service and facility needs.
3) Educate and communicate with the UCI community regarding the Anthill Pub & Grille.
4) Recommend a monthly “Student Select” beer on tap. This beer shall be a craft brew.
5) Be briefed by the Anthill Pub and Grille management on the economics of running a pub and specifically pub pricing.
6) Archive of all media regarding the Pub that can be found by PAB members. This archive is to be maintained by the PAB historian.
7) Oversee expenditures from a Pub Advisory Board account provided by AGS. This account is expected to reflect a percentage of percentage of Pub rent paid to AGS and will be used to fund infrastructure, equipment purchases, marketing and promotions as deemed appropriate by the Pub Advisory Board and approved by AGS council. Unspent funds from the Pub Advisory Board account should roll over on a yearly basis.
8) Recommendations made by this group shall be formalized in a written document and made available to all interested parties.

Membership: 11 voting and 5 non-voting members:

• Chair: AGS VP of Financial Affairs or an appointed proxy (voting).
• Director, Hospitality and Dining Services or an appointed proxy (voting).
• 6 AGS Members (voting).
• Social Committee Liaison to be appointed by the AGS social committee (voting)
• 4 ASUCI representatives (2 voting, 2 non-voting)
• Owner and Manager of the Anthill Pub and Grille or an appointed proxy (non-voting).
• Historian (non-voting)


1. Recommendations: By simple majority
2. Quorum: The Chair and 4 additional voting members
3. Proxy: Each position is responsible for appointing his or her own proxy
4. Ties: In case of a tie vote, the Manager or Owner of the Anthill Pub and Grille casts the deciding vote.

Subcommittees and Positions:

 1) Pub Expansion and Space Management Sub-Committee:

        Role: The role of the Pub Expansion and Space Management Sub-Committee is to aid             Pub management in physical improvements within existing Pub space as                     well as promote and lobby for Pub space expansion to the University as deemed needed         by the Pub Advisory Board.
        Membership: Chair and Members to be appointed by Pub Advisory Board,

 2) Pub Art & Aesthetics Sub-Committee:

        Role: The role of the Pub Art & Aesthetics Sub-Committee is to aid                     Pub management in acquiring and displaying art and aesthetic improvements to the pub             space.
        Membership: Chair and Members to be appointed by Pub Advisory Board

 3) Advertising and Entertainment Sub-Committee:

         Role: The role of the Advertising and Entertainment Sub-Committee is to aid                     Pub management in finding and procuring local entertainment (musical and                 otherwise) and advertisement using internet based and on-campus media not                 accessible by the Pub Management.
        Membership: Chair and Members to be appointed by Pub Advisory Board

4) Historian:

        Role: To document and organize Pub History such that the PAB has an easily                 accessible mechanism for referencing documents related and not limited to: Operational             Guides, Agreements both involving AGS and not involving AGS, AGS Resolutions             related to the Pub, Press both on and off campus related to the Pub including websites             and newspaper articles.
Membership: Either graduate or undergraduate may be elected to this position. Voting members are not excluded from holding the Historian position.

1. Operational Guidelines:
1.1 Membership: The committee shall consist of the 11 voting and 5 non-voting members appointed annually at the beginning of the academic year by a vote held at an AGS council meeting.
1.2 Graduate Student Members: All graduate student members must be UCI graduate     students in good standing.
1.3 Applications: The AGS Student Body President shall solicit applications and the AGS council shall approve all Graduate and Professional Student Members.
1.4 Pub Employees: No more than two AGS members on this Pub Advisory Board may be pub employees.
1.5 Undergraduate Membership: Chair of the Pub Advisory Board will solicit appointments from ASUCI to fill the 2 voting and 2 non-voting seats. ASUCI representatives will be approved by vote at the first Pub Advisory Board meeting of the academic year.
1.6 Subcommittee elections: Elections will be held in the first meeting of the academic year.
1.7 Historian:  The Pub Advisory Board Historian will record meeting minutes and have an active role in maintaining Pub History and documents related to business and social aspects of the Pub. The Historian will be elected at the beginning of the academic year by the Pub Advisory Board.  A voting member may also hold the Historian position.

2. Procedures:
2.1 Frequency: This committee shall meet at least once a month
2.2 Meeting Time: At the beginning of each quarter the committee shall set the time and date for all meetings.
2.3 Monthly Meeting Subject: Meetings will be pre-scheduled at the previous meeting to address one of the key responsibilities of the Pub Advisory Board which includes but is not limited too; operating hours, menus, pricing and entertainment programs.
2.4 “Student Select” Beer: At the conclusion of a monthly meeting, the committee will taste several different beers and vote on the coming month’s “Student Select” beer.
3. Recommendations:
3.1 Recommendations shall be decided by a simple majority of those voting members in attendance.
 Resolution 09-11- Artwork Loans to AGS

Sponsored by Preben Nielsen, Rep. School of Engineering and Melanie Matheu, Rep. School of Biological Sciences.

WHEREAS AGS seeks to enhance and encourage on campus graduate student experience, which can in part be achieved through display of interesting art pieces related to campus history and development.

WHEREAS After remodeling of the Student Center several art pieces that were previously displayed in the Anthill Pub and represent valuable UCI campus history were placed (and remain) in storage.

WHEREAS The Student Center has verbally agreed to lease these items to AGS without charge for up to 3 years.

LET IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED THAT AGS enter into contract negotiations with the UCI
Student Center for procurement of 11 pieces (shown in accompanying presentation)
for three years at no cost to AGS.

Part of the collection to be negotiated in the contract with the student center includes,
but is not limited to the following pieces:

1) Costume Design Drawings for anteater mascot: 1979 and 1981
2) “Top Zot Award” Presented to UCI’s first Chancellor (Daniel Aldrich) by
UCI’s first waterpolo team, 1965
3) “Night of the Anteater” event poster, 1988.
4) Two cartoons by Johnny Hart from the B.C. Comic strip, features the anteater where UCI got the mascot.
5)  Anteater Campaign Items, 1965
6) Playboy Anteater (2+ items) designed in hopes of popularizing the anteater mascot.
7) Newspaper article announcing that UCI selected its official mascot (anteater).