Tuesday, April 14, 2009

 AGS Council Meeting Minutes
XIV. Call to order
XV. Circulate attendance sheet
XVI. Approve agenda (2 min.) 
XVII. Approve minutes from previous 2 meetings (8 min.)
XVIII. Officer reports-
a. President- Carrie Carmody (25)
 i. VP External Update
b. VP Finance- Melanie Matheu (5)
 i. Pub Renegotiations are in progress and going smoothly
 ii. Budget revisions/adjustments are being made for the end of the year due to increased Council activity, increases will come from Pub income instead of reserves; will be presented at next meeting
 iii. Business and Finance Committee
1. First meeting is 23rd at 6 pm in AGS Office
 iv. Grad/faculty night is this Friday at Pub, 5-8pm
 v. SFAC
c. VP Internal Affairs- Annessa Stagner (5)
 i. Introduction of new Business reps
 ii. Meeting with new business president
 iii. Awards committee- 3 awards: Alberti, Davis, and Mentoring
1. sign-up sheet going around
d. VP Administrative Affairs- Denise Stephens (5)
 i. Lots of web updates
 ii. AGS sponsored rummage sale maybe end of week 8?
1. Another group has considered this idea and told to contact AGS, maybe combine?
XIX. Resolution 09-24 Council Appointments- Denise Stephens (5)
a. Interested parties are not present! Resolution withdrawn.
XX. Resolution 09-23- SCB Member Approval- Preben Nielsen (5)
a. SCB Charter states that AGS must approve membership, which has not happened for this year.
b. Passed by acclamation
XXI. QGC Funding Request (10)- Alex Perkins, QGC chair
a. Budget item change: LGBTRC has contributed $$ from Verano and PV.
b. 25-0-4
XXII. SPICMACAY Funding Request (10)
a. Shehnai concert- Indian/Persian instrument.  There has not been one held at UCI before.
b. Funding amount is high
 i. Organization is non-profit
 ii. Setting a precedent to fund such a high amount? Never funded an amount this high
c. Amend to $1200- 11-17- (abstentions not called)
d. Amend to $1500- 17-8-1
e. Fund at $1500- 25 in favor, 1 opposed, 2 abstain
XXIII. Bill 09-26 Mythbusters Tickets- Annessa Stagner (5)
a. Largely funded by ASUCI, but offered to AGS to buy discounted tickets 100 tickets for graduate students, AGS will offer free tickets at first come, first serve
b. Fund 27 in favor -0 opposed -1 abstain
XXIV. Resolution 09-25 Update legislation template- Denise Stephens (5)
a. Table until next meeting
b. 20-7-1
XXV. Graduate student event discussion- Carrie Carmody (10)
a. Breakout into groups
XXVI. Committee reports (10)
 i. Chancellor has signed off on move to Student Health
1. Carrier and rates TBD
 ii. Are transition committee reports available?
1. Not currently- they are being kept confidential so that students will not panic or receive incorrect information
XXVII. New business (10)
Time Allotted: 120 min