Tuesday, April 28, 2009

AGS Council Meeting Minutes

I. Call to order
II. Circulate attendance sheet
III. Approve agenda (2 min.) 
IV. Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min.)
V. Resolution 09-24 Council Appointments- Danny Gascon to Social Ecology
a. Vote 17-0-0
VI. Officer reports-
a. President- Carrie Carmody (25)
 i. United Healthcare ID Theft Class Action Lawsuit
1. Not affiliated with the university, done by one individual and not student group
2. Most affected students contacted by this lawyer, even though the students didn’t necessarily give out contact info- info was not given out by University or United Healthcare
3. University has decided students can decide on their own whether they want to participate
 ii. Mythbusters tickets- Sold out in less than two hours, like Turkey gift cards there seems to be a lot of interest in these services
 iii. Jorge Cham (PhD Comics)- Presentation 4:30 Thursday
 iv. Graduate brunch-
1. 120 Graduates showed up to event, so
2. Another event May 3 in Pippin Dining, 11-2 for $5.50
 v. Letters going out to Academic Deans in each school for involved Council members
 vi. Housing Guarantee- Drafting a new Housing Policy with the Coordinated Governance Group, expected to be in place Fall 2010
 vii. Student government elections-
1. ASUCI- over 6,000 undergrads voted, however several complaints were filed, holding up elections results
2. Be aware of importance of elections process with AGS elections coming up
 viii. Manuel Gomez has office hours this week
 ix. Student Gov’t Luncheon is next Monday, any items?
1. One issue bringing up is the use of registration fee- should go to Student Affairs types of activities but is not always used in this manner.
b. VP Finance- Melanie Matheu (5)
 i. New budget bill coming at next meeting- rearrange a few accounts; about $5000 is left in Special Projects
 ii. PAB Meeting tomorrow 5 pm
 iii. Business and Finance meetings going, 3rd Thursday of every month at 6 pm
 iv. Conference room items are slowly coming in
c. VP Internal Affairs- Annessa Stagner (5)
 i. Awards
1. Nominations are due Friday; no nominations have been received yet so send some in to VP Internal!
2. Mentoring award is important- send message to faculty that good mentoring is needed
 ii. Have new A-frame board we can set up at student center
d. VP Admin Affairs- Denise Stephens (5)
 i. Web updates, legislation template will be up
 ii. Elections- send in nominations!! Send statement in case we use them
VII. Bill 09-29 Funding request- Pass the Word Marathon (5)- Michelle Cho
a. Day long reading event
b. Various activities are held throughout day
c. Where else going for funding?
 i. English dept. is not funding b/c of budget cuts this year although they funded it the past two years
 ii. Missed deadline from some of the other funding sources
d. Vote 15-0-1
VIII. UCSA Update (15)- Liz Hall
a. Executive director of UCSA
b. UCSA- Created to lobby for affordability and quality of UC education
c. Presentation on membership benefits, issues this year
IX. LL Update- Josh Gellars (5)
a. Withdrawn until next meeting
X. Bill 09-30 Computer equipment (5)
a. Vote 8-5-4 PASS
XI. Bill 09-31 to purchase Shot glasses (5)
a. Suggestions to purchase coffee mugs or beer mugs instead- what image do shot glasses give; what is the most usable item?
b. Clarify other expenses and charges
c. Table bill- 12-0-0
XII. Bill 09-32 to fund Graduate Sale (5)
a. Withdrawn until next meeting
XIII. Committee reports (10)
a. CSE- Change in online TA evaluations; want input on new evals. Contact Monica before 3 pm May 4th
b. ARC Board position is open if anyone is interested; contact Scott or Svetlana
c. PAB Meeting- trying to encourage new beers such as Newcastle to be added to Pub list
 i. Feedback to add new wines
d. SFAC Committee is expanding
 i. 2 grad reps instead of one- VP Finance and 2 grads; would like someone specifically from professional schools
XIV. New business (10)
a. Student Affairs Communication Plan for GSHIP transition
 i. Looking for AGS to help fund, bill may come next meeting
Time Allotted: 107 min
Adjourned 7:10 pm