Tuesday, May 12, 2009

AGS Council Meeting Minutes

I. Call to order
II. Circulate attendance sheet
III. Approve agenda (2 min.) 
IV. Officer reports-
a. President- Carrie Carmody (20)
 i. Housing update
 ii. End of year banquet with ASUCI
 iii. In final 3 for student regents
 iv. AGS Elections begin Friday
 v. Autopalooza event coming up
b. VP Finance- Melanie Matheu (5)
 i. Budget update
 ii. Will not be at next meeting, so send any items in advance
c. VP Internal Affairs- Annessa Stagner (5)
 i. Awards committee met
1. 40 nominations for awards
2. AGS A-frame going up with signs pointing to office
d. VP External Affairs Report (10) (Josh)
 i. Legislative assembly meeting
1. Current CA legislation pertinent to AGS
a. Contract provisions for research with state
b. Retention figure reporting, base funding on number of high school students going to college
c. Collection of postsecondary institution meeting education and economic goals
d. Textbooks available online for students
e. College affordability act- not to increase tuition for some for 5 years
f. Live audio broadcast of public university meetings
 ii. Green Initiative Fund passed- fee for undergrads $3/quarter
1. One of last UCs to pass something like this
 iii. Sustainability
1. One LEED gold certification away from top in US.
2. Biggest savings are in smart labs (nat sci, engineering)
V. Bill 09-33 Planning Student Organization Funding Request (5)- tabled
VI. Bill 09-32 Graduate Student Sale (5)
a. Have a central place for students to sell or donate items; we will have refreshments and moving supplies available, plus an opportunity to post large items online in advance
b. Academic and Professional Women at UCI volunteering
c. 20-0-1 PASS
VII. Bill 09-34 Race for the Cure Registrations (5)
a. 10-14-5 FAIL
VIII. Resolution 09-35 ARC Board Seat Appt (2)
a. Passed by acclamation
IX. Resolution 09-37 Income Allocation Guidelines (10)
a. Planning of AGS income from business and other investments (currently income from the Pub)
b. Various revisions suggested
c. Table until next meeting
 i. 13-10-4
X. Bill 09-38 GSHIP Transition (10)
a. GSHIP Transition Committee is holding informational events for the healthcare move
b. Why is AGS asked to fund this, when the move is saving money for grads in the first place?
 i. Show students have been involved in this and support it
 ii. Can help to get more students informed and involved
c. 14-3-3 PASS
XI. Resolution 09-39 Budget Allocations (5)
a. Various unspent items- moving money to other line items with increased spending and new line items
b. 20-0-0 PASS
XII. Committee reports (10)
a. BAG- New bicycle policy recommendation sent to Manual Gomez soon
 i. Working policy into UCI master plan
 ii. Need new person next year!  Quarterly meetings
XIII. New business (10)
Time Allotted: 114 min
 Bill 09-33 Planning Student Organization Funding Request

Presented by Carolina Sarmiento

Sponsored by Lucy Olmos, Social Ecology Representative


WHEREAS it is stated in Article V, Section 4 of the AGS Constitution that “AGS project funds are intended to improve the social and academic environment of the UCI campus for graduate students,”

WHEREAS the colloquium is intended to provide graduate students an opportunity to hear motivational speakers and planning professionals which will contribute to their academic enrichment;”

WHEREAS the colloquium will be widely advertised and open to any graduate, undergrad, and faculty to attend;”

WHEREAS the Planning Student Organization is a graduate student initiative that supports planning students by sponsoring social and academic programming on the UCI Campus;”

LET IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED that AGS Council shall contribute $1650 from the Special Projects Fund for the “Yes WE Can, Time to Plan” at UCI by Critical Urban Planning Students and the Planning Student Organization.
AGS Funding Request Application
Associated Graduated Students, University of California, Irvine

AGS Requirements For All Funding Recipients
1. Display the AGS Logo on advertisements and at event.
2. Save your receipts so AGS can reimburse you.  Contact for more information.
3. If distributing prizes that AGS is paying for, have the recipients sign a receipt to give to AGS.

General Event Information

Program/Event Name:  “Yes WE Can…Time to Plan!!” by Critical Planners for Social Justice and the Planning Student Organization

Location, Date and Time: Tuesday, June 2nd, Student Center Conference Room (pending)

Requesting Organization: Planning Student Organization

Program Organizers (with school affiliation): Carolina Sarmiento (PPD), Matt Agustin (PPD), Rosalinda Meza (PPD), Linda Nguyen (PPD)

Contact information: Rosalinda Meza, CPSJ Chair, (323) 819-1319,

Planned Methods of Advertising:
1. Posters
2. Flyers
3. Advertisements in New University and Anteater Weekly
4. Facebook Events
5. Email Chains to other Student Orgs

Determination of program/event merit

Who is your target audience? Graduate students, Undergrads, and Faculty
How many people will benefit from requested AGS funding?
We’re in the process of securing a 400 occupancy room and we are hoping to fill it up. But, we’re trying to provide food for at least 100 people.

Have you requested AGS funding in the past?
No, first time.
Have you requested/secured funding from other sources? If so, from where? If not, why?
Yes, we will be requesting funding from ASUCI, Social Ecology, and Palo Verde, but for the moment we have not secured it.
Will you be willing to share photographs, testimonies, fliers, etc. from your program/event to be used for name recognition purposes by AGS?  Yes.
Itemized Budget and Revenue Sources
(Please include itemized total program budget, funding secured or anticipated from other sources, and funding requested from AGS)

Speaker fees
1. Honoraria’s: $1500 (4 speakers)
1. Posters/Flyers/Printouts: $250 (Including stationeries)
2. Advertisements on New University: $50
3. Signs by Parking office and signs within student center: $100
1. Food for Audience: $500 ($2.5 per audience)
2. Beverages (Water, Soda, Coffee): $100
Parking and Transportation
1. Van Rental and Gas: $80
2. Visitor Parking Passes ($7 x 10): $70

Total Budget: $ 2650

Funding requested from other sources: ASUCI, Social Ecology, Palo Verde, Deans Fund

Funding Requested from AGS: $1650
 Bill 09-32 To Fund AGS Sponsored Graduate Sale

Written by Denise Stephens, Biological Sciences Rep.

WHEREAS students will be graduating and/or moving at the end of the school year or will be traveling during the summer;

WHEREAS many students have or will have items they will no longer need or cannot take with them;

WHEREAS students may wish to sell or donate these items but do not have a convenient way to do so;

LET IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED that $200 from Special Projects be allocated to fund a graduate student sale.

Tentative Event Information and Budget:

Where: Verano Commons and Lawn

Date/time: May 30 9:30 am-12:30 pm

Volunteers from the UCI Academic and Professional Women’s Group will also help out with time, but they do not have funds to hold the event. 

Mini water bottles    35x2    $16
Orange juice    2 gal.    $18
8 oz cups        $10
Starbucks coffee travelers    2    $25
Muffins and pastries    5 1 doz. boxes    $35
Fresh fruit    2    $13
Markers and labels        $12
UHaul Pickup, 30 mi, and 2 dollys + tax        $60
    total    $189

 Bill 09-34 To Register Graduate Students to Participate in the Susan G. Komen ‘Race for the Cure’

Presented By Svetlana Bershadsky

Whereas the Associated Graduate Students (AGS) aim to volunteer in the surrounding community;

Whereas the Susan G. Komen ‘Race for the Cure’ aims to raise funds and awareness for the movement to end breast cancer;

Whereas this year’s race will be held on September 27, 2009 in Newport Beach;

Whereas teams can fundraise until the date of the event;

Let it therefore be resolved that AGS allocate $1200 from the Special Projects budget to purchase race registration for 40 graduate students.

Resolution 09-35 ARC Board Seat Appointment

Sponsored by Scott Stevenson School of Biological Sciences and Payel Chowdhury
School of Social Sciences Representatives, on behalf of Raman Grover of the School of Information and Computer Sciences

May 12, 2009

 WHEREAS Scott Stevenson resigned from the Anteater Recreation Center (ARC) Board, leaving a vacant graduate student seat,

 WHEREAS The vacant seat on the ARC Board needs to be filled by a fellow graduate student to properly voice and execute graduate student interests relating to the ARC,

 LET IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED that AGS council appoints Raman Grover, as a graduate student representative, to the Anteater Recreation Center Board.
 Bill 09-37 – Funding Allocation Guidelines

Sponsored by Matthew Aggleton, Physical Sciences Representative, in collaboration with Adam Van Wart

May 12, 2009

Whereas AGS has a long-term goal of independence from student fee income,

Whereas if AGS continues to simply add all investment income to the budget, it would mean a cut in services to ever eliminate student fee income,

Whereas income from current and future investments such as the Pub will fluctuate,

Whereas reserves must be built up to help protect the continued operation of AGS during such income fluctuations,
Let it be resolved that 20% of non-student fee income be reserved for reinvestment in the source of such income.

Let it further be resolved that 40% of the non-student fee income be used as an immediately supplement to the AGS operating budget.

Let it further be resolved that the additional 40% of the non-student fee income be placed in AGS reserves for investment by the Business and Finance Committee under the operating procedures of that committee.

Let it further be resolved that when 80% of non-student fee income (non-reinvested amount) reaches 80% of the income normally derived from student fees, AGS will strongly consider eliminating student fee income and switch the 80% of our non-student fee income to our operating budget, still leaving 20% for reinvestment in non-student fee income sources.

Let it further be resolved that after the elimination of student fee income, the amount that would have been collected from student fees will continue to be calculated annually and used in the planning of each year's budget.
 Bill 09-38 Help Fund Information Sessions on GSHIP Transition

Sponsored by Renee Ellis, Sociology Representative, on behalf of GSHIP committee

May 26, 2009

 WHEREAS the GSHIP Committee is partially overseen by the Associated Graduate Student Council;

 WHEREAS the GSHIP Committee will oversee the upcoming adoption of the Student Health Center as the Primary Health Care Provider to graduate students;

 WHEREAS it is important to educate graduate students about the transition to the Student Health Center at town hall informationals and department level informationals;

 LET IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED that AGS contribute $1000 to the GSHIP Committee's educational effort to provide food and other incentives for student attendance to the town hall informationals.
 AGS Funding Request Application
Associated Graduated Students, University of California, Irvine

General Event Information
Program/Event Name: Welcome Session and School/Department Information sessions on the transition to Student health

Location, Date and Time: Welcome Session- week of May 26th  School/Department sessions TBA

Requesting Organization: GSHIP

Program Organizers (with school affiliation):  GSHIP, Student Services, Student Health

Contact information:Renee Ellis

Planned Methods of Advertising: Email, letters to homes, department letters, flyers and posters
Determination of program/event merit
Who is your target audience? All graduate students, undergrads, departments
How many people will benefit from requested AGS funding? All graduate students
Have you requested AGS funding in the past? no
Have you requested/secured funding from other sources? If so, from where? If not, why?
Yes student health, graduate division and student services will be contributing funds for flyers and other information
Will you be willing to share photographs, testimonies, fliers, etc. from your program/event to be used for name recognition purposes by AGS?
Itemized Budget and Revenue Sources
Flyers and information (paid for by student services)
Food for welcome meeting: $500
Plates utensils etc.
Drawing prizes for school/department information sessions: $500