Tuesday, June 16, 2009


AGS Council Meeting Minutes
I.                    Call to order 5:19 pm
II.                 Circulate attendance sheet
III.               Approve agenda (2 min.) 
IV.              Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min.)
V.                 President’s Report (20)
a.       Accomplishments this year include:
                                                               i.      Moved health to student health and savings is going directly to grads
                                                             ii.      Overturned NTD-1 housing policy
                                                            iii.      Campus wide graduate orientation implemented for fall
                                                           iv.      Dining services partnership to employ grads and offer family dining plans
                                                             v.      Doubled funding for campus activities and overspent social projects
                                                           vi.      Added two new committees to AGS and increased executive oversight
                                                          vii.      Increased communication with UCI Admin, academic units, and alumni
b.      IT Updates- Aaron Echols
                                                               i.      Added computers to every Exec office and in work room, which AGS has not had in recent memory
                                                             ii.      Web has moved to exchange server, mailing lists and emails will move too- savings of $200/month
c.       Executive Director report
VI.              VP Finance- Budget Update- Melanie Matheu (1)
a.       Spent about 90% of operating budget
b.      Overspent special projects
c.       Major proposed increases for next year: publicity, special projects
VII.            Council and Staff Appointments- Denise (10 min.)
a.       Resolution 09-51 Ratify AMS representatives to AGS
                                                               i.      PASS 19-0-0
b.      Resolution 09-52 Appoint Svetlana Bershadsky as 2009-2010 Social Chair
                                                               i.      PASS 19-0-0
c.       Resolution 09-53 Appoint Josh Gellars as 2009-2010 LL
                                                               i.      PASS 19-0-0
d.      Resolution 09-55 Council Representatives
                                                               i.      Two previous Council members did not have a chance to submit to ballot, Sam had planned to finish up in the Spring
                                                             ii.      Amend to add text stating Sam is appointed only for the summer, as he is graduating: pass 13-6-0
                                                            iii.      PASS 21-0-0
VIII.         GSHIP Chair- Annessa (2)
IX.              Executive Board Elections (45)
(Statements- 5 min per candidate)
            VP Internal- Annessa Stagner- 21
            VP Admin- Denise Stephens-8; Chris Dunckle-13
            VP Finance- Joel Ossher-5; Adam Van Wart-16
            VP External- Payel Chowdury-12; Kristine Artello-9
Resolution 09-54 Ratify Executive Board Elections
X.                 Committee appointments (30)- Move to 06-30-09 PASSED by acclamation
a.       Appointments to AGS and Academic Senate Committees
XI.              New business (5)
Time Allotted: 119 min