Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Tuesday, July 21, 2009
I.         Call to order (5:20, some delay to reach quorum and get door unlocked [facilities failed to have it open])
II.        Circulate attendance sheet
III.       Approve agenda (2 min.) 
1.      Payel motions 2nded
IV.       Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min.) Motion made
V.        Executive Reports
a.      President (10min)
1.      Smoking ban being brought by ASUCI for all of campus
a.       Parking lots or outdoor areas (would this include housing areas?)
b.      Raise of hands to gauge position on ban
c.       General consent to limit smoking to areas (not complete ban)
2.      Furloughs
a.       Students currently unaffected, but TA contracts on the table
b.      University may seek to withdraw from Union contracts
c.       Reduction in hours of service
d.      Keep core or cut major things now
e.       3 approaches: close breaks, close Fridays, each units decide how to handle it
3.      Food Court
a.       Jamba Juice going in
b.      Panda Express and Wahoos to replace those businesses leaving food court
c.       Coffee Cart near Law School and Starbucks at Med School
4.      Sept 17th Grad Student Orientation
a.       RSVP is at 500
b.      Tour Guides from council
c.       Motion to extend time 5 min. passes unanimously
5.      Judiciary Committee
a.       Introduced legislation to Appoint Judiciary Chair (Resolution 09-62)
b.      Discussion about constitutional concerns
c.       Consensus  to vote now
b.      Internal   (5min, in absentia)
a.       Nothing presented
c.      Admin    (5min)
a.   Updates on website
b.   Discussion with CCD candidate on goals for quarter
                              d.   Finance (5min, in absentia)
                                          a.   Nothing presented  
            e.       External (10min)
1)      Joel, Hanoz, and Bill going to Santa Cruz UCSA meeting
2)      E-mail by tomorrow if you’re interested in going
3)      Bill to give legislature power over UC system
a)      President Yudof thinks this would be a disaster
b)      Senator thinks students will have more power and less micromanaging
c)      UCSA does not support this bill, it’s been tabled and may not come up
4)      Tentative budget in place for State
VI.              Resolution 09-57 Appoint CCD (10min)
1.      Motion to extend time
2.      Discussion about the work necessary
3.      Discussion about candidates credentials
4.      Motion to vote Danny 2nded 7-4-12 passes
VII.            Ratify WebResolution 09-58 Social Committee Summer Funding (10min)
1.      Friendly amendment to move account used from Special Projects to Social Events
                              14-0-0 passes
VIII.         Resolution 09-59 Approve ‘09/’10 Working Budget (20min)
1.      Carrie presents resolution
2.      Carrie goes over issues
3.      Jessie motions 2nded
            14-0-0 passes
IX.              Resolution 09-60 New Funding Request Form (10min)
            1. Sam motions to approve 2nded                                                                                 
X.                 Resolution 09-61 Appoint Several Committee Positions (10min)
1.      Motion to approve Danny 
XI.              New business (5min)
1.      None introduced
Motion to adjourn Chris

Time Allotted: 107 min