Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I.                    Call to Order
II.                 Circulate attendance sheet
III.               Approve agenda (2 min.) 
Motion to approve, 2nded, unanimous
IV.              Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min.)
Motion to approve Hanoz, 2nded, unanimous
V.                 Brief Executive Reports (10 min)
a.       President
                                                               i.      President Yudolf negative meeting with rude students asking him to justify his salary
                                                             ii.      Additional help in counseling center in response to shooting
                                                            iii.      Parking
1.      Zones to reduce driving on campus, too many students assigned to each individual spot, has possibly increased problem
2.      Partner with undergrads to solve parking problems
                                                           iv.      Libraries
1.      20%, 20 million hit
2.       Library hours cut now close at 8pm
3.      Gateway commons is open 6am to 3pm therefore undergrads pushed into this region out of libraries.
4.      Electronic access 3 tiers,
a.       other UC schools pulling out may lose access or increase cost
5.       Slower inter-library loans
                                                             v.      United Health gave UC a gift over tax fraud issue, money spent on Internet security.
b.      Internal
                                                               i.      Table at Health Fair, Talked to People
                                                             ii.      COD working on connecting with campus groups
c.       Finance
                                                               i.      How to handle negotiations with the pub
                                                             ii.      Address PAB’s position with no funding
d.      Admin 
                                                               i.      Bimonthly New Letter
e.       External
                                                               i.      UCSA board meeting this past weekend
1.      Ask council opinion about resolutions
2.      GSHIP for all UC campuses
a.        In the bidding process
                                                             ii.      Payel will keep us informed
VI.              Resolution 09-76 Appoint Council Members (5 min)
Motion to approve Chris Dunckle, 2nded, passes  21-0-0
VII.            Resolution 09-77 Appoint Committee Members (5min)
Motion to approve Chris Dunckle, 2nded, passes  23-0-0
VIII.         Resolution 09-79 Appoint Council Member (5 min)
Motion to approve Bill Winter, 2nded, passes  23-0-0
IX.              Bill 09-78 Funding Request: Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival (5 min)
a.       Amended to $1800, Josh Gellars, 2nded, passes
Motion to Approve 23-0-1
X.                 New Business (10 min)
a.       Bill 09-80 Funding Request: Queer Graduate Council Happy Hour
Motion to approve by Svetlana, 2nded, passes 22-0-0
b.      David Fouser, Committee Report on Courses
                                                               i.      Sought councils opinion on making 4 credit course into 5 credits
1.      Cost saving measure?
Adjourn 7:41
Allotted Time: 47 min