Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I.        Call to order (5:15) Quorum met with 20 of 35 in attendance
II.     Circulate attendance sheet
III.   Approve agenda (2 min)
Motion to approve Jordan, 2nded, unanimous
IV. Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)
Motion to approve Eric, 2nded, unanimous
V.     Executive Reports
a.       President (10 min)
1.      Law Services
a)      Grads can currently make appointments with law clinic
b)      Looking into extending hours to support grad students
2.      Yudof’s letter about a future raise in Grad student fees
a)      Yudof has apparently reneged on promise to not increase grad fees
b)      Pay Ta’s using new grad fees, direct increase to master students
c)      Biases cost in favor of postdocs over grad students
d)      Will likely reduce funding opportunities of grad students
e)      Lose current grad students based on increased costs
f)        Unclear whether professional fees will be increased at this time
g)      AGS’s currently does not have a stance on fee increase protests. A philosophical position against increases that doesn’t get us anything could prove to have negative feedback.
h)      Media has given fee increases low priority
b.      VP Internal (10 min)
1.      Two grad student organization have been reimbursed
2.      Working with Jessie on getting A-frame up to announce council meetings
3.      Law school should be sending us council members currently
4.      Resigning position as a council member, based on conflict of interests such as awards applications
c.       VP Admin (5 min)
1.      New website underdevelopment located at
d.      VP Finance (10 min)
1.      Review of current budget
a)      $7,000 to $8,000 from pub so far expected for the year is 30,000 so we’re ahead
b)      PAB meeting tomorrow night 5pm Aliso Beach and electing members at the next AGS meeting
c)      Business and Finance has also been meeting
d)      2nd meeting in SFAC and going over unit surveys, doing “audits” on how reg. fees are being spent
e)       Website up   
e.       VP External (10 min)
1.      Payel and Josh attended board meeting two weekends ago on system-wide GSHIP.
a)       Talked with Joe Castro, the co-chair of system-wide GSHIP (GPAC) committee.
b)      Emphasized the need for more UCI representation which was accepted so we have stronger influence in UCSA’s position.
c)      Savings will go back towards student fees according to President’s office
2.      Received e-mails asking about action against fee increases. 
3.      If anybody would like to be a “White-Liner” for the November Regents meeting in UCLA, advocating our case to the regents, contact Payel.
4.      Locally we can look into passing resolutions and coordinating action with the COD.
VI. Staff Reports
a.       LL (5 min)
1.      Attended UCSA meeting
2.      No reasonable alternative to fee increases, so UCI voted in opposition to opposition of fee increases. Also took into account council’s opinion
3.      We need to think about how we want a system-wide GSHIP to look: Regional based, full system, etc. Also what will our priorities be for system-wide GSHIP: Cost vs. Quality
b.      CCD (5 min)
1.      Having problems advertising because Grad mailer is not always going out
a)      Grad Division runs grad mailer and has final word
b)      Look into making our own mail list
(1)   Requires a lot of time and maintenance
(2)   Suggest renaming grad mailer so it doesn’t look like it is our mail list
c)      Advertised for fall social events and pub events
d)      Working with Annessa in putting A-frame to use
c.       COD (5 min)
1.      Putting list together of registed and unregistered grad groups on campus
2.      Working on further developing communications with these groups
3.      Met with AGAP (Diversity promoting group in biosci)
d.      SC (5 min) Nadine reporting in absence
1.      Picnic two weekend ago with ~50 people in attendance, could have had more advertistin (grad mailer made it out late). Poker in PV community room is the next event. Baseball game was a success, nearly broke even charging $15 for $13 tickets + bus
VII.            GSHIP Committee Report , Chris Marchum GSHIP chair since 1996 (10 min)
Presentation move to after Presidents Report
a.       Will provide AGS Council with a few updates throughout the year.
b.      Over the last few year there has been investigations into the rising costs of premiums.
c.       Change in University policy (reduce funding for GSHIP) led to transfer to student health. 
d.      UCI has one of the best programs in the UC system but is likely unsustainable
e.       Two issues thus far with the transition
1.      Student on filing fees were suppose to be supported by grad division but have not been. This problem has not been resolved this far.
2.      Student health has not notified students of the option of getting covered mental health care elsewhere.
f.        Future Issues 
1.      Dependent care was adopted by med school as they almost lost accreditation for not having it. University is looking into expanding dependent care under a similar plan to all grad students which is likely to happen sometime in the spring ‘10
2.      Chris is involved with the discussion on system-wide GSHIP. Current goal of system-wide plan (given suggested timeline of implementation) seems to be cost reduction not better care for grad students.
g.       Questions:
1.      Where do you go for emergency services?
a)      You can go to any emergency room or urgent care facility
b)      This info needs to be added to GSHIP website
c)      Also info on how to resolve pending medical issues not on website.
VIII.         Judiciary Committee
Follow up from 10-13 training session 
IX. Resolution 09-81 Support UC System Wide GSHIP (10 min)
Motion to approve Josh, 2nded, 12-2-2 passes
X.     Resolution 09-82 Pub Bucks Funding (5min)
Motion to approve, 2nded 14-0-2
XI. Committee Reports
a.       Grad Council, Kim (5 min)
1.      Met twice this year so far
2.      Fiscal problems are the major issue
3.      In absentia status went into effect
(1)   Different from a leave of absence
(2)   Maintain resources and student loans don’t gain interest
(3)   Still contributes to time till degree
(4)   If you stay in California you’ll have to pay full fees, 15% outside the state
4.      Joint Law/PhD programs being looked at
5.      A lot of attention towards law school
6.      Must get entrepreneurial
7.      Only campus to have a decrease in graduate enrollment
8.      Increase masters  enrollment
9.      Build in responses to graduate student vulnerability
XII.            New Business (10 min)