Tuesday, November 10, 2009

I.              Call to order at 5:07

II.           Circulate attendance sheet

III.         Approve agenda (2 min)

Motion to add resolution 09-89, 2nded, unanimous

Motion to move 09-85 before 09-84

Motion to approve Josh, 2nded unanimous

IV.        Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to approve Josh, 2nded, unanimous

V.           Executive Reports

a.       President (15 min)

1.      Is the 17th meeting necessary?

a)      Most of council present will attend

2.      Resolution on System-wide: Challenge brought by VP Internal and President based on Council not overstepping GSHIP

3.      Housing

a)      Normative Time -1 thrown out with new policy

b)      New policy waiting on  Academic Senate approval

(1)   Removes 100% guarantee until you are in housing

(2)   Each school gets priority seats

(3)   December 1st new policy will be decided on

(4)   Currently the idea is the new policy will be retroactive

c)      Fewer Grad students, reduced funding based on headcounts

d)      Grad Dean: goal is to maintain levels of PhD students but grow professional and masters programs

e)      Grad Dean is pushing for campus to adopt entrepreneurship

f)        Savings from GSHIP transition of $250,000 for fellowships

(1)   Dissertation Fellowships through Grad Division

(2)   Is this the best method of distribution? 

(3)   Certainly goes back to [some] Grad students

(4)   What about students that don’t use fellowship? (Masters or otherwise)

(5)   $2,300 per student per year is saved and turned into fellowships

g)      Premiums should be reduced next year

b.      VP Internal (10 min)

1.      Talk with Chris Marchum, GSHIP chair about moving to system wide

a)      Discussed how bidding is done

b)      Quality based bidding, what can you give approach as opposed to a. what we must have approach

c)      Referred resolution from previous meeting on system wide GSHIP to Judiciary to be sure we’re not stepping on GSHIP committee reiterated

d)      Wants to support council bringing forth legislation

e)      Annessa and Josh discussed topic of AGS discriminating when providing funding based on religion

(1)   Precedent is that it can not be an official reason

c.       VP Admin (5 min)

1.      New Website is at the content stage

2.      Now is the time if you have comments, like to see things added, etc…

3.      New website is located at

4.      Please e-mail the VP Admin at if you have comment questions

d.      VP Finance (5 min)  

1.      Was there AGS sponsorship acknowledgment at AGS sponsored events?

a)      SPICMACAY: Yes

b)      Bring resolution to require pictures at events

(1)   Possible precedent

c)      SFAC

(1)   Possible policy change to levy costs of teaching in addition to material fees

d)      PAB

(1)   Jack McManus in attendance at next meeting, Thursday 5 pm

(2)   Discuss PAB, AGS, owner dynamics

Motion to extend time 5min Jordan, 2nded, unanimous

(3)   Work on a survey reviewing pub performance

e.       VP External (5 min)

1.      Challenge on resolution so uncertain how to handle external

a)      Support resolution regardless of Judiciary Challenge

2.      Board meeting this Friday: Students of Color Conference

3.      Next week Regents meet and make decisions on fees

4.      UCSA not supporting fee increase, minimal returns versus large cost to quality of education

5.      Signatures of support, only ones returned from Josh thus far

6.      E-mail Payel if you need information on signature sheet

7.      UCSA Executive Director intro

VI.      Committee Reports

a.       Sustainability (5 min)

1.      23rd October meeting

a)      Most LEED Gold  buildings on campus in California maybe country

b)      Info at

c)      Presentation on synergy between university and city

(1)   Updating climate action plan

(2)   Attorney General is suing cities based on violations

(3)   Expand bike sharing into city, green building, expanding hydrogen fuel cells

(4)   20% sustainable food by 2020

(5)   Current Student Center Director suggested separate water heater system for after hours use in the pub

(6)   Apply for money from green initiative fund

b.      Grad Council  (10 min)

            Put off till 17th

VII.        UCSA Executive Director Liz Hall: System-wide Issues (15 min)

a.       On southern campus tour

b.      Spend time answering questions

1.      System Wide GSHIP

a)      What is the proper way to do this?

(1)   How to groups schools together

(2)   4 Major Issues

(a)    Mental Health

(b)   Reciprocity

(c)    Co-care

(d)   Dependent Care

b)      Stance is against all fee increases: mid-year and next year

c)      March 2010: March for Higher Ed.

(1)   Action in Sacramento

(2)   Campus Action

(3)   Bring together unions, student organizations, etc…

(4)   March on capitol on March 31st

d)      What is the purpose of fighting fee increases that will happen anyway?

(1)   AGS President suggests alternatives not protests

(2)   Outrage from many humanities students at the fact we did not support resolution against fee increase at UCSA

(3)   UCSA only requires a resolution to address issues

(4)   March campaign directed at California legislature

(5)   Why fight against student fees even in bad budget times?

(a)    Fight in bad years for victories in good years

(b)   Strategies:

(i)      Shift public opinion in state budget towards higher ed.  by getting media attention at events like March event

(ii)    Also fighting against next year fee increase

(a)    Last mid-year fee increase there was a lawsuit  which students won

(b)   Also reducing total increase would be a success

(iii)   Regents were complicit with legislature

(6)   Bigger issue is California constitutional reform

(a)    This was discussed at Sept. 4th meeting

(b)   UCSA has a stance for repealing 2/3rds vote on passing the budget

(c)    Respond to immediate crisis and also address problem with long term solution

(d)   Going into March have a platform of legislation

(e)    Is there an alternative?

(i)      Regents use reserve funds

e)      Loss of autonomy on system-wide GSHIP?

(a)    Cost savings

(b)   Initial data shows quality increase on all campuses in some way

(c)    Make sure concerns are met including autonomy

(d)   UCOP has no implementation plan so UCSA would like to setup a plan

f)        UC system is highly beneficial to state

(a)     Increasing fees hurt not just students but the state as a whole

g)      Concern about rate system-wide plan is moving into place

h)      System wide group (one rep per campus) used a broker to get bids to collect data on how to pool together the 55,000 students

i)        Once pooling is decided then another group will be assembled look at direct implementation plan

(1)   How will benefits of system-wide outway current reductions in premiums?

(a)    Dependent Care

(b)   Possibility of greater reductions than what can be done independently

(c)    Greater long term stability


Motion to extend 5 min Josh, 2nded, unanimous

Motion to extend 5 min Jordan, 2nded, no objections

Motion to extend 5 min David, 2nded, no objections


VIII.     PAB elections and Resolution 09-84 Ratify PAB Elections (15 min)


IX.          Resolution 09-85 AGS Council Appointments (5 min)

Motion to approve Chris, 2nded, 21-0-0 passes

X.             Resolution 09-86 CCD Job Description (10 min)

Motion to add 5 min Josh, 2nded, no objections

Randy calls the question, 2nded,  15-2-5

XI.          Resolution 09-87 Prioritize Current Grads. (10 min)

Motion to table Chris, 2nded, no objections

Further Discussion, resolution withdrawn

XII.        Resolution 09-88 Prioritize Quality of Advanced Degrees (10min)

Motion to table Eric, 2nded, unanimous


Motion to form subcommittee (Internal Committee) on issues of Res. 09-87, 09-88 passes unanimously

XIII.     New Business (10 min)  7:30

XIV.   Resolution 09-89 Turkey Gift Cards

Motion to approve Kim, 2nded , 21-0-0

Motion to adjourn 7:43