Tuesday, November 17, 2009




I.              Call to order 5:05

II.           Circulate attendance sheet

III.         Approve agenda (2 min)

Motion to add 5min for Grad Council Chris, 2nded no objections

Motion increase time to 20 min on Res 09-89 system-wide strike Payel, 2nded,  no objections

Motion to Approve agenda, 2nded, unanimous

IV.        Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to approve, 2nded, no objections

President encourages people to keep their cool in meeting given hot button topics

V.           Committee Reports

a.       Internal Committee Discussion (20min)

1.      VP Internal providing update about why system-wide GSHIP resolution 09-81 was sent to judiciary. 

a)      Chris Marcum was concerned about the language not the intent of  resolution 09-81. 

(1)   I.E. What is the role of GSHIP if AGS is going to set policy? 

(2)   Our Bylaws dictate that GSHIP is supposed to negotiate our contract. 

(3)   The judiciary decided the legislation was constitutional pending an official report.

(4)   Question to VPI: Would it not of been better to revisit the resolution in council? 

(a)    Yes this could have been done.  Referring to judiciary was not meant to subversive.  The location of the meeting was not publicized effectively. 

2.      System-Wide GSHIP

a)      Concerns from Chris Marcum, GSHIP chair

(1)   Maintain or increase quality of care

(2)   Expand plans for use to all campuses

(3)   Share of profits from savings to UCOP should be returned to Grad Students

(a)    Concern the budget situation might change this initial

(4)   Dependent care should be offered but separate from GSHIP

(a)    So grad students without dependents don’t cover increase costs of dependents

(5)   Union should not be able to use GSHIP as a lobbying tool

(a)    Insight from post doc plan

(6)   Standardize how each campus pay for the plan

(a)    Out of pocket

(b)   Grad fees

(7)   Open bidding process

b)      Payel: UCSA is already addressing a lot of these concerns

(1)   Standardization is being debated in UCSA

c)      Forming Internal Committee to deal with

(1)   Friday 8:45am in the AGS office

(2)   E-mail

Motion to extend 2min Josh, 2nded, no objections


3.      Grad Council

a)      Meeting next Thursday

b)      Chair of Graduate Council

(1)   Chancellor

(a)    Furlough days on non teaching days

(b)   Desirable for fees to make-up for shortfall not furloughs

(2)   “Grad council” for system: CCGA

(a)    Document created about shared concern about how grad. Students would be effected by fee cuts

(b)   Document was not distributed to grad students

c)      Grad Dean

(1)   Regard to entrepreneurship

(a)    Grad Division developing materials to add process

d)      Decrease in doctor enrollments

(1)   All other campuses increase by  ~20% but we are down ~100 students

(2)   Possible we could lose another 150 students next year given future cuts

(3)   Should be a report with EVC regarding this issue

e)      Academic Senate in line with students regarding fee increases

f)        State will not approve graduate fees being lower than undergraduate fees

g)      Undergrad fee increases 15% winter, 15% next year

h)      Grad Students 2.6% Winter, 15% next winter

i)        Professional Students 15% Winter, 15% Summer

j)        You can in fact take research leaves within the state of California without losing funding

Motion to extend 2 min Chris, 2nded, unanimous          

VI.        PAB elections and Resolution 09-84 Ratify PAB Elections (15 min)

Motion to Approve Chris, 2nded 22-0-0

VII.      Resolution 09-89 Clarify the Role of the AGS President (10 min)

The chairs chooses to have a speakers list, no objections

Motion to extend time to 24 min to satisfy speakers list Chris, 2nded, unanimous

Motion to extend Resolution intro 2 min Chris, 2nded, no objections

Motion to extend Payel’s time 30sec Jordan, 2nded no objections

Motion to allow President to speak 2min, 2nded, no objections

Motion to extend time for President  2min, 2nded, no objections

Motion to extend time for President  2min, 2nded, no objections

Motion to end debate Chris 18-4-0, debate is ended the question is called

Motion to approve 10-12-3

VIII.   Resolution 09-90 In Support of the November 17th-19th System-wide Demonstration (20min)

Motion to strike language “and stop union busting tactics” 11-3-4, striken

Motion to approve, Chris, 11-4-5

IX.        Executive Reports

a.       President (10 min)

1.      How Grad students benefit from dissertation fellowships from GSHIP switch

2.      130 request applications for turkey cards

a)      Why are AGS members not allowed to request?

(1)   Precedent

3.      Gradmailer went out as grad weekly

a)      Thursday or Friday?

4.      Know someone that needs to be hosted for Thanksgiving?  Contact the President,

b.      VP Internal (10 min)

1.      Friday Meeting for Internal Committee

a)      Tues and Thurs. morning 10-12

2.      Making some suggestions to housing

(1)   Will not move people between housing units during school year

3.      Some issues with GSHIP

a)      Student Health Center will be closed over break

(1)   Use urgent care center while SHC closed

c.       VP Admin (10 min)

1.      Website

a)      Waiting on Student Govt’ Staff Aaron and Adam to move calendar

2.      Be sure to CC VP overseeing staff member when asking for services so accountability can be maintained

3.      Questions? None

d.      VP Finance (10 min)  

1.      Development of Business and Finance

2.      Debate in Exec committee over members contacting other organizations: Berkeley

e.       VP External (10 min).

1.      Regent Meeting

a)      Discussing fee increases

b)      Demonstrations, strikes, etc…

c)      UCSA meeting last Friday

(1)   Three resolutions

(a)    3 days of strike/action passed

(b)   Support Gubernatorial Higher Education Pledge  passed

(c)    Video advocacy blog failed

d)       Regents meeting regarding System-wide GSHIP, January 19th and 20th

(1)   Townhall meetings for last two weeks in January to discuss

e)      As Liz Hall, UCSA Exec stated last meeting March Action in response to fee increases

X.           New Business (10 min)


Motion to adjourn, 2nded, 7:44