Tuesday, December 08, 2009


I.            Call to order Quorum at 20/37 5:20
II.           Circulate attendance sheet
III.         Approve agenda (2 min)
Motion to move Bill 09-96 to
Motion to approve Joel, 2nded, no objections
IV.        Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)
Motion to approve Jordan, 2nded, no objections
V.           Resolution 09-92 AGS Council Appointment (5 min)
Table till candidate gets here, no objections
Motion to approve 21-0-0
VI.        Bill 09-96 Funding Request: Yalda Event (10 min)
Motion to amend to $370.00 17-0-0
Motion to approve Chris, 2nded, 22-0-0 with request to try to draw graduate students of various backgrounds
VII.      Resolution 09-93 Requesting Action to Minimize the Impact of Fee Increases on Graduate and Professional Students (10 min)
Amend by Eric with additional Let it therefore be resolved 15-0-7
Motion to extend 5 min, Eric, 2nded
Motion to amend removing addition let it therefore be resolved Hanoz, 2nded
Motion to approve Chris, 2nded 22-0-0
VIII.   Resolution 09-94 AGS Council Procedures for proxies and the establishment of quorum (10 min)
Amend Chris must and encourage 16-3-0
Motion to strike 2nd , 3rd  , and 4th Chris let it therefore be resolved, no objections
Motion to approve Chris, 2nded 19-1-1
IX.        Resolution 09-95 Mandatory reviews of AGS President, AGS Council Executive Board, and Staff (10 min)
Motion to change “quarterly” to “regularly” 17-2-2
Motion to strike staff Eric, 2nded from evaluation resolution, 2nded 11-8-7 (proxy)
Motion to change title to create committee…., Kim, 2nded, 18-1-2
Motion to approve, 2nded 16-0-4
X.           Committee Reports
a.       Grad Council (10 min) (6:58)
1.      Increase in fees
a)      Self-supporting not an issue
b)      Reduction in funds from external grants
c)      Fill the difference for TAships (funding source unknown)
2.      Entrepreneurship
a)      Campaign for it with graduate students
3.      Online and long distance learning
a)      MBA
b)      Cannot reduce teachers
c)      Lot of work running online courses
(1)   Take advantage of graduate students
4.      Housing
a)      Faculty worried about guaranteed housing disappearing
b)      Subcommittee of Grad council formed to study this as well as cost concerns
c)      Maintaining guarantee and normative time minus one is extended to normative time
5.      Accreditation
6.      Grad block being cut 3 million
a)      Low number of NSF fellowships despite similar numbers
(1)   Add infrastructure to help grad students: workshops, etc..
7.      Survey of allocation of TAships
a)      Low response
b)      Created a subcommittee
c)      Bias based on professor in charge
Motion to extend 2 min, no objections
XI.        Executive Reports
a.       VP External (15 min)
1.      Regents meeting
a)      Fee increases went through
b)      GSHIP a mandatory requirement
2.      Conference Call with UCSA
a)      UCOP has made a draft on system-wide GSHIP
(1)   Berkeley is against draft
(2)   UCI response pending
(3)   No mechanism to assess savings for reallocation to graduate students
(4)   Other campuses concerned but supporting
(5)   Admin against it at UCSD
(6)   UCI Panel and townhall to inform and look at draft for all grad students.
(7)   Series of events in March to lobby for higher education 
b.      VP Internal (10 min)
1.      Parking will be free nights (after 5pm) and weekends for sustainability applicants starting winter quarter
2.      Admin supportive of action on campus in response to fee increases but need to direct attention towards state legislature
a)      Admin: this is part of the continuation of 30 yr disinvestment of the state in public ed.
b)      AGS needs to channel student activism towards state legislature
c)      Action in response by AGS at UCI
(1)   Information table on ring road
(a)    Letter writing to legislature
(b)   Undergrad having “Tent Vent” with similar goals
(2)   Social committee
(a)    Use social events as outreach on issues
(b)   Sign up sheet for council members to attend social events (1 per quarter)
(3)   Internal Committee
(a)    Informative townhalls
(i)      Schools vs. university-wide?
(4)   Commendation to social committee
(a)    Concern over speed-dating only focused on heterosexuals
Motion to extend time 7 min, 2nded, no objections
c.       VP Admin (2 min) 7:38
1.      Website
a)      Finishing up at the end of this quarter
b)      Internal Committees need to get me their modifications
2.      Login
a)      New login system starting in Winter quarter
b)      Council members will need to sign in over break
3.      Constitutional Committee for bylaws
a)      Forming for winter quarter
b)      VP Admin prioritizing bylaws revision for winter quarter
d.      VP Finance (10 min)
1.      Review of Budget
a)      Special Projects spent about 1/3
b)      Budget on track
2.      Presentation of PUB expenses
a)      Discussion on AGS percentage of sales
Motion to extend 2 min, 2nded no objections
e.       President (10 min)
1.      Housing
a)      Manuel Gomez met with several people
2.      Parking solution
3.      EVC
a)      Last Tuesday meeting
(1)   Presidents (AGS/ASUCI) invited to sit on budget work group
(a)   Meeting not open t the public
XII.      New Business (10 min)
Bill 09-96 (see above)
Motion to Adjourn 8:00 pm
Time Allotted: 109 min