Tuesday, January 05, 2010



I.              Call to order 5:15pm
II.           Circulate attendance sheet
III.         Approve agenda (2 min)
IV.        Motion to approve Bill, 2nded no objections
V.           Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)
Motion to approve Joel, 2nded, no objections
VI.        Executive Reports
a.       President (10 min)
1.      Any veterans in Grad Schools
a)      Money available for vet. Grad students
2.      Mailing Lists
a)      EVERYONE (AGS Council members) needs to sign up ASAP
3.      TGIF, Green Initiative
a)      $5 from each undergrad every quarter
b)      $110,000 every year
c)      Funding from projects all over campus
d)      Ex-officio position from AGS: Appointing Josh Gellars
4.      Writing for the Public Workshop
a)      1/19 in the Graduate Resource Center
5.      Parking
a)      Changed 5pm to 8pm for several reasons (evening permits, etc…)
(1)   Carrie responding trying to get it back on 5pm
6.      Smoking Survey
a)      Graduate Student Survey
(1)   ~1/5 grad students smoke
(2)   ASUCI wants AGS to pass resolution for smoke free campus
(3)   Need more info on restrictions
(4)   Would support forced, designated smoking areas?
(5)   Would a policy even be enforced?
(6)   AGS will not support absolute ban         
b.      VP Internal (15 min)
1.      List of registered graduate organizations
a)      AGS can pay the fees to register
2.      Danny working with Undergrad in position similar to our internal/external
a)      Vent Tent going on all next week
(1)   On ring road
(2)   Talk about how budget cuts affecting them
b)      Sign up sheet to help out with social events
(1)   Use social events to communicate and gain access to graduate students
c)      Town halls to discuss budget issues
3.      Internal Committee
a)      Working on Charter
4.      GSHIP Committee
a)      Consists of Chair, Broker, Grad. Division Rep, Head of Health Office
c.       VP Admin (5 min)
1.      Sign up for e-mail and website
d.      VP Finance (10 min)
1.      PAB and B and F meetings coming towards the end of the month
2.      Ironing out a few things with Patsy the accountant, Patsy 
e.       VP External (10 min)
1.      Absent
2.      Look at UCSA resolutions and get back to Payel
VII.      Resolution 10-01 CCD Appointment (10 min) 5:45
Motion to approve, Chris, 2nded, 20-0-0
VIII.   Resolution 10-02 Form Constitutional Committee (10 min)
Motion to approve Monica, 2nded, 21-0-0
IX.    Report from Ad Hoc committee on Exec Reviews and Staff Positions (10 min)
X.           Website Presentation (15 min)
XI.        New Business (10 min)
Resolution 10-03
Motion to adjourn, 2nded, no objections 6:35
Time Allotted: 112 min