Tuesday, February 16, 2010

 I.              Call to order (5:17)

II.           Circulate attendance sheet

III.         Approve agenda (2 min)

Motion to approve 2nded, no objections

IV.        Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to approve with minor corrections 2nded, no objections

V.           Executive Reports

a.       President (10 min)

1.      System-wide GSHIP being handed over to Admin like USHIP

a.       Likely will not have the same leverage in the future

b.      We’re likely to lose while other campuses will likely gain

c.       Met with chancellor, use UCI hospital outside of insurance companies

2.      Grad block will not be cut this next year

a.       Perception that there is no transparency and might be misspent

b.      Have to insure funding throughout time at UCI

                                                                                                               i.      Tie outcome measures to grad rate not recruitment

c.       Form for interactions between students and faculty

                                                                                                               i.      To be presented at March grad council meeting

3.      Housing

a.       No word on cat policy

                                                                                                               i.      Likely to be a compromise that “nobody will like”

b.      VP Internal (10 min)

1.      Homecoming Committee

a.       Meeting this Friday at noon

                                                                                                   i.      Open seat if anyone is interested

                                                                                                 ii.      Svet: Paying for booth based on PR is probably not worth it

                                                                                                iii.      Nadine concurs: most grad students don’t care about homecoming and alumni don’t care about grad students

b.      Sign up to help with dance (March 5th, 7-11pm)

c.       VP Admin (5 min)

1.      Constitutional Committee meeting on Monday was cancelled, apologies from the VP Admin

2.      Lots of hang ups with advances on websites


            d.      VP Finance (10 min)  

1.   PAB and Business. And Finance Committee meetings coming up

2.   ~10,000 remaining in Special Projects

e.       VP External (10 min).

1.  Lobby Con

a.       Take 10 total grad students including External and LL

                                                                                                   i.      Confirm with Payel in you said you would come and let others who may be interested know

                                                                                                 ii.      Need to be in attendance all 3 days,  (Feb 27th – March 1)

2.UCSA Board Meetings

a.       Tax Free State and maybe Fed for graduate students as an issue

b.      GSHIP

                                                                                                   i.      Though we have no voting power in the state-wide GSHIP we will have somebody to speak for us

1.      This will likely be Chris Marcum

2.      He will collect info and give us feedback

VI.    Ratify Bill 10-07, no objections

VII.        Bill 10-08, Funding Request: Free Swing Dance lessons for UCI students (10 min)

Motion to amend to $889.00 Chris 2nded, no objections

Motion to extend 5min Bill 2nded, no objections

Motion to reduce to $500 14-0-4

VIII.      Resolution 10-09  To Approve Internal Committee Charter  (10 min)

Strike “Affairs” in committee name

19-0-0 with other minor modifications

IX.    Bill10-10 Funding Request: Shungu: The Resilience of a People Documentary Screening (10 min)

Motion to approve Chris 2nded, 19-0-0

X.        Bill 10-11 Allocating Funds to Support the Graduate Student Delegation to the Student Lobby Conference in Sacramento (10 min)

Motion to change from “Special Projects” to “Travel” Chris 2nded, no objections

Strongly encourage participants to participate in External committee in Spring quarter and work together to submit a report

Motion on amendment 15-0-1

Motion to approve Chris 2nded, 15-1-0

Motion to adjourn Chris 2nded, no objection (7pm)

XI.           New Business (10 min)


Time Allotted: 102 min