Tuesday, March 02, 2010

 I.            Call to order (5:10)

II.          Circulate attendance sheet

III.        Approve agenda (2 min)

Motion to approve, no objections

IV.       Approve Minutes from previous meeting

Motion to switch VI and VII 13-0-6

Motion to move V to IX  16 -0 – 4

Motion to Move IX to V, no objections

Motion to approve Danny,  14-0-2

V.         Student Lobby Conference (20 min)

a.      Several images were presented of our involvement in Sacremento

b.     Graduate students served to assist undergrads to communicate with officials

c.      5 issues discussed

1.     Billion in funding to restore education

2.     Emphasize the Master Plan in its original form

3.     Maintain CALGRANT

4.     Severance tax on oil

5.     New funding through prison management reform

d.     Solidarity with undergrads was important

e.      UCSA approach was very antagonistic

f.      Adams perspective

1.     Politicians seem weather and entrenched

2.     Agrees UCSA approach was very antagonistic

3.     Undergrads had emotional strength but to some degree lacked the factual support

4.     Undergrads better prepared to be protestors than equipped to lobby

g.     David thinks we could have had better media coverage

1.     Payel thinks Josh and Payel did a good job

Motion to extend 5 min, no objections

VI.       Bill 10-12 Funding Request: Purchase Flip Cams for Legislative Outreach (10 min)

Motion to take camera funding from office supplies and gift cards from publicity

Motion to approve Svet, 17-0-4

VII.     Resolution 10-13 Create An Official Blog for AGS (10 min)

Motion to make the name provisional, no objections

Motion to approve Chris 20-0-2

VIII.   Bill 10-14 Funding Request: Mixer Event with the Merage Student Association (10 min)

Motion to extend 5 min Erik, no objections

Motion to approve 15-1-6

IX.       Bill 10-15 Funding Request: Faultline: A Journal of Art and Literature (Publication) (10 min)

Motion to approve Hanoz , 21-1-1


X.         Executive Reports

a.      President (10 min)

1.     Assoc. Dean meeting on recruitment

a)     Long term funding

2.     UC Advancement: One million dollar campaign to raise funding for grad education

3.     Stress a single message from the UC’s to fund higher education

4.     GRC grad portal info session

a)     Announcement in grad mailer

5.     Grad Survey

a)     Who wrote to survey?

(1)  Carrie and Graduate Dean

b)     Other concerns

b.     VP Internal (10 min)

1.     Internal Committee

a)     March 4th is the March for Education

b)     Talks about closing UC campus to deal with debt

c)     Blog launch

2.     Costs for restoring education to ‘00/’01 levels

a)     Cost the median tax payer $32

3.     New cat policy will be presented Monday

4.     GSHIP brokering going on for next year

c.      VP Admin (10 min)

1.     All AGS members have access to Internal Site to add and edit legislation

a)     Please use this to enter legislation directly from now on

2.     Still working on the Constitution

d.     VP Finance (10 min) 

1.     Budget is going well

2.     PAB

a)     Working on a survey for undergrads and grads at the pub.

b)      How can we get recourse when the PAB makes requests of the Pub

e.      VP External (10 min).  (7:04)

1.     30 students who went with UCOP representatives

2.     Make the point that the legislature is destroying California Higher Ed.

3.     Pressure from industry to support education

4.     GSHIP

a)     System-wide presentation March 30th  at AGS Council meeting

XI.       New Business (10 min)

Student Center Advisory Board

a.      Free games at Zot Zone

b.     Apply for TGIF funds for water filling stations

Motion to adjourn Chris, no objections 7:07

Time Allotted: 127 min