Tuesday, March 30, 2010

 I.            Call to order (5:15)

II.          Circulate attendance sheet

III.        Approve agenda (2 min)

Motion to approve Bill, no objections

IV.       Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to approve Erik, no objections

V.         Executive Reports

a.      President (20 min)

1.     Housing

a)     Postdocs invited to lease Puerto del Sol housing

(1)  Change in policy including postdocs in grad housing

b)     Verano’s new project

(1)  Reconstruct new builings

(a)   Increase density

(b)  Verano housing

(c)   4 story building, no elevator

(d)  Not really family friendly

(e)   Piggy back new costs on rent for all students

(f)   Draft letter to EVC asking to reconsider whole project

(g)  8-10% rate increase for sequential years

(h)  3% increase next year

(i)    Based on growth to 37,000 students

(j)    Grad. dean also drafting letter for grad council and academic senate asking for review

c)     No cut to grad block funding

d)     GGIA - graduate grant incentive

(1)  Assist PI’s when they fund grad students on their grants

e)     Dependent Care for GSHIP approved

(1)  Suppose to be in place for Spring

f)      Need a new GSHIP chair next year

(1)  Need a job shadow this spring

g)     Elections this quarter

(1)  May 17-21st

(2)  Finalize charges by April 13th

(3)  Nomination May 3rd  to 10th

(4)  We need to decide on financial statements

h)     $1,200 doubled to $2,500 in school specific meetings

(1)  Set date for these meetings

i)      UC commission on the future

(1)  153 page document

(2)  Available, on UCOP website

(3)  Possible to give feedback online

j)      AGS Blog

(1)  Link on website has been fixed

k)     Chancellor

(1)  Implementing a discrimination hotline?

(2)  Is this just a gesture for the media?

b.     VP Internal (10 min)

1.     Danny is going to law school recruitment

a)     60-80 new students in law school

2.     Internal Committee meeting next week

3.     Spring AGS awards

a)     Start that in two weeks

b)     Meet with parking to extend night and weekend  to unemployed students

c.      VP Admin (5 min)

d.     VP Finance (absent)  

e.      VP External (10min)

1.     UCSA Board Meeting at UC Irvine

a)       AGS attendance would be welcomed

b)     Get more involved with UCSA to get our money’s worth

c)     April 9th-11th

2.     UCSA Exec. Direct. is resigning

a)     Looking for a replacement

b)     Knowledge with working in similar organizations

3.     Possible other major changes coming

4.     Working on System-Wide GSHIP presentation this spring

VI.     Resolution 10-18 Appoint and Ratify Council Members (10 min)

Motion to approve Svetlana, 2nded, 17-0-0

VII.     Bill 10-16 Funding Request: SPICMACAY (20 min)

Motion to approve Nadine, 23-0-0

VIII.   Resolution 10-17 Re-Appoint Constitutional Committee (10 min)

Motion to approve Payel, 2nd, 23-0-0

IX.       New Business (10 min)

Motion to Adjourn 2nd, no objections (6:14)

Time Allotted: 112 min