Tuesday, April 13, 2010


 I.              Call to order

II.           Circulate attendance sheet

III.         Approve agenda (2 min)

Motion to move VII and VIII before executive reports David, no objections

Motion to approve Bill, no objection

IV.        Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to Approve Bill, no objections

V.           Executive Reports (6:00 pm)

a.       President (10 min)

1.      Make sure all funding requests (internal or external) have proper accounts

a)      Special Projects only

2.      Grant for Grad Speakers

a)      Susan Basala, May 13th

(1)   Alternative Careers

(2)   Grant pays for books for first few hundred students

3.      Elections

a)      May 3rd-10th  nominations

b)      May 17th-21st elections

c)      Statements for Ballots?

(1)   Council would like it so

(2)   250 word limit

d)      Soft campaign spending cap at $100

4.      Money for Departmental Promotional Events

a)      Done on or before May 10th

b)      $250 per school

5.      Housing

a)      Verano will have limited housing next year

b)      Two year moratorium on cats as of April 19th

(1)   Effects new residents on April 19th

(2)   Effects old residents at lease resigning

(3)   Students have use cats to manipulate housing policy

c)      New Verano Housing

(1)   Increasing student density

(2)   Staff frustration with furlough

d)      Companion Dogs

(1)   People do have doctor prescribed animals

6.      Carrie will be out the next two meeting

b.      VP Internal (10 min)

1.      Pushing against housing

a)      Cat Resolution

b)      Future resolution dealing with cost of new Verano Housing

2.      Three social events

a)      Game night, Karaoke, Dodge Ball, and End of the Year party

b)      Giving game night another try this Saturday

(1)   Students invited to bring games, but games will also be available

3.      Student Voting

a)      72% are registered

b)      Most considering international students

c)      Primary concern Grad students have resources for inform voting

4.      GSHIP now has a dependent plan

a)      Operates differently than GSHIP plan

b)      Brochure online

c.       VP Admin (5 min)

d.      VP Finance (10 min)

1.      PAB meeting upcoming

2.      We’re good on Finanaces

e.       VP External (10 min).

1.      UCSA Congress is at UCI this year

a)      Campaign (year’s primary agenda) set at this meeting

b)      Aug. 13th -15th at the Student Center

c)      Lots of spirit that might be missing on AGS Council

d)      Funding Request will be around $1,000

2.      UCSA Board Meeting this weekend

a)      March events seem to have stimulated state legislation

b)      Payel got several comments on the current legislation

c)      Commission on the Future

(1)   A lot of disappointing elements

d)      Several administrative UCSA positions are opening up


VI.        Resolution 10-19 Hire New Staff: Documentarian (10 min)

Motion to amend to hire Angela as Documentarion, Erik no objections

Motion to approve Erik, 16-0-1

VII.       Bill 10-20  Funding Request: Swing Dance Lessons  (10 min)

Motion to Amend amount to $450, Erik to 20-0-2

Motion to Approve to 17-1-4

VIII.    Bill 10-21 Funding Request:  HGSA (10 min)

Motion to approve Chris H. 21-0-1

Motion to Move Norwooz Funding Request:

Motion to amend to $1000  Payel,  15-3-4

Motion to amend to $500 Angela 7-8-7, 0-0-1 Proxy

Motion to Call the Question, Payel 11-2-9

IX.        New Business (20 min) (6:55pm)

Cat Resolution

Payel motions to approve Payel, 2nded  17-0-0

Motion to adjourn 7:00pm

Time Allotted: 102 min