Tuesday, April 27, 2010


I.            Call to order

II.          Circulate attendance sheet

III.        Approve agenda (2 min)

Motion to Approve Bill, 2nded 15-0-0

IV.       Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to approve Josh, 2nded 19-0-0

V.         Bill 10-24: Spring Graduate Sale (10 min)

Motion to table to next meeting Erik, no objections

VI.       Resolution 10-25: Appoint PVRC '10/'11 Election Commissioner (10 min)

Motion to approve Bill, 2nded, 20-0-1

VII.     System-wide GSHIP Presentation: Maria Blandizzi Director, Special Projects  (30 min)

Presentation available online at:


VIII.   Executive Reports

a.      President (absent)

b.     VP Internal (20 min)

1.     Dates of department parties to raise awareness

2.     Little change on housing

a)     Students being displaced in Verano will not be place in Puerto del Sol.

b)     Density will be doubled in the new housing

c)     Final numbers on rental in new Verano housing is not set

c.      VP Admin (5 min)

1.     Working on bylaws

2.     Still discussing website changes with Aaron

3.     Attendance from all AGS meetings will be online

d.     VP Finance (10 min)  

1.     PAB

a)     Discussion on Pub finances

b)     Revisit percentage of income AGS is getting from the pub

c)     Jack McManus has confirmed with Tim on a change from 5% to 7% of income to replace profit sharing from the business plan/MOU

d)     What does council want to see?

(1)  Josh: Is the point of the change in fees to get AGS off student fees? 

(2)  Adam: In his opinion yes, and this is in fact what our constitution suggests.

2.     B and F

a)     Possible future investing to put reserves to work

b)     Berkeley has instituted an endowment plan

c)     Looking at what we can do with the money we have since we do not have enough to start an endowment

e.      VP External (10 min)

1.     Calling and making appointments with legislatures students met at lobby con

a)     2-3 appointments made hoping to increase to 5-6

b)     Interested in doing research to support arguments for investing in higher ed.

c)     This is difficult and the VP External would appreciate any help

(1)  Send any bits of useful info to the google group

d)     Great experience

2.     UCSA board meeting next weekend (Berkeley)

a)     Regents interview and selection at this meeting

IX.       New Business (10 min)

Concerns with numbers and voting based on department.  Chris will look into resolving this.


Motion to postpone the decision on VP elections to the first sitting of the new council.



Motion to adjourn Chris H., no objections.


Time Allotted: 112 min