Tuesday, May 11, 2010

I.              Call to order (5:12)

II.           Circulate attendance sheet

III.         Approve agenda (2 min)

Motion to approve, 2nded 15-0-3

IV.        Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Motion to approve Josh, 2nded, 15-0-3

V.           Chris Marcum, GSHIP update (20 min)

a.       Dealing with standard issues

b.      Monitoring change from Gottschalk to Student Health

c.       UCI admin and students appointed to serve on system-wide including Chris Marcum and Payel

d.      Happy to entertain questions regarding UCI’s

e.       Happy with change to student health

1.      Cheaper

2.      Challenges

a)      Hiccups with training

b)      Claims training from Gottschalk was withdrawn though it was promised

c)      This issues seems to have been resolved

3.      Larger discount by using student health than Gottschalk

4.      Premiums will not change next year, big positive surprise

a)      Chris thought it would be 6-10% increase

b)      Carrier received pressure from VC Gomez

5.      GAB issues

a)      GSHIP advisor board that discusses individual student issues

(1)   One issue involved change in prescription benefits

(2)   Use to be $15 or $35 switched to $15, $25, and 40% teared structure.

(3)   Change 40% to $50 co-pay for the next year

(4)   8x out of 10 student health prescription fills will cost less for graduate students as a whole. 

6.      System-wide

a)      Under gag to not put into danger current relations with insurance company

Struck Section

7.      Advantages of waiting

a)      Three consecutive years of changes to health insurance nice to have some consistency

b)      Changes in carrier creates a lot of costly hiccups and admin changes

c)      Let them work out hiccups in the first year

8.      Why not pool us with USHIP instead of GSHIP?

a)      Different agendas and issues

b)      Possible to step into that

9.      Josh Gellars – p.o.i

a)      Current prescriptions

(1)   System-wide will have smaller tier costs

b)      Larger pool would be able to better absorb higher risk incidences

10.  Contracting the administration fees only, UC system is absorbing the risks therefore a major incident will without a doubt increase cost to the UC whether or not that is past down to students is up to UCOP.

11.  We have no max on prescriptions but system-wide is currently at $10,000

a)      Our campus has a lot of high prescription drug users

VI.        Pub Contract Discussion: Tim Haskell and Jack McManus (20 min) (5:47)

a.       Jack discuss his position and the draft Addendum to the pub contract

1.      Tiered Stucture

a)      7% with tier structure if Net Sales drops below $700,000 down to 5%

b.      Dan Dooros AVC on Student Affairs is also involved

c.       Increase to 7% will likely begin either June 1st or July 1st

VII.      Bill 10-26 Correct Social Committee Funding Allocation (10 min) (6:07)

Motion to approve Nadine, 2nded, 20-0-0

VIII.      Resolutions 10-27, 28 and 29 Awards Recognitions (10 min)

Motion to approve as omnibus Josh, 2nded, 19-0-0

IX.        Executive Reports

a.       President (absent)

b.      VP Internal (10 min)

1.      Very busy with both responsibilities

a)      Housing

(1)   20 new students in Verano, ? PV, ~70 VDC and Norte, ~117 were placed in ACC general likely Puerto del Sol

(2)   Likely all Verano students being displaced by unit 4 remodeling will be place back in Verano if they so wish.

(3)   Will be a grad. garden in Verano, but it may be moved

(4)   New Verano will be at priced at new PV units

(5)   Unofficially, no increase more than 4% a year

b)      Speaker this Thursday 4pm Doughtney Beach about getting a non  academic job. 

c.       VP Admin (5 min)

1.      Council’s Opinion of addition to bylaws through the bylaws revision

a)      Council agrees it would like staff jobs in new bylaws

2.      Motion that the AGS Compilation be an official AGS document post by-laws revision with the use of a draft version until it is revised post by-laws revision, 14-0-4, motion passes

3.      Documentarian (5 min)

a)      15 hrs applied, est. additional 15 hrs

b)      Denise suggests checking exec offices for additional documents

d.      VP Finance (10 min)  

1.      Budget handed out with a call for questions

2.      Mistake in allocating lobby con fees. from student fees to travel fees corrected, thus overspending travel as discussed and legislated

3.      Social Committee meeting on 5/4 was charged to AGS without a sign in sheet and  no committee name

e.       VP External (10 min)

1.      Board Meeting this weekend

a)      Last board meeting this year

b)      Process of hiring new Exec. Direct.

c)      Expect Council members to attend congress in Irvine

d)      Board Retreat in June

e)      Congress scheduled mid-August

f)        Josh will bring a resolution next AGS meeting regarding the UCSA budget

g)      In India 21st-31st so likely will not be answering e-mails

X.           New Business (10 min)

Motion to adjourn Josh, no objections

Time Allotted: 127 min