Tuesday, June 08, 2010

I.             Call to order

II.           Circulate attendance sheet

III.         Approve agenda (2 min)

Motion to approve, seconded. Agenda Approved 21-0-0

IV.        Executive Reports

a.       President (15 min) 
          1.  Discussion on using Roberts Rules. Dunckle stressed the importance of using Robert’s rules and reminded council members of the online reference sheet located on the AGS website at

          2. Dunckle also emphasized that there should be cordial conduct between council members at all meetings in the upcoming year.

b.      VP Internal

          1.      Social Chair (5 min) – Social Chair Svetlana Bershadsky solicited feedback and comments regarding social committee activities for the upcoming year.  Some suggestions included more bicycling activities and “niche” activities.  Others also expressed their enjoyment of this year’s live karaoke and the end of year party.  Bershadsky emphasized that the social committee will be planning the upcoming event calendar this summer and those with comments and suggestions should email her or contact the vp Internal.

V.        Council Appointments (10 min)

a.  Justin Chung was a write-in candidate and received one vote. As VP Admin Chris Dunckle stated that he was the only write in that replied to an email requesting the position and has attended the last two meetings.

b.  Motion to approve, seconded. Resolution approved by unanimous consent

VI.     Sustainability Presentation (15 min)

Sustainability presentation moved to future meeting as presenter failed to be present.

VII.     VP elections (40 min)

VP Internal

Annessa Stagner

Vote: Approved, 21-0-0

VP Admin

Graham Rowlands

Bill Winter

Lowell Trott

Vote: Bill Winter elected 14-6-1

VP External

Payel Chowdhury

Gaurang Patel

Vote: Payel Chowdhury elected 20-2-0

VP Finance

Justin Chung

Adam Van Wart

Vote: Adam Van Wart elected 14-8-0

VIII.         Bill 10-36 To allot money for AGS summer events   (15 min)

Social Committee Chair Svetlana Bershadsky presented Resolution to allot money for 3 AGS summer activities from the 2010-2011 Social Committee Budget.

Motion to approve, seconded. Approved 23-0-0

VIII.     New Business (10 min)

VP Internal Annessa Stagner reported that the GSHIP end of the year report is now available online and through the AGS website. She also passed out paper copies to those in attendance. 

VP External Reminded Council to be aware of the upcoming August UCSA Congress, which will be held at UC Irvine in August.  All Council Members are encouraged to attend.