Tuesday, July 13, 2010

I.             Call to order

II.           Circulate attendance sheet

III.         Approve agenda (2 min) Denise motioned to approve, seconded: 18-0-0

I.                    Call to order

II.                 Circulate attendance sheet

III.               Approve agenda (2 min)

IV.              Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

V.                 Executive Reports

a.        President (15 min)

Chris discussed issues with representation of student needs to American Campus Communities and the new building projects.  Chris asked, concerning the grad guarantee, what our priority might be (e.g. guarantee for all first year vs. guarantee for all years for some students).  Chris  also queried what the priorities might be for AGS council and executives.

b.       VP Internal (5 min)

Annessa spoke about possible content of AGS newsletter, registering and involving grad student groups, and issues with GSHIP.

c.        VP Finance (5 min)

Adam briefly discussed the past year’s budget and its odd wording.  Council earned more and spent less than budgeted, which is reflected in the projected new budget.  Adam met with Dan Doros and Sandy Winslow about AGS investments.  Mentioned beer tasting, currently scheduled August 12th.

d.       VP External (5 min)

Payel will be attending UCSA meetings and Regents meetings this summer.  Council (and other students) should consider attending the Congress on UCI campus, August 12-15.

e.        VP Admin (5 min)

AGS council members are each expected to serve on committees.  The constitutional revision committee will be starting soon, interested AGS members should speak to Bill.  New shirt design candidates should be submitted to Svetlana.

VI.             Possible University boycott of Nature Publishing Group (5 min)

            Denise talked about the boycott of Nature, et al. proposed by California Digital Library and UC Library systems.

VII.          Opening of VP Internal and staff positions (5 min)

            Chris and Annessa spoke about the vacation of the VP internal position and the appointment process for the AGS staff positions.

VIII.       AGS Archival Report (15 min)

            Angela presented her current progress, scanning in all of the paper materials from prior AGS councils, and potential future archival work, pending the availability of the old AGS server.

IX.       Resolution 10-42 Council Appointments (5 min)

            Motioned by Steve Chang, seconded: 18-0-0

X.        Resolution 10-43 AGS Council 2010-2011 Budget (20 minutes)

            Motioned by Denise, seconded: 18-0-0

XI.            Resolution 10-39 Re-assignment of council food responsibilities (5 min)

            Friendly revision to make scheduling food the responsibility of AGS council members, one at each meeting, to be administered by the chair of the Social Committee.

            Motioned, seconded: 13-1-3

XII.          Resolution 10-40 To Approve Revised Social Committee Charter (5 min)

            Motioned by Erik, seconded: 17-0-0

XIII.        Bill 10-41 To fund partial registration, t-shirts, and transportation for graduate students to participate in the Susan G. Komen ‘Race for the Cure’ (5 min)

            Friendly revision to add “AGS” to shirt design, and move shirt cost to advertising budget.

            Motioned, seconded: 17-0-0

XIV.    Resolution 10-44 AGS Requests Shared Financing of Child Care Facility in new Verano Construction (5 min)

            Motioned by Steve Chang, seconded: 17-0-0

XV.         New Business (10 min)

The provisional menu worked well with the exception of the sopaipilla.

Graham motioned to adjourn, 17-0-0