Tuesday, August 10, 2010

I.                    Call to order

II.                 Circulate attendance sheet

III.               Approve agenda (2 min)       Svetlana motioned, approved 19-0-0

IV.              Approve minutes from previous meetings (5 min)

             Prior minutes from June and July were approved with spelling and other revisions.  June: Payel motioned, approved 19-0-0; July Svetlana motioned, approved 19-0-0.

V.                 Executive Reports

a.       President (15 min)

Chris spoke about his meetings with Housing concerning the future of Puerta del Sol and the cat policy.  Specifically, he mentioned their unwillingness to work on anything but temporary solutions to the current problems with graduate housing.  Housing has proposed eliminating the grad guarantee, lengthening contracts, or allowing residents with dogs to solve various problems related to filling new apartments or simplifying the process of switching communities.

b.      VP Internal (5 min)

Annessa spoke on recent with with the Campus Organizing Director Danny Gascon and his counterpart in University Administration to increase graduate student involvement, graduate student organization involvement, and AGS visibility.  She asked that each council person attend orientation during the fall to raise awareness among new students, and stated that a packet will be distributed to help with this endeavor.  Annessa also mentioned that she will be soliciting suggestions and critiques of her performance as VP Internal to help the new VP internal.  Finally she expressed concern about the status of the new chair of the GSHIP committee; most of its members are unable or ineligible to serve.

c.       VP Admin (5 min)

Bill mentioned that he will be looking for new committee memberships soon, and that council members should consider which committees they might consider joining.  He also mentioned the food evaluations that council members should fill out for the prior (July) and current (August) meetings.

d.      VP Finance (5 min)

Adam announced the meetings of the Business and Finance Committee (August 18th) and Pub Advisory Board (August 25th) and reminded council members of the beverage tasting on August 12th.  He would like Business and Finance to partner with the Merage Students Association and Dan Doros to improve AGS financing.  The PAB will be working on several projects solicited by Pub management, including the framing of historic UCI artwork.

e.       VP External (10 min)

Payel reminded council of the UCSA Congress on campus this week, and spoke about her attendance of the Congress planning meeting.  UCI AGS has the highest attendance of any graduate group ever, and she is working to get even more grad students to attend.  She mentioned the delay of the presentation that had been scheduled for the prior Regents meeting.  There is voter training at UC Berkeley on the 19th or 21st of August to help promote student voting, and there is money to fund AGS members for the trip.  Finally Payel mentioned the development of President Yudof being given the authority to impose extra executive powers at the campus level and its implications.

VI.           Resolution 10-45 Council Appointments (5 min)

            David Weinreich was stricken from this resolution due to his absence at the meeting.  He will be added as soon as he attend a meeting.

            Svetlana motioned, approved 19-0-0

VII.      Resolution 10-46 To Purchase AGS T-shirts for the 2010-2011 year (5 min)

            Payel motioned, approved 20-0-0

VIII.        Resolution 10-47    To Fund AGS Sponsored Fall Graduate Sale (5 min)

            Friendly amendments: if a volunteer agrees to help with U-haul, add $300 for a truck and dollies.  The event will take place on the Sep. 18th, unless Verano commons is unavailable, in which case it will take place on Sep. 25th.

IX.      VP Internal Elections (20 minutes)

           Annessa described the position and Chris emphasized its importance in the context of the changes to housing and GSHIP that are occurring this year.  Bill motioned to extend ten minutes twice, increasing to 40 minutes total.  Lowell was elected 14-7-4 (counting proxies).

IX.         New Business (10 min)

Svetlana motioned to adjourn; approved 21-0-0