Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tuesday, September 28th, 2010

I.     Call to order

II.    Circulate attendance sheet

III.   Approve agenda

Payel motioned,change agenda; judiciary committee and Spicimacay before exec reports.

Hanoz motioned, approve agenda with changes; approved 19-0-0

IV.   Approve minutes from previous meetings

Angela motioned, approve minutes as is; approved

V.    Resolution 10-55: Judiciary Committee Appointments     Judiciary Committee Jonathan Shoemaker, Sierra Powell, Patrice Amon

Payel motioned, approve R-10-55 as is; approved unanimously


VI.   Bill 10-54: Spicmacay Funding Request    

Concert on Oct. 21st (rare form of Indian classical music) does not charge a ticket fee.  Spicmacay does accept donations.

Steve asks why is the concert so small?  (125 people)

Chris mentions funding per graduate student (30 dollars per student).  How can Spicmacay justify this cost?

Indian classical composers usually cost a lot.

Payel asked how much Spicmacay was asking from ASUCI to see if Spicmacay would only cadge AGS for funding.

Discussion ensues regarding cost per student and that the event is to be held on Halloween.    

Honoz motioned, reduce  B-10-54 to $1000.00; approved   24-0-0    

Svetlana motioned, approve B-10-54 as amended for $1000.00; approved  24-0-0    

Chris mentions that Joel can help to recruit participation.


VII.  Executive Reports    


Chris mentions latest on housing and gives report on grad housing. 

Discusses two to three year plan on Verano housing construction.

A question is asked... how is the housing cost of new Verano going to be compared to current housing within Verano. 

Mentions new garden in Verano.

Looking for external GSHIP.  We have Andrea for internal GSHIP

Looking to beef up internal GSHIP committee as well.

Chris suggests that meetings be organized so that committee and staff reports are mandatory.    

Mentions goal chart for VP’s and execs.



Payel mentions graduate students bill of rights.  Enforce bill of rights?  

Two approaches.  Design survey for graduate students at their respective university.  Secondly, do town hall meetings.

Get involved in district lobbying.  

Mentions temporary GSHIP Position.  Mentions LL position.



Keep the report short and sweet.  Mentions initiative to help foreign students with complications arising from citizenship and visas.    



Mentions PAB.  Committee work done by Erik regarding face-book site for (HUCI) Homebrew UCI.

Mentions BFC and references committee reports.  Goran M. gave talk at last meeting through invitation of Jordan.  

Hanoz is ASUCI contact, Steve is managing a timeline, and Issa is constructing a machination to solicit business ideas from individual departments here on campus.



Would hopefully report having a fun time at his brother’s wedding if present at this meeting.


VIII. Resolution 10-48: Council Appointments

Scott Sellers, David Weinreich, Goutham Ganesan are appointed council members:

Graham motioned, amend R-10-48 to say Goutham Ganesan’s correct school; approved

R-10-48 as amended; approved 24-0-0


IX.   Bill 10-49: Archivist Position

Challenge is to get documents into plain text for search-ability.  Requires a lot of time commitment.  

Work with UCI Langston library to move hard-copies. 

Steve Motioned, approve B-10-49; approved  22-0-1


X.    Bill 10-50: To Revise Funding T-shirts for the Susan G. Komen “Race for the Cure”

Erik Motioned, approve B-10-50; approved unanimously


XI.   Bill 10-51: VP External Cell Phone

Adam explain need for cell phone via description of V.P. External responsibilities.

Erik motioned, amend B-10-51to 300.00;

Svetlana motioned, approve B-10-51 with amendment; approved 23-0-1


XII.  Bill 10-52: To Fund Chinese Culture Night    

Possible additional funding from ASUCI.  Center for Asian studies committed $400.00. 

Previous attendance list shows numbers which tickles Steve’s curiosity as the number of undergraduate students seem low...  

Erik motioned, approve B-10-52 as is; approved 14-3-4


XIII. Resolution 10-53: To Establish an Independent AGS Mailing List

Graham discusses implications.  The message conveyed is that we should adamantly pursue access to graduate students through e-mail.  

A law student mentions that the law school does not receive AGS related e-mails at all.  

While some council members expressed a fervent zeal toward grad-student e-mail access, there were some cautionary words exchanged regarding access and administration of the list. 

Furthermore, the issue of how a graduate student might remove themselves from the list was also discussed.

Erik motioned, change VP Administrative to CCD in R-10-53;

A suggestion of a nuclear clause is given by Fawn.    

David motioned, approve R-10-53 with change of VP Admin. to CCD; approved 18-1-2


XIV. Resolution 10-56: Staff Appointments

Denise Motioned, change R-10-56 to give specific amount of $200.00 and remove LL;

Council talking ensues...

Graham re-Motioned Denise Stephens' Motion to give specific amount of $200.00 and remove L.L.; approved unanimously


(COD) Campus Organizing Director-

candidates: Danny Gascon, Alfredo Carlos (not present)

Danny gives an account of past accomplishment in building relationships with ASUCI, clubs, and graduate students in general.  

Danny proceeds to convey the null and void of any misanthropic bodily fiber and therefore quickens his portrayal as an ambassador to AGS council.

Council member motioned, award COD title to Danny Gascon; approved 21-0-0

(CCD) Campus Communications Director-

candidate: none

Joel motions to add himself as CCD candidate but gives no panegyric, motion carries.

Joel Ossher Motioned, award CCD title to Joel Ossher; approved 19-0-0


(SCC) Social Committee Chair-

candidates: Svetlana Bershadsky, (other candidate removed himself)

Svetlana motioned, award SCC title to Svetlana Berthshadsky; approved 22-0-0

Erik motioned, approve all staff positions and amendments (above); approved 21-0-0


XV.   New Business

Denise talks on hot-line topic and how advisers can be better mentors.

Graham mentions grad council with mentoring.  Good allies on housing. 

Joel mentions continuing food contract with Aramark.  Everyone seemed amenable to this idea as the Aramark food selection seemed to coax appetites to a satiable state.

Adam motioned, to adjourn council meeting; ... motion passes (7:10 p.m.)