Tuesday, October 12, 2010

I.    Call to order

II.   Circulate attendance sheet

III. Approve agenda (2 min)

Payel requests an addition ten minutes in her report, 23-0-0

Bill requests that 10-58 be moved before executive reports, 25-0-0

Payel requests that her report be moved to the beginning, 25-0-0

Joel Ossher motions to approve with changes, 25-0-0

IV.   Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Svetlana mentions some spelling corrections to be made to the prior minutes

Joel Ossher motions to approve with changes, 25-0-0

V. Resolution 10-58 Appoint Legislative Liaison (20 min)

Jordan Vincent is elected, 15-6-4


VI.    Executive Reports

      a. VP External (15 min)

Payel gives a brief description of the UCSA meeting in San Diego.  Plans a survey at the end of October and two town halls in November, hoping to get opinions of at least 10% of grad students on potential Bill of Rights issues.

Reports on UCSA support of Union campaign to increase wages 7%.

Reports on national student associations.  Favors NAGPS over USSA; it is targeted toward graduate student issues and is more affordable.  SAGE is invite-only.

      b. President (15 min)

Chris reports that external GSHIP rep will be determined at next (October 26th) meeting.  Some current council members have shown interest, but we should advertise to others as well.  Chris introduces Stephanie Van Ginkel and describes what role she will be having with AGS.  Mentions that the Graduate Resource Center, now being regularly funded, should have a greater impact and be more visible.  Mentions how housing admin, and grad division tend not to communicate in the context of the UCSA Bill of Rights campgain.  Mentions AGS Council Beach Day, projected to occur November 2nd.  Mentions orientation at the next (October 26th) AGS meeting.

      c. VP Internal (5 min)

Lowell reports on a publicized bike theft and it's conclusion -- UCI police chief acknowledges that the case wasn't properly handled and hopes to improve in the future.  Mentions that ACC is revising their current policy to allow residents to store their bikes indoors.  Graham offers to bring this up at the next BAG meeting and mentions the Housing Alliance.

      d. VP Admin (5 min)

Bill solicits food volunteers for the next few meetings and mentions open places on committees.

      e. VP Finance (5 min)

Adam reports on the latest meeting concerning the JP Morgan/Chase account -- very similar to meeting last year with a small change in attendees.  Concerning the PAB, he reports that Jack MacManus is working on parking for the Pub, a beer brewing event at the Pub.  Mentions the upcoming business ideas survey for the Business and Finance Committee.

VII.   Resolution 10-57 Council Appointment (5 min), 23-0-0

VIII. Resolution 10-60 Appoint Committee Members (10 min)

Fawn Huisman motions to amend an omnibus series of revisions, reflected in the current posted version of the resolution, 24-0-0

Chris Heselton motions to pass, 24-0-0

IX.   Resolution 10-61 To Approve the 2010-2011 Social Committee Calendar (10 min)

Discussed past issues with "community" or non-alcoholic events as well as Valentines day.

Erik Tollerud motiones to extend three minutes, 24-0-0

Lowell mentions the man-power issue; more events would be possible if more people volunteered to organize them.

Dave motions to approve with the revision that more community based events are included, fails

Alex motions to pass, 21-0-4

IX.   AGS Goals (20 min)

Several revisions were made to the original presentation:

Includes "involve Arts students" in Presidential goals

Include mental health in VP Internal GSHIP-related goals

Address "community-based" social events in VP Internal goals

Correct grammar in VP Admin goals

X.    New Business (10 min)

Chris Heselton motions to adjourn, 25-0-0