Tuesday, October 26, 2010

·    Agenda
o    Moved VP External items to the beginning before exec reports
o    Added item to discuss counceling center
o    Added Bill 10-65 after resolution 10-64
o    Motion: Joel
§    Second: Svetlana
·    Minutes from previous meeting
o    Motion: Erik
§    Second: Alex
·    Resolution 10-59
o    Systemwide GSHIP Chair
o    Presentation by VP External
§    There exists a student health insurance program committee.
§    UCI wants one graduate student rep
§    They agreed to give us a rep to the SHIP committee
§    Too much work for our GSHIP chair to just do alone
§    Likely that we’ll join SHIP next year, so we want to make sure to be prepared
§    Decided at the beginning of the academic year to have a systemwide gship chair – were waiting for confirmation from UCOP as to the existence of the position
§    Joel is awesome as is well suited to the position
§    Question from Erik: There were only two reps – are we the third?
·    We complained that there were only two, and got one rep from each campus
§    Joel asked to step out
§    Motioned amended to add Joel’s name
§    VP Admin: budget is meant to be zero-sum, so the money for a staff position has to come from somewhere. Therefore not allowed to pull the money out of reserves. Can modify the expected pub income to cover the expenses. So motioned.
o    Motion: Alex
§    Second: Erik
§    21-0-0
·    Resolution 10-63
o    Why we should join NAGPS (National Association of Graduate and Professional Students)
o    Presentation by VP External
§    External committee met to draft this resolution
§    $500 yearly fee, coming from external budget. In future years, it will be a budget line-item
§    Question from Graham: What is the UCSA fee?
·    $1.70 per student, around $2,250 per quarter.
§    NAGPS was chosen over USSA because it’s much cheaper and is focused specifically on graduate students. The undergraduates are joining USSA, so we can learn from them.
§    There’s a conference coming up in November near MIT, and if this bill passes Payel plans on attending.
o    Motion: Graham
§    Second: Svetlana
§    19-0-2
·    Resolution 10-64
o    Appoint external committee members
o    Presented by VP External
§    Good number of interested council members
§    Going to have a meeting every other week, lots of stuff to do!
§    Will contain: VP External, LL, COD, and other members listed on the resolution
§    Question from Alex: What are we doing again?
·    We must appoint all committee membership, and this wasn’t done last time because the membership list wasn’t ready
o    Motion: Huy
§    Second: Graham
§    22-0-0
·    Training presentations
o    Presentation by VP External
§    Administrative structure of the university system
·    26 Regents on the top
o    Eighteen appointed by the governor in 12 year terms
o    7 ex officio members, such as governor, lieutenant governor, speaker of the assembly, etc all on one year terms
o    One student regent and one student regent designate, serving one year terms. The designate is non-voting.
·    Yudof is the 19th president, and runs UC Office of the President
o    Elected by the regents
o    Runs lots of stuff, such as systemwide GSHIP
·    Academic Senate
o    Body of university faculty (sort of like the faculty version of AGS)
o    Shared governance
·    University Chancellors are under the direct authority of the president
§    Technical difficulties showing administrative chart of UCOP
§    Administrative structure of our university
·    Chancellor on top
·    Below is Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost
·    Then it splits out a lot: Associate Executive Vice Chancellors
·    Important: Dean Leslie of Graduate Division
o    Delay due to assorted technical difficulties
§    General meeting focus is lost
o    VP External Report
§    Bill of rights survey first week of November – people should fill it out
§    Lowell wants Joel to fill out survey: says to pass it on
§    Third week of November there will be town hall about graduate student bill of rights and other issues
§    Students of Color Conference, in Santa Barbara in mid November
·    Funding travel and stay for 6 of the students, have interest from 15
§    Regents meeting in November
·    Possible fee hike, due to a large amount of remaining deficit
·    We’ll have to wait and see what they propose
o    Presentation by President
§    Roberts rule of order bring order to chaos
§    We’re meant to use it, as does the academic senate
§    Hierarchy of governing documents
·    AGS Constitution
o    Very hard to change: need 20% of student body to vote, and need majority of those voting to agree
o    For reference, only 8% of students voted in our previous election
·    AGS Bylaws
o    Gives more detailed information about the staff and executive positions, general organizational structure
·    Robert’s Rules
o    4 types of motions
§    Main
·    Don’t use these exactly, since our motions are specified in advance. Can’t come in and just motion random stuff.
§    Privileged
·    Supersede all other motions. There’s a fire!! Run! For things very important, but don’t want to interrupt.
§    Incidental
·    For questioning the process of order. Question of order, if you’re confused about if something was allowed. Point of order, if you feel like something is being done inappropriately. Can appeal the chair, suspend the rules. Can object to the consideration of the order (if you think it’s a waste of time to even talk about). Division of the question allows you to split resolutions. Division of assembly allows you to ask for a hand vote if it was done by acclimation.
§    Subsidiary
·    Motions that effect the main motion already on the floor.
§    Each motion has additional properties
·    Can I interrupt the speaker?
·    Does it require a second?
·    Debatable/amendable?
·    How many votes required? Simple majority, 2/3, plurality?
·    Subsidiary motions typically follow the properties of the motion they are acting on.
o    If you wanted to amend a privileged motion, then it follows the rules of that motion
§    Don’t be an ass and abuse motions. The chair can ignore you if you are.
§    Please see quick reference chart on the website!
§    Process of a typical motion
·    We’re stuck having Gina’s pizza for every meeting L
o    Chris always carried robert’s rules around with him
o    Presentation by VP Finance
§    Claims that it is going to be really fun
§    Check request packet handed out
·    How to write a check request
§    How to make Patsy, our accountant, happy
·    A number of guidelines we have to follow
o    Not necessarily fun
§    Steps
·    Go to AGS website
·    Click on documents->funding requests
·    Click on “reimbursement forms” link
·    Click on login, and use your UCI id
·    Brings you to form that you fill in
o    Don’t worry about invoice numbers
o    Svetlana is a pro
o    Who you bought it from
o    What you bought
o    Why you bought it
o    When the event took place
o    Where the event took place
o    Account name that you’re drawing funding from
o    Account number
o    Comment from Svetlana
§    Put together funding request info for social committee, will put form on the website
o    You can find the account name and number in the budget on the website
§    Go to about->budget
§    ALWAYS put a – between the two 4 digit numbers on the account #: a “Patsy Preference”
§    “A little headache now is better than a lawsuit later”
o    Petty cash: under $25
o    Costs like $0.74 to mail check, so they prefer it if we pick up the check at the student government offices
§    Adam asks for questions?
·    Joel asks if they can email you when your check is cut
o    Would be nice, probably not possible to get them to do it.
·    Huy asks if electronic funds transfer can be done
o    Would be even nicer, but not going to happen L
o    Presentation by VP Admin
§    Sign up on the website (BILL, please put it in) so you can log in to the system
§    Once you log in, you can create resolutions!
·    If you’re spending money, it’s a bill. Not spending money, resolution.
·    Put in who you are
·    Put in on whose behalf you’re writing the bill/resolution. AGS Council, a student group, a committee
·    Write the title
·    Ctext is the text
·    Follow the standard format
o    WHEREAS blah blah blah says blah blah which means blah blah
o    WHEREAS something else says this which means that
o    LET IT THEREFORE BE RESOLVED we do something
o    LET IT FUTHER BE RESOLVED we do something else
§    Example is bad example
§    For a bill, make sure to say what account the funding is coming from
§    The “let it be resolved” should be an action, not a suggestion.
§    Comment by President
·    Put funding request in the title, if it’s a funding request
·    Editor is horrible, suggest copying from Microsoft word
§    Don’t use save button on editor, it doesn’t do anything! Make sure to hit update record
§    For a bill, include funding request as attached file. You have to submit it first before you can add attachments.
§    Interface is still rather crappy – ongoing work…
o    Presentation by VP Internal
§    Funding requests!!
§    Documents->Funding Requests
·    You should read that paragraph
§    Click on PDF to download
§    Then you can modify the pdf!
§    Fill out all the information on it
·    Executive Reports
o    President
§    Budget workgroup – very confidential
·    Figure out where money comes from when trying to balance the budget
·    There’s a defecit again next year
·    A lot of word of mouth flow of information
·    The EVC doesn’t even entirely know what’s going on
·    Budgeting for a 5% increase in student fees
§    Met with interim Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs
·    Talked about systemwide gship
·    Talked about AGS investment fund – waiting to hear back on Friday
§    Committee reports on website
·    Still working with Aaron to get the ability to add committee reports directly to the website – hopefully available soon!
·    Should allow for more transparency
·    Point by VP Admin: DO NOT put confidential things discussed in meetings on the website, since they’ll be available to all students to see. Can always ask academic senate person if you have any doubts
§    Zot portal
·    Talked to Sandy about this recently – excited about getting really involved with it
·    Good way to advertise events
§    Monthly town hall, starting next month
§    Questions
·    Erik wants to know more about town halls
o    Continuous office hours – anyone can stop by and ask questions
o    Probably around lunch time, will be more heavily advertised
o    VP Internal
§    GSHIP committee
·    Set agenda for the year – unfortunately brokers weren’t able to make it
·    Try to streamline and update the gship website throughout the year
o    Take note of anything that people complain about so that it can be fixed
o    For example, people want quick access to afterhours emergency care information
·    Seems like a lot of people aren’t aware that there’s a student health resource website that you can check out:
·    Denise talks about mental health care services
o    Counseling center on campus is set up for short term counseling (max around 8 sessions)
o    They’ll refer you out to the community after that, or will do it immediately
o    Will always give emergency help during business hours, and after hours it will forward to an on-call therapist
o    Have several focused graduate student groups, and you can avoid running into undergrads when you seek services there
o    There’s a grad page on their web page that you can look at
·    Successful graduate student picnic that Lowell could not attend – but people should go! Great way to meet other students.
o    Going back to bill request 10-64
§    Keg-O-Ween costume party
·    Awesome
·    Hot chicks in skimpy costumes
·    Cheaper than a club
·    Adam is worried about the name, too much about alcohol
o    Doesn’t want to jeopardize our standing with administrators
o    Alcohol has too much of a place on this campus, according to some conservative admins
·    Joel suggests use of bayhawk kegs instead of miller high life
·    Question about facebook event and $5 fee
o    If funding party passes, no fee
·    Svetlana suggests we support them a bit more, since the person is putting a lot of work into it
§    Increase to $1,000
·    15-2-6
§    Resolution
·    20-1-3
·    Back to reports
o    VP Admin
§    Most people have committee spots now
§    If you don’t have a spot, bill will bug you
§    Bylaw revision committee coming up
o    VP Finance
§    Anteater tv – public access television station
§    PAB and BFC going well, busy – adam is proud
·    BFC survey went out recently, got results
·    Going to send out another reminder
·    HUCI (hussy) – home brew uci group; want to have an event at the pub
·    Allow people going to the pub to park for free
o    Jordan been working on that
o    Met with Jack McManus, going to go together to talk to Ron Fleming (director of parking)
o    Question from Joel: what sort of logistics would be needed?
§    Still in information gathering phase
·    Resolution 10-62
o    PAB elections
§    Too many people withdrew, so no need for an election
§    Two people withdrew their withdrawls
§    Motion: Erik
·    Second: Alex
·    23-0-1
·    Report from LL
o    If you want to go to meetings with local politicians, say so!