Tuesday, November 09, 2010

I.    Call to order

II.   Circulate attendance sheet

III. Approve agenda (2 min)

    - 10-67 is added, and Payel's reports are moved to the beginning of executive reports.

    - Chris Heselton motions to approve, unanimous approval

IV.   Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

     - The spelling of "Erik" is corrected

     - Erik motions to approve, unanimous approval

V.    10-67     Funding Request for Surabhi@UCI Diwali Celebration and Cultural Festival

     - Hanoz motions to approve, 19-0-1

VI.    Executive Reports

      a. VP External (5 min)

           - Payel mentions the upcoming NAGPS trip to Boston and the Students of Color Conference.

           - Difficulty drafting the Bill of Rights and survey for the Bill of Rights; finalizing on conference call the following weekend

           - Town Hall (moved to Thursday of the next week) is meant to address student questions and concerns about Bill of Rights

           - 8% proposed fee hike likely to be approved at the subsequent Regent's meeting

          - Legislative Liaison (5 min)

                   - Making trips to California legislators' offices: met WadePeng in Tom Harmon's office, meeting with office of Chuck DeVore, scheduling more meetings

                  - Facebook event for 2011 Student Lobby Conference in February

      b. President (15 min)

           - Met with ZotPortal people (;

           - could customize for grad students, include bus and class schedule and GRC and AGS

           - Student government lunch was missing chancellor, so not much was done

           - Ongoing meetings with the EVC

           - Financial Aid for Puerta Del Sol residents

           - Good Bonfire

           - Committee reports are still not quite polished

           - Lots of events from the GRC advisory Board

           - DECADE: an AGEP group to promote women and minorities

           - Campus Climate Group meeting: "how well do undergraduates appreciate another's perspective?"

           - Finding out more about professional fee increase

      c. VP Internal (5 min)

           - PV visitor parking is to be discussed at next housing meeting

           - cat moratorium: educating on cost to housing communities

           - synching GSHIP website

           - Grad Student Live Karaoke

          - Campus Organizing Director (5 min)

                 - met with CORE, suggested we put AGS funding guidelines in CORE guide, create club/organization mixers

                - COD will start attending CORE new group orientations

                - Danny is resigning next quarter, will start training new COD (possibly Alfredo Carlos)

      d. VP Admin (5 min)

           - Scheduled winter meetings

           - working with Aaron on committee reports and archiving on website

           - looking for interested parties for constitutional review


          - Archivist (5 min)
                - strategized hard-copy documentation

               - met with head archivist at Langson Library and got proper archiving material

               - working with Aaron for archiving on website

      d. VP Finance (5 min)

               - old budgets were cute

               - issues with Aaron's responsiveness

VI.   Resolution 10-66 Council  Appointment (5 min)

           - Angela Hawk motions to approve, 21-0-0

VII. Discussion of UC self-supported degree program policy (10 min)

          - Self-supported degrees

          - Money goes directly into the program, not up to UC system (nothing to Regents, President, AGS, etc.)

          - Not eligible for standard financial aid

          - Issues with financial relationship with UC, moral obligation to students and value of degrees

VIII.    AGS Volunteering Opportunities (10 min)

         - Starting new committee focused on community and not limited by cultural identity

         - Volunteering, classes, interest workshops

         - Volunteering event cleaning up Laguna Canyon on Nov. 20

IX. Committee Reports (40 min)

          reports from sustainability, Bike Advisory Group, and Planning and Budget

X.    New Business (10 min)

         - Erik asks where to go for Student Center Board

         - Svetlana asks that council members hang fliers for Karaoke

Time Allotted: 147 min