Tuesday, November 23, 2010

I.    Call to order

II.   Circulate attendance sheet

III. Approve agenda (2 min)

            - Bill motions to add Bill 10-69 to the agenda before the executive reports, unanimous approval

            - Bill motions, unanimous approval

IV.   Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

Bill motions, unanimous approval

V.   Bill 10-68 Allocating Funds to the UCI Climate Change Law Conference (10 min)
           - Erik motions to specify a $1000 contribution.  Approved 16-3-3

           - Bill motions to approve.  Approved 19-0-3

VI.  Bill 10-69 To Fund December UCI Wine Night

           - Steve Chang motions to approve, unanimous approval

VII.    Executive Reports

      a. President (15 min)

           - Chris speaks about the recent Union contract renewal: some negotiators were campaigning for a "No" vote.

           - Meeting with Vice Chancellors about investment

           - AGS didn't do Thanksgiving gift cards this year, but might do something similar later in the year.

           - The money from the 8% student fee increase should be going back to departments.

           - There will be a search committee for the new Physical Sciences Dean soon.  People interested in serving on the committee should contact Chris.

           - AGS is considering renting out office space to Anteater Express

           - Executives will be speaking with Administration about free speech on campus after a recent chalking event.

      b. VP Internal (5 min)

           - Lowell is meeting with Administration and Housing about student housing.

           - Danny Gascon is stepping down from his staff position.  People interested in filling the position should contact Lowell.

           - So far, the GSHIP committee likes the organization of system-wide GSHIP.

          1. Social Chair

               - Svetlana mentions the upcoming Chrismachannukwanzikaa event

               - Fall Social events have been successful and well recieved.

               - Svetlana briefly reviews the form used by the Social committee to plan events.

      c. VP Admin (5 min)

               - AGS will need food volunteers for meetings in the winter quarter

               - Bill requests that people get legislation in earlier

               1. Campus Communications Director (5 min)

                    - If anyone has content for AGS fliers or emails, contact Joel

                    - Joel has been working with student affairs to get email contact with professional students.

      d. VP Finance (5 min)

               - Adam was absent, but wants you all to know that he loves you very much.

      e. VP External (5 min)

              - Joel now represents UCI students, graduate and undergraduate, to the system-wide GSHIP.

              - At the NAGPS meeting, students visited a number of different committees: employment concerns committee, legislative concerns committee, international student concerns committee, social justice committee.

              - Payel plans a presentation to council about NAGPS.

              - The UCSA survey for the student bill of rights will be coming out in the new year.

              - Several students attended the Students of Color Conference.  The issues that students have (e.g. Visas, housing, transportations) and white students as allies were discussed.  UCI AGS will continue attendance in the future.

              - External committee members spoke with offices of legislators Chuck DeVore and Tom Harman.  According to office members, student lobbying was very effective in the last year.

              - Some students have had problems with the wording of some of the questions from the Education Department DECADE survey.

Bill motioned to adjourn, unanimous approval.