Tuesday, January 11, 2011

I.    Call to order

II.   Circulate attendance sheet

III. Approve agenda (2 min) Angela motions to approve, unanimous

IV.   Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min) Graham motions to approve, unanimous

V.   Bill 10-71 To Fund Chican@/Latin@ Graduate Student Collective Open Mic Night featuring Propaganda (10 min) Denise motions to approve, 23-0-0

VI.  Bill 10-72 To Fund Yalda Night Celebration (10 min) Bill motions to approve, 24-0-0

VII.   Executive Reports

      a. President (30 min)

          1. Changes to the state budget have cut funding to higher education.  The UC system budget committee will be meeting to determine where these cuts will go.

          2. The housing task-force has met and issued a "questions and issues" document.  The task-force has concerned itself more with the administrative process of housing rather than particular decisions made by housing (e.g. hot-button issues like cats).  Chris suggests that we talk with constituents about the contents of the document.  Joel points out the inanity of some of the issues.

          3. The Vice-Chancellor search committee is meeting; Chris notes that there are no representatives from Student Affairs on the committee.

          4. GRC has released their program schedule, which should be disseminated.

          5. UC executive pension scandal

          6. Chris and Svetlana have been working with Athletics to get more graduate students involved.  There is a need for an AGS liaison.

          7. Chris is meeting with Tim to talk about the future role of the PAB.

          8. Domestic violence and suicide last quarter: What are housing and campus policies on domestic violence?  How was publicity handled?  What are the statistics on other campuses?

          9. People should put their name up on the "committee wall" or submit to the "tree of woe."

          10. UCSA meeting -- need to find a good student regent.  Deadline is the 17th.

          11. Considering a "whip" system for AGS to help organize and engage council

      b. VP Internal (5 min)

           1. Feedback for housing

           2. Switch to hourly visitor parking; reduction in total hours, but possibly more usable hours?

      c. VP Admin (5 min)

           1. Looking for locations for January 25th meeting

           2. Looking for food volunteers

           3. Looking for bylaws revision committee members

      d. VP Finance (5 min)

            1. Adam gives a brief, bittersweet review of his tenure as VP Finance

            2. Still working on investment

            3. Lowell is apparently distracted by Angry Birds

            4. Working on sustainability in AGS's finances

            5. Adam plans to continue working with the PAB and the Business and Finance Committee

            6. Adam advocates for an additional position: a Business and Finance Committee Chair

       a. President (again)

             1. Aaron wants a hard drive upgrade to support VMware upgrade for the student government computer system, needs money from AGS

             2. Chris and Adam met with Budget and Finance people, whose offer potentially gives AGS more and better options and better leverage.

      e. VP External (5 min) (given by Jordan Vincent)

             1. UCSA meeting: Legislative Committee discussed the California DREAM Act

             2. AGS needs about eight delegates for the Student Lobby Conference February 26th-26th

             3. Jordan enjoyed the civil disobediance clinic: how to protest safely and effectively

             4. Trying to set up a quarterly visit by local legislators on campus

       a. President (yet again)

             1. Bill of Rights survey is finally coming out; Chris wants to use the List.

             2. It is suggested that the list might be used to set up write-ins for legislators.    

VIII.  Bill 10-70 To Fund Social Committee Member Awards (10 min) 

         a. There is concern by some council members of the precedent set by awarding plaques or gift cards to Social Committee members

         b. Graham motioned to end debate (10-5-8, 2/3 needed, failed)

         c. Due to the apparent contentiousness of the issue, Graham motions to vote by ballot (10-7-10 with proxies, passes)

         d. Chris Heselton motions to postpone the vote (7-9-11 with proxies, fails)

         e. Jordan motions, 7-18-3 with proxies, resolution fails

IX.  VP Finance and COD Elections  (30 min)

         a. VP Finance candidates Alexander Jackson and Abid Mogannam each have an opportunity to speak

         b. Due to the confusion about the role and responsibilities of the VP Finance, Jordan motions to postpone the VP Finance election until January 25th, 19-2-2 passes

         c. Denise Stephens, the sole candidate for COD speaks.  Denise wins, 22-0-0

X.   New Business (10 min)

Bill motions to adjourn, pass unanimously