Tuesday, January 25, 2011

I.    Call to order

II.   Circulate attendance sheet

III. Approve agenda (2 min)

     1. Bill motions to add Bill 11-04 to the agenda after Resolution 11-02, unanimous approval 

     2. Payel motions to move VP Finance election to before executive reports, unanimous approval 

     3. Adam motions to move Bill 11-04 to after the election, unanimous approval

     4. Chris motions to set aside time before new business for Aaron Echols to explain the upgrades he plans for the current student government server system, unanimous approval 

     5. Bill motions to approve the agenda with the aforementioned amendments, unanimous approval .

IV.   Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

     1. Erik motions to correct "Time" to "Tim", unanimous approval 

     2. Chris motions to expand "BnF" to "Business and Finance", unanimous approval 

     3. Joel motions to correct "VMAware upgrade" to "hardware upgrade for VMware system", unanimous approval 

     4. Angela motions to approve the minutes as amended, unanimous approval

V.   Resolution 11-03 Council Appointment (5 min)

      1. Joel motions to strike absent AGS Council candidates to preserve quorum, unamimous approval

      2. Bill motions to approve the resolution as amended, unanimous approval

VI.   Bill 11-01 To Fund Trans-Scripts Launch Event (10 min)

      1. Adam motions to approve the bill, passes 18-0-1

VII.   VP Finance Election  (20 min)

       1. Justin Chung wins the election, approved as the new VP finance 23-0-0

VIII.   Bill 11-04 Creation of AGS Staff Position: Chair of the Business and Finance Committee

       1. There is concern about the intended role of the VP Finance in the context of a seperate Business and Finance Chair, where AGS is already "top-heavy" with staff and executives relative to the size of the budget.

        2. Erik motions to add a stipulation to reevaluate the purpose of the position in June.

        3. Payel motions to amend the monthly pay to $100; fails 7-8-13

        4. There is concern where the funds for the proposed position will come from.

        5. Steve motions to postpone the bill until the February 8th meeting

IX.    Aaron Echols student government server presentation

         1. Graham motions to move Aaron's presentation before the executive reports

         2. Aaron explains the purpose of the proposed hard drive purchases and the financial contribution he hopes from AGS

         3. No one voices any concerns

X.   Executive Reports

      a. President (20 min)

          1. AGS will be holding open houses to inform graduate students on February 1st and March 1st to talk about housing and budget cuts; AGS council members should advertise.

          2. State UC Budget Cuts: from $320 million in 07-08 to $250 million this year

          3. 88% of UC budget is in student aid, faculty, staff -- budget cuts will effect people

          4. hotline to help save money: email

          5. letter writing campaigns have been effective in the past, a favorite of the chancellor.

          6. estimate from Dean Leslie: $3 million loss from the grad block results in the loss of about $150 graduate students

      b. VP Internal (5 min)

          1. GSHIP committee is discussing systemwide plan, has drafted letter to GSHIP to learn more about specifics of the policy, already have the promise of a response.

          2. Payel adds that we, as a campus, technically have a choice to buy into the systemwide GSHIP, but President Yudof has the power to over ride that choice.

          3. Erik asks whether systemwide GSHIP will save graduate students and the school money; Joel responds that he believes it to be cheaper for both.

          4. Graham asks about the day-care center that had been funded largely from graduate student fees, but is used primarily by faculty and staff; Lowell has no new news

      c. VP Admin (5 min)

          1. Bill solicits new food sign-ups

          2. Bill solicits more participants in the bylaws revision committee

          3. Bill asks that people join committees, attend their meetings, and report back to council

          4. Bill resolves to kick out inactive council members

      d. VP Finance (5 min)

          1. Adam announces the upcoming PAB meeting Wednesday, January 26th at 5pm in Aliso Beach

      e. VP External (15 min)

          1. Payel mentions some consequences of the budget cuts: fewer courses, more online education, not hiring to replace retiring faculty, staff lay-offs

          2. Raises the question of whether the UC system is still a public institution: fees and tuition are greater than the contribution by the state

          3. Save UC Fund -- Alumni movement

          4. Concern that if the Governor's budget initiative fails, the consequence could be an even larger budget cut

          5. A holistic admissions policy has been approved to explicitly take into account more than just GPA and test scores

          6. Payel mentions the controversy surrounding the UC executive pension scandal and how it may effect our standing in the budget crisis.

          7. Student Lobby Conference could be critical -- UC lobby percieved as weaker than the K-12 and prison lobbies, may be the reason for our big loss in the new budget.

          8. Still looking for some delegates for the conference; council members should advertise to contact Jordan by Monday, January 31st

          9. Payel mentions the external committee charter

          10. Jordan mentions the proposed legislative round table, wherein AGS brings legislators to campus -- meeting at 5pm on Friday at AGS offices

XI.  Resolution 11-02 Bylaws Rev.: Mandate Prior Public Notification of Legislation (10 min) passes 16-0-1

XII.  Committee Reports (20 min)

       a. cat committee

           1. has been set up during the two-year cat moratorium

           2. Angela is concerned that housing is just stalling until no one has cats to make the moratorium permanent

           3. looking for specific, practical reasons for no cats

       b. SHIP

           1. UCI undergraduates are considering switching to a systemwide plan

           2. Joel is concerned that we will be forced

           3. Also concerned about having similar problems to those already seen in newly systemwide campuses -- different network means different specialists, and potentially a scarcity of in-network specialists

XIII.   New Business (10 min) 

Bill motions to close the meeting, passes unanimously