Tuesday, February 08, 2011

I.                    Call to order

II.                  Circulate attendance sheet

III.  Approve agenda (2 min)

      A.                  Alex motions to add Resolution 11-08 (10 min) after 11-07, approved 18-0-1

      B.                  Alex motions to add Bill 11-09 (10 min) after 11-06, approved 17-0-2

      C.                  Bill motions to add Bill 11-10 (10 min) after 11-09, approved 17-1-3

      D.                  Adam motions to add Ryan Gripp (5 min) after 11-06 and before 11-09, approved 21-0-0

      E.                  Adam motions to move the VP Finance report to the end of executive and staff reports, approved unanimously

      F.                   Joel moved to add a GSHIP report (5 min) after the Legislative Liaison report and before the VP Finance report, approved unanimously

      G.                  Graham suggests that more than five minutes are apportioned for agenda approval in the future.

      H.                  Steve motions to approve the agenda, approved unanimously.

III.               Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

      A.                  Angela points out a misspelling of "switching"

      B.                  Joel specifies that the UCI undergraduates were "considering switching."

      C.                  Steve motions to approve the agenda, approved unanimously.

IV.                Resolution 11-06 Council Appointments (5 min)

      A.                  Bill moves to remove the names of absent council-members-to-be, approved unanimously

      B.                  Angela motions to approve, 23-0-0

V.                  Ryan Gripp

      A.                  Ryan presents to AGS the proposal for Transportation to fund leasing the AGS conference room for Year Book so that Transportation can move into Year Book's space.

VI.                Bill 11-09 Flex Your Muscles for Haiti

      A.                  AGS contribution decreased to $476

      B.                  AGS will arrange for location, or cover cost of location

      C.                  passed 26-0-0

VII.             Bill 11-10 To Fund Nowruz Night Celebration

      A.                  AGS contribution decreased to $1000

      B.                  the bill called to question, approved 17-0-9

      C.                  passed 21-3-2 

VIII.           Executive and Staff Reports

      A.                  President (15 min)

            1.                    Housing Study Group

                  a)                   coming close to making some of its suggestions to the administration

                  b)                   We have two weeks to submit any information

                  c)                   Chris is concerned that the study groups has not addressed the primary issues that graduate students have with housing, namely pressure for signing contracts early for ACC housing, transportation from ACC housing, and cost of housing at Puerta del Sol.

                  d)                   Looking for suggestions concerning the grad guarantee.  Joel suggests removing the blanket guarantee and giving each department a specific number to be used to recruit most competitive students.  Hanoz, citing experience with housing, states that the guarantee annoys and confuses housing.  It is considered necessary because the the recruitment schedule: undergrad students take desireable, affordable housing earlier than new grad students know they will be coming to UCI.

            2.                   The Graduate Resource Center has a new director, Leigh Poirier-Ball.  Council members are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the GRC and the services it provides to our constituents.

            3.                   Dean Leslie has confirmed that for the current state budget, there will be an 8% cut to the Grad Block.  This should not be coming from TAships.  Departments should be cutting recruitment.

      B.                  VP Internal (5 min)

            1.                   Internal committee meeting 2/9

            2.                   testimonials on housing needed

            3.                   planning housing survey to get these testimonials; need people with 

            4.                   teleconference with UCOP representative and health insurance brokers 2/10

      C.                  VP External (5 min)

            1.                   Council needs to give comments on three bill of rights documents; Payel will email these

            2.                   15-member delegation going to student lobby conference, 4/5 executives attending

            3.                   Need facts on UC, UCI's graduate student economic impact

            4.                   Need suggestions for funding sources for higher education

            5.                   Legislative round table to be held on March 31st/April 1st: panel of state legislators and representatives of grad, undergrad, regents, admin discussing budget

      D.                  Legislative Liaison (3 min)

            1.                   Fawn and Jordan discussed lobby visit to Assemblymember Mansoor

      E.                  SHIP representative (5 min) 

            1.                   Large difference between systemwide and UCI GSHIP numbers, so the campus is likely to switch

            2.                   Discussion on 2/10 on GSHIP meeting, making recommendation to admin

      F.                   VP Finance (5 min)

            1.                   Budget presentation

                  a)                   Council likes the presentation, wants it posted on the web page

IX.               Bill 11-04 Creation of AGS Staff Staff Position: Chair of the Business and Finance Committee (10 min)

      A.                  Business and Finance Committee, chair, will access the investment and make adjustments quarterly

      B.                  Exploring partnership with shuttle services for airport shuttle service

      C.                  Business and Finance Committee rubric is designed for potential investment decisions

      D.                  From student survey, the barber shop seems to be the most popular and feasible option

      E.                  Business and Finance Chair

            1.                   Organize meetings

            2.                   Responsible for performance of Business and Finance Committee and fulfilling the charter responsibly

            3.                   To be funded at $200

      F.                   Council debates the funding source for the position

            1.                   Increase the projected pub income

            2.                   Transportation renting conference room

            3.                   Justin believes pub income will continue to increase

            4.                   Bill amended to Suggested to increase the projected Pub income

X.                  Resolutions 11-05, 11-07, and 11-08 postponed until the next meeting.

XI.                Motion to adjourn, passes unanimously