Tuesday, February 22, 2011

 I.    Call to order

II.   Circulate attendance sheet

III.  Approve agenda

     - Graham motions to move Resolutions 11-05, 11-07, and 11-08 to occur immediately after Resolution 11-12, approved unanimously

     - Justin motions to distribute the appointment of a Business and Finance Chair according to when candidates can be present, approved unanimously

     - Lowell motions to shift fifteen minutes from his report to Resolution 11-11, approved unanimously

     - Bill motions to approve with changes, approved unanimously

IV.  Approve minutes from previous meeting

     - Joel motions to approve, approved unanimously

V.   Resolution 11-12: Council Appointments (5 min)

     - Bill motions to disclude absent prospective council members from the resolution, approved unanimously

     - Graham motions to approve, resolution passes 22-0-0

VI.   Resolution 11-05: Bylaws Revision: Judiciary Committee (10 min)

     - Alex motions to approve, passes 24-0-1

VII.  Resolution 11-07: Bylaws Rev.: AGS Spends Too Much On Itself (10 min)

     - Alex motions to approve, passes 25-0-0

VIII. Resolution 11-08: Bylaws Rev.: AGS Spends Too Much On Itself Part 2 (10 min)

     - Erik motions to approve with amendments to change "all persons" to "vice presidents and staff," "vote of no confidence for" to "resolution to remove," and add "to be presented at the next council meeting."  Approved 21-0-1

     - Justin motions to approve, passes 23-2-0

IX.   Resolution 11-13: Business and Finance Committee Chairman Appointment

     - George Ung speaks on behalf of his candidacy

X.    Council entertains the motion of hearing Bill 11-14: To Fund Nowruz Night Celebration

     - council votes 8-12-4, will not hear bill

VIII.  Graham motions to begin resolution 11-13 again as more candidates have arrived

     - Issa Moody and Stephen Madigan each speak on behalf of their candidacy, Justin Chung reads the statement prepared by Cyrus Khadivi on behalf of his candidacy.

     - Issa Moody wins the election (), the election results are ratified unanimously

VIII.  Executive and Staff Reports

       a. President (15 min)

           - Chris has been attending Campus Climate meetings -- according to Assistant District Attorney, the UCIPD asked for MSU students to be prosecuted

           - Grad division no longer sends out the grad student weekly email; currently there is no central forum for communication.  We may potentially utilize zotzine or zot portal instead

           - Grad bloc is being cut early in anticipation of state-level budget cuts; $1.5 million in diversity scholarships and $1 million in general graduate funding (approximately 50 graduate students).  Changing the priority of spending from recruiting to retention.

           - There is some concern about the budget overview sent from Chancellor Drake to President Yudof  -- "faculty" versus "faculty and students" in research support

           - House and Senate budget committees have passed the $500 million cut; some are trying to pass some budget initiatives to mitigate this cut.

           - Reviews of the salon survey yielded some negative feedback.  Chris suggests that AGS should have a policy on communication.

       b. VP Internal (20 min)

           - GSHIP committee has voted to support the transition for the systemwide insurance system

       c. COD (5 min)

           - Denise discusses her work on intramural involvement and the wellness campaign for mental health services on campus

       d. VP Admin (5 min)

           - Bill wants people to submit committee reports, and for committee chairs to report how many places they have available on their committees

       e. VP Finance (5 min)

           - Committees have been using a disproportionate amount of money on food at committee meetings; we will have to adjust our spending or we will run out of money in the middle of the spring quarter

           - the Business and Finance Committee has been meeting twice a month

           - Justin met with Jack McManus and food on east campus -- AGS is not likely to get much support from Jack on this front

           - Justin met with Richard Orr from Aramark to discuss AGS opportunities, ie food on east campus and and food trucks on campus.

           - Hair salon had positive feedback in general; ~30% of responders said they would use services

       f. VP External (5 min)

           - Graduate students will be driving to the student lobby conference

           - external committee met to discuss the lobby meeting structure; focusing on economic arguments for funding higher education

           - there have been relatively few responses on the bill of rights draft

       g. Legislative Liaison (5 min)

           - Jordan is really tired

           - Jordan has been planning the UC Student Forum to be held March 31st at 5pm; planning on Don Wagner, Meredith Michaels, Jesse Cheng, and AGS, ASUCI and alumni representatives

           - Jordan will be attending the student lobby conference this weekend

           - Justin and Jordan met with Tim and Jack about PAB concerns; will be meeting with Ron Fleming for Pub Parking

       h. Archivist (5 min)

           - Aaron has set up old website access, which should yield legislation and other documents from 2004-2008

           - Angela is working on an index and key word system for prior legislation

           - almost all of the paper is documented, ready to be taken out of the work room and archived

           - old legislation and basic index should be up on the AGS web site by March 1st

XI.   Resolution 11-11: AGS Report to the Housing Study Group (10 min)

       - amended to disclude the names from testimonials

       - Justin motions to approve, resolution passes 21-0-2

XII.  New Business (10 min)

Erik motions to adjourn, approved unanimous