Tuesday, March 08, 2011

 I.    Call to order

II.   Circulate attendance sheet

III.  Approve agenda (5 min)

      - Bill motions to add Bill 11-17 after Bill 11-14, approve 19-2-1

      - Erik motions to approve, unanimous

IV.  Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

      - it is motioned to revise the BFC chair election to include the vote counts

      - Payel asks to revise the student lobby conference description, "driving TO the student lobby conference."

      - Jordan asks to spell Jesse Cheng's name correctly

      - Erik motions to approve, unanimous 

V.   Resolution 11-15: Council Appointments (5 min)

      - Angela motions to approve, passes unanimously

VI.   Bill 11-14: To Fund Nowruz Night Celebration (15 min)

      - Bill motions to extend 5 minutes

      - Hanoz motions to lower support to $500, fails 8-12-3

      - Justin motions to lower support to $300, amended 21-3-4

      - Adam motions to extend 5 minutes

      - Bill motions to approve, passes 24-4-2

VII.  Bill 11-17: Funding Request to Workshop for Job Hunting in Booming Asian Market

      - "fund to" is revised to "to fund refreshments"

      - Erik motions to approve, 24-0-5

VII.   Executive and Staff Reports

       a. President (15 min)

           - The housing meeting was cancelled and not yet rescheduled

           - Dean Matkin was overwhelmed by all of the new information from the housing presentation to Grad council

           - Chris talks about opportunities to grow AGS through GRC and Grad Orientation: possible committees to run orientation, support international students

           - Vice-chancellor search committee is interviewing candidates this week

           - SLC: Chris also lobbied with alumni, who had better reception than UCSA.  Alumni lobbied to free up money tied up in outdated funding mandates

           - Working on getting ZotPortal more functional

           - Working on making changes to web site, particularly concerning funding requests

       b. VP Internal (5 min)

           - Internal committe is preparing an email to disseminate Housing committee document to increase AGS visibility

           - Social committee did a great job on 80's night

           - Working on new advertising techniques to elucidate all of AGS's roles: posters, A-frame at social events

           - Systemwide GSHIP will probably be approved soon

       c. VP Admin (5 min)
           - Staff evaluations will be coming out soon, staff should be prepared for reports

           - Committees need to tell Bill about available positions for new AGS council members
       d. VP Finance (5 min)

           - Advertising to increase legitimacy: working with Joel to roll this out in time for grad recruiting

           - Issa brought 18-8 proprietor to talk about possible hair salon in student center

           - Business and Finance committee meeting with Dan Dooros about AGS use of student center space

           - Jordan and Justin met with Tim, Jack, and parking about getting parking for Pub patrons: Tim will be paying for these spots.

           - budget for committee food is running out

           - Lowell setting up meetings with Dennis at ACC about food truck events in ACC parking structure, Dan Dooros about getting Aramark contract for food trucks; circumvents issues with Parking and Hospitality

       e. VP External (10 min)

           - Governor's budget didn't pass yet, will be presenting again soon; if tax initiatives don't pass, the $500 million cut will most likely increase

           - Higher education is being pressured by Democrats to support these initiatives, not giving much attention; considering other alternatives collaborating with Republicans

           - lots of positive feedback on SLC

           - Payel joined the NAGPS legislative and international student concerns committees

           - UCI AGS did not send a group to NAGPS lobby day, but we plan to attend the Congress and the Western Regional Conference

           - NAGPS has a job back

           - Bill of Rights needs more comments and feedback

           - AGS is applying to join SAGE, another national lobby group; opportunities for publicity, research, and patenting

        f. Legislative Liaison (5 min)

           - UCI had the largest graduate delegation at the SLC

           - In-district lobbying visits with Senators Harman and Huff's offices

           - Student forum planning occurring on Fridays at 5pm in AGS offices

           - Meeting with Dan Dooros on Monday

           - Working on a sign at the Pub advertising AGS involvement at the Pub

           - Working on southern student regent selection commission

VIII. Student Lobby Conference Wrap-up (15 min)

        - Payel met with Tom Harman's staff; pushed to let tax initiative through

        - Payel met with Jose Salerio; not as supportive as she'd hoped

        - Assemblymember Wagner suggested prison reform as a means of saving money in budget

        - Presented three-page fact sheet on economic impact of the UC

        - Jordan met with Wagner, interview was in the New U

        - Jordan also met the Lt. Governor's staff

        - Invited Lt. Gov. Newsom and staff to student forum

        - Daji had a great experience training, meeting other students

        - Greg and Daji and difficulty meeting with staff for Norby; office had strong "no new taxes" attitude

        - Greg and Daji experienced how contentious issues can make dialogue, even on neutral issues, difficult

        - Issa mostly met with staff rather than legislators

        - Erik noticed how staffers liked the fact sheet

        - New lobbyers are hopefully now motivated to lobby in-district

        - David felt even better-prepared than last year, which helped with difficulty with DREAM Act

        - David noted that some legislators relied heavily on stereotypes

        - Hoff was suprised by fact sheet

        - Correa's Chief of Staff wanted to know "where's the money going to come from?"

        - Erik noted that Harman had not ruled out tax initiatives

        - Lowell noted that lobbyists must be sensitive of how arguments are framed

        - Chris believes everyone should try lobbying; it's very education; many legislators are very narrow-minded and will only talk in very specific terms

        - Justin noted that the fact sheets help with reasonable Republicans who see the UC only as an expense, while others won't listen based on "principle"

        - Traditional Democratically-championed lobbies (higher ed, K-12, corrections) are all caught between "no new taxes" and the governors initiatives

        - UC has an opportunity to work with both sides

IX.   Resolution 11-16: Condemnation of the Defunding of Planned Parenthood (10 min

       - "on behalf of AGS Council" is revised to "on behalf of Jordan Vincent"

       - Bill motions to approve, passes unanimously

IX.   AGS Housing update (10 min)

       - AGS will be informing students, prospective students about issues using the housing document

       - faculty at grad council was very supportive at the presentation; this support will hopefully expand to the entire faculty

       - Ruth Menard, member of the housing study group, liked the document and wants it presented at the housing study group

X.    New Business (10 min)

       - Graduate Council: the Graduate survey suggested that people don't care where information comes from; suggested RSS feeds and subscribable calendars; Dean Leslie is asking for support from SFAC and EVC

       - Transit Advocates have transportation awareness weet April 4-8; Irvine Company decided not to help fund the shuttle to the Spectrum or the train station, so the shuttle will probably be cancelled

       - SFAC: Rich Lynch says "everything is on the table

Justin motions to adjourn, unanimous