Tuesday, April 05, 2011

 I.    Call to order

II.   Circulate attendance sheet

III.  Approve agenda (5 min)

      - Bill moves to move staff updates to before the executive reports, approved unanimously

      - Maia moves to strike Bill 11-22 from the agenda as there is no Faultline representative present to present her bill, approved unanimously

      - Bill moves to strike Bill 11-20 from the agenda as there is no GRC representative to present to present his bill, approved unanimously

      - Bill moves to approve, 18-0-2

IV.  Approve minutes from previous meeting (5 min)

      - Fawn moves to change "surveys" to "staff evaluations"

      - Jordan moves to add his meeting with Lt. Governor Newsom's staff to the SLC review

      - Alex moves to approve the minutes, 21-0-0

V.   Bill 11-19: To Fund the SASE Career Development Seminar Series (10 min)

      - Steve Chang moves to revise the support to $800, approved 19-0-3

      - Joel moves to approve, 21-0-1

VI.  UC Haiti Initiative (10 min)

      - tabled until UC Haiti Initiative representatives arrive

VII. Executive and Staff Reports

       a. Jordan Vincent: Legislative Liaison

           - Assemblyman Mansoor's open house/food drive Tuesday, April 19th, 5:30-7:30 PM

           - NAGPS Western regional conference

           - Student Forum on the Budget

           - Student Lobby Conference

           - Partnering with Administration, Athletics, Government and Community relations

           - Student regent committee

VI.  UC Haiti Initiative

       - representatives arrived

       - UC Irvine is partnering with the State University of Haiti for long-term collaboration

       - Graduate mentorship program to provide thesis resources and teaching in Haiti

       - want contact with graduate students

       - information at

VII. Executive and Staff Reports

       b. Svetlana Bershadsky: Social Committee Chair

             - lots of positive feedback on successful winter events

             - reviewed process used for each event, for entire year

             - consider adding job description to the web site

       c. Andrea Vandom: GSHIP Committee Chair

             - organizes, coordinates, and chairs GSHIP meetings

             - considered systemwide health insurance

             - communicates with Administration and Student Health Center

             - fields questions and inquiries from students

       d. Denise Stephens: Campus Organizing Director

             - getting information onto the AGS website

             - publicizing wellness campaign resources

             - coordinating intramurals for graduate students

             - collaborating with Student Health Center

             - updating list of graduate student organizations (going onto the website)

             - putting together a packet for student organizations

       e. Angela Hawk: Archivist

             - Old legislation is totally processed

             - compiling a physical archive per library standard, taking to Langson

             - working on digital archive sorted by subject, still working on searchability

             - archiving other materials (minutes, agendas, committee documentation)

             - question of digitization versus hard copy

             - question of whether to continue archivist position; Angela is graduating soon, won't be Archivist regardless

        - Bill extends staff reports 10 minutes

       f. Issa Moody: Business and Finance Committee Chair

             - primary priority is establishing a new business for AGS

             - meeting with CEOs, proprietors, and owners of salons to determine viability of salon business

             - meeting with administration, namely Dan Dooros, to discuss costs, strategiesfor businesses

             - In contact with Rich Lynch about the $50,000 investment

             - possibly partnering with GRC on a graduate student tutoring service

       g. Joel Ossher: Campus Communications Director

             - timely communication from council to constituents: for whom can we advertise?  What can we advertise?  Who can approve of the messages?  New rule-of-thumb standard for messages to simplify this decision process.

             - biweekly newsletter is on hiatus until we have a better distribution method

             - quarterly newsletter will be on SLC, Student Forum, GSHIP, housing

       h. Joel Ossher: systemwide GSHIP representative

             - helped oversee creation of UC SHIP plan

             - attended local and systemwide meetings

             - position is winding down; UCI will have combined grad/undergrad SHIP representative to the systemwide SHIP

       i. Chris Dunckle, President

             - Spoke with Dan Dooros about housing report; concerns from cooperative governance group about the tone of the report.  Student affairs wants the report to be "toned down."  Because it was written specifically for the housing task force, it might not be optimized for a student audience, and it's definitely not written from housing admin perspective.  Must remove editorialization and account for information given on housing's website

             - Chris disappointed by housing study group report: doesn't address affordability or ACC lease issues

       b. Lowell Trott, VP Internal

             - housing is still an issue: new report needs some information on the housing process, which will be the topic of the next internal meeting

             - GSHIP rates have been set, to be discussed at next SHIP meeting

       c. Bill Winter, VP Admin

             - Need more council volunteers to get food

             - Transit week going on, information packets available

             - People need to fill out Staff/Exec reviews on eee

             - Elections are coming up in May, council will be appointing election commissioner

       d. Justin Chung, VP Finance

             - Justin reviews the entire budget

             - Pub is doing well

             - considering getting rid of office phones

             - VMWare charged to wrong account

             - committee food budget is critical

             - Met with Dan Dooros about Salon business venture

             - Tutoring suggested as possible business venture

       e. Payel Chowdhury, VP External

             - working on Bill of Rights this weekend at UCSA board meeting

             - Student Regent selection meeting this weekend

             - Job bank for international students

             - NAGPS Western regional conference this month

             - NAGPS membership confers 30% discount Student Advantage Card

             - External committee working on joining SAGE, another national student lobby group

             - Working on designing External page to reflect UCSA, NAGPS, SAGE activity

X.    Resolution 11-18: Bylaws Revision: Special Projects Funding Guideline (10 min)

        - Payel moves to remove references to $18k special projects budget, as the budget can change every year; passes 22-0-1

        - Graham moves to specify a 10% of total special projects budget, rather than specific $2,200, passes 19-0-3

        - Alex moves to approve, passes 20-0-2

XI.   Bill 11-21: To Fund the Forum on the UC Budget (10 min)

        - Bill revises the bill to pull money from the fall AGS orientation budget

        - Graham moves to table the bill until a funding request form with the full forum budget is available, motion passes 17-4-1

XII.   New Business (10 min)