Tuesday, April 19, 2011

 I.    Call to order

II.    Circulate attendance sheet

III.   Approve agenda

       - Bill Winter moves to add Resolution 11-27 (5 min) and Bill 11-28 (10 min) to New Business, approved unanimously

       - Erik moves to shift Resolution 11-25 to after the approval of minutes, approved unanimously

       - Bill Winter moves to approve the agenda as amended, approved unanimously

IV.   Approve minutes from previous meeting

       - Graham moves to approve, approved unanimously

V.    Resolution 11-25: To Remove Council Members for Failure to Provide Representation

       - Angela moves to approve, approved 19-0-0

VI.   Bill 11-20: To Fund the GRC Improv Night

      - Bill Winter moves to approve, 8-9-3

      - proxies called, approved 11-9-3

VII.  Bill 11-22: To Fund Faultline Issue #20

      - Justin motions to approve, passes 21-0-0

VIII. Bill 11-23: To Fund the Engineering World Health Event

      - concerns about the relative level of grad/undergrad participation

      - Alex moves to amend to $277, motion fails 1-11-9

      - Hanoz moves to amend to $400, motion passes 18-2-1

      - Erik moves to approve, passes 18-1-2

IX.   Bill 11-26: Special Projects Request: 2011 HGSA History and Theory Conference

      - Alex moves to approve, passes 20-0-1

X.    Executive and Staff Reports

       a. President

            - GSHIP is being restructured: at the UC level, there will be an 18-person executive group with two students and an advisory group with one student from each campus.  Our GSHIP committee will combine with undergraduates at UCI level

            - Housing administration is unhappy with results of housing work group

            - executive vice chancellor seems willing to work with us on housing, possibly subsidize students living in ACC or making desirable housing part of recruitment packages at department level

            - vice chancellor of budget and finance is considering starting IT fees per credit hour; not clear whether this will apply to grad students (at UCLA, IT fees only apply if courses have web sites)

            - AGS awards will be occurring soon; need nominations

       b. VP Internal

            - working on removing "harsh edge" from housing report before it goes out to general public; its current tone reflects its intended audience of the housing work group; trying to commensurate information on housing web site with the results of housing survey

            - dates for GSHIP town halls are set: field student questions about changes; need to put together an expected "FAQ" to prepare

            - full description of AGS awards coming soon

       c. VP Admin

            - removing inactive council/committee members

            - working on structural changes to web site

       d. VP Finance

            - compiling three-year budget prospectus and looking through governing documents to prepare for possible audit of $50k investment by chancellor's office

       e. VP External

            - Finalizing Bill of Rights

            - NAGPS regional conference occurring next weekend, legislative committee is meeting

            - SAGE is working on bills on behalf of graduate student interests on federal level; looking for people for the systemwide committee

XI.   Bill 11-24: To Fund the Student Forum on the UC Budget

       - Payel moves to approve, passes 19-0-1

XII.  Staff and Executive Review (15 min)

       - Chris discusses the results of the review

       - None of the executives or staff met the criteria for a compulsory resolution to remove

       - Council members are still welcome to author resolutions to remove executives or staff at any time

       - What should the survey be used for?  Review of purpose of staff/exec positions

XIII.  Resolution 11-27: PVRC 2011-2012 Election Commissioner Appointment

       - Erik moves to table the resolution until the prospective commissioner speaks before council to address concerns about irregularities, motion passes 15-1-3

XIV.  Bill 11-28: To Fund the April Wine Night

       - Justin moves to amend the amount allocated to $415 to reflect the outstanding balance on the funding request form, motion 19-0-0

       - Alex moves to approve, passes 14-3-2

XV.  New Business

       - Communication campaign: inform constituents what AGS does

       - Wellness campaign: increase awareness of wellness resources on campus

Erik moves to adjourn the meeting, passes unanimously