Tuesday, May 03, 2011

  I.   Call to order

 II.   Circulate attendance sheet

III.  Approve agenda

      - Bill moves to add 11-31 to agenda (bylaws require 2/3 majority to add late resolution), motion fails 0-7-16

      - Bill moves to revise Time Allotted to 95 minutes, passes unanimously

      - Bill moves to approve the agenda as revised, passes unanimously

IV.  Approve minutes from previous meeting

      - Erik moves to approve, passes unanimously

V.   Resolution 11-27: PVRC 2011-2012 Election Commissioner Appointment

      - Erin McClelland answers councils questions

      - Joel moves to approve, passes unanimously

VI.   Bill 11-30: To Fund SPICMACAY @ UCI for A Sitar Lecture-Demonstration by Vidur Mahajan

      - Representatives of SPICMACAY speak about the 

      - Payel moves to approve, passes 23-0-0

VII.  Executive and Staff Reports

       a. President

           - AGS election nominations starting May 4th, will be based on a form rather than an email

           - GSHIP town halls are on the AGS calendar, will be occurring soon

           - There was a difficulty announcing the town halls due to an irregular application of policy in student affairs; shouldn't occur again

           - Executive Vice Chancellor has stated that the housing report was insufficiently actionable; Chris believes that the committee stuck to non-controversial issues due to the way it was organized

           - Budget work group deciding where to tighten belts and where to amputate; considered athletics and organizational research units, but neither has much money from the general fund

           - Campus partners banquet occurring on May 25th; not many nominations for awards yet

           - Judiciary hearing on GRC improv night Bill, 3pm on 5/4/2011

           - AGS advertising and awareness: creating posters around campus, $200 for each school to promote AGS awareness

       b. VP Internal

           - nominations for AGS awards need to come in the next 24 hours

           - GSHIP town halls are organized and run by AGS (Andy and Joel); vendors will be present, but the format is intended to allow students to ask questions rather than vendors to advertise and talk up the insurance plans

           - parking action committee is meeting on Thursday at 12:30pm in the AGS offices; need enthusiastic participants, testimonials to bring to the Chancellor

       c. VP Admin

           - Chris already mentioned Judiciary hearing on 5/4/2011

           - Solicited roster information from AGS committee chairs, checking on Academic Senate and other representatives

       d. VP Finance

           - Working on advancing $50k investment: responded to Rich Lynch's hint that we would be open to an audit if there is suspicion of poor business practices with a promise that we will be submitting a full investment plan

           - Rich responded with lower management fees from Treasurer's office, possibly making the Treasurer investment competitve with JP Morgan, with exception of liquidity; meeting with JP Morgan at 10am on 5/5/2011 to see if JP Morgan has a counter-offer

           - precedents on graduate student associations possessing fiscal autonomy include case at UC Riverside, laws against government entities comingling business purposes

       e. VP External

           - UCSA student regent selection meeting on Friday

           - UCSA board meeting on Saturday and Sunday at UCLA; grad interests start around 9 or 10am on Sunday

           - External Committee is working on a charter, getting more involved at state and national level

           - NAGPS Western region conference two weeks ago; Jordan is now Western Region chair; working on communication strategies, inclusion of graduate versus professional students, international students

       f. Legislative Liaison

           - Met with Assemblyman Mansoor, arranged a meeting with Planned Parenthood

           - Assemblyman Wagner now doing regular visits at UCI; threw first pitch at April 22nd

           - trying to bring Governor to campus in October

VIII.  Resolution 11-32: Approve UCSA Budget for the Fiscal Year 2011-2012

      - Alex moves to approve, passes 22-0-0  

IX.    Ratify Bill 11-29: To Fund the Grad Sale

      - Bill moves to ratify, passes 22-0-0

X.     New Business

      a. Anne Kelly calls for a joint meeting between AGS, Union, and any other interested parties during the week of May 16th in Palo Verde or Verano

      b. UCSA is considering a state resolution to allow the UC to consider race and gender on admissions

           - UCSA did not support in the past, too vague

           - Payel wants to know whether AGS thinks UCSA should have an official position

           - Members of AGS are concerned about the divisive nature of the resolution

           - AGS does not want an official position; if UCSA must have an official position, it should not support the resolution

      c. Anne Kelly moves for council to consider resolution 11-31, motion fails 6-7-11

      d. Joel mentions the SHIP discussion considering how campus representatives should be chosen; currently representatives are chosen at UC level, but since there is one representative for each campus, there is some incentive for selection to occur at campus level

Alex moves to adjourn, passes unanimously